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.:Starsiege Squads:.

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Squad Tags


1st Cavalry Division


9th Imperial Legion


Advanced Tactical Assault Command


Black Hawks


Birds of Prey


Entilzha Veni


Exemplar Guard


Honor Squad Elite


Immortal Brotherhood


Men In Black


New System Defense Force


New Terra Defense Force


Orion Faction


Queen, King, and Many Knights


Royal Army of the Guardian Elite


Titan Strike Force


Ultra Force


Wolf Pack




.:Starsiege Guilds:.

Sun and Shadows
Ghosts of the Antipode

FreakWorld !FW!


.:Starsiege Reference:.

LtGen Temujin DeathSquad Page

Poppin' Scaps Baby!

Nexus-Titan Starsiege Portal
Robert McAfee's Home on the Web

Pincushion's Starsiege Editing and Scripting

Rock's Place

Planet Starsiege

SSPlayers Forums


.:Gaming Communities:.

Bad Karma

the Junkyard
Online Gaming...With Style

(GD) Gamers of Destruction

The MechneX
Novus Imperium


.:Member Websites:.

Member Name


[GoP]£ΦυΡλ₯ ίοΡ

Looney's Movie QCs



RESoMe1 Dot Com Worlds


Covert Ghosts

If you don't see your squad or website listed here and would like to be listed, please send me an e-mail stating the squad's web address. If you want it listed, you will need to put a link to us on your squad's page as well.

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