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(HAF) Heavy Assault Force.: Focuses on heavy HERCs, configs and tactics.
T.A.N. Tank Assault Network.: Focuses on tank skills, maneuvers, configs and tactics.

Choosing no division will allow you to mainly use your own config choices during training.

What is your Starsiege callsign?

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Please also specify the messenger you are using. (ICQ, AIM, YM)

Which division would you like to be tested for?

What timezone are you in?

Who recruited you?

What is your favorite herc?

How often do you play Starsiege?

How long have you been playing Starsiege?

What other squads have you been in?

What made you want to join GoP?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form.

Please double-check all the fields to my sure they are correct.

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