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8.19.03.: The High Council has gone well over a year without a Director of Personnel, but Guardians are finally able to govern once again. After several weeks, the it was decided to promote [GoP] ? to fill the gap. [GoP]IceBlade, a longtime member of GoP was voted in to take over the position of Relations Officer. With a full roster, the High Council will be able to lead to squad into an even brighter future.

7.10.03.: It was brought to my attention that the majority of the downloads were broken links. I have no idea how long it had been like that, but many of them were linked to the downloads from the old website address, which has probably been taken down by Angelfire. I re-uploaded everything to this account and now all the downloads are up and running again.

6.11.03.: Big news for the entire Starsiege Community. T'sa, Trajan and Freddy78 have spearheaded a mod for the upcoming Tribes:Vengeance named Starsiege::2845. They have been given the OK from Sierra to use coding, names and models from Starsiege and could become either an entirely separate game or a mod. That means this could turn into our long-awaited Starsiege 2. The thread can be read here and the SS::2845 official website can be reached here. Please check this out and if necessary upgrade your computer just to play this upcoming game/mod.

5.11.03.: I redid the Squad Links and the Downloads page. I also added a brand new GoP Desktops Pack. You can obtain them on the Downloads page.

12.5.02.: I have added a Picture of The Week page. The link is below the POTW. Now you can check out all the past Pics!

10.8.02.: Happy Birthday GoP! That's right, Guardians of Paradise has been in Starsiege for 2 years now. Throughout the years, I've been able to lead a group of people who have become great friends, and to many, a family. GoP has seen countless changes, achievements and pitfalls, but we've been able to perservere. In my eyes, GoP has really become a staple in the Starsiege community and I hope to see it play an even greater role in the future!

8.21.02.: [GoP] ? has been accepted into the High Council as our Relations Officer. Also, [GoP]TheRedNinja has chosen to retire his division |CG| Covert Ghosts and step down from the High Council. He and Viper have been put into the main Assault Division.

8.18.02.: I added a Picture of the Week section under the menu. If you would like to submit a picture to use for the Picture of the Week, please e-mail it to me by clicking on the Contact link to the left. Attach the image in GIF format only and include your name and squad tags.

8.13.02.: I have redone the rosters and given each person who has posted on the "Member Info" post on the forum a Member Profile. Awards have been moved to Member Profiles and additional information has been added. As I get the rest of the member info needed, I will add the remaining profiles. If you haven't replied to the post yet, please do so.

8.05.02.: [GoP]Raynor has stepped down as GoP's Director of Personnel. I have currently taken over his responsibilities.

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