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~ Hidden Room ~

First Knight First Knightress

    Sir Legolas ~*~ Princess Brat


Knights of old sought to better society,
by living by standards called "a Code."
These are the definitions of what makes up
the code of chivalry and is needed by knights
who wish to serve their Realms.

PROWESS: To seek excellence in all endeavors
expected of a knight, martial and otherwise,
seeking strength to be used in the service
of justice rather than in personal aggrandizement.

JUSTICE: Seek always the path of the "right",
unencumbered by bias or personal interest.
Recognize that the sword of justice can be
a terrible thing, so it must be tempered by humanity
and mercy. If the "right"you see rings true
and agrees with others, and you seek it out without
bending to the temptation for personal gain,
then you will earn renown beyond measure.

LOYALTY: Be known for unwavering commitment to
the people and ideals you choose to live by.
There are many places where compromise is expected,
loyalty is not among them.

COURAGE: Being a knight often means choosing
the more difficult path. Be prepared to make
personal sacrifices in service of the precepts
and people you love and value. At the same time,
a knight should seek wisdom to see that stupidity
and courage are cousins. Courage means taking the
side of the truth in all matters, raher than seeking
the lie. Seek the truth in all matters, but remember
to temper justice with mercy, or the truth can
bring much unneeded grief.

FAITH: A knight must have faith in his beliefs,
for faith roots him and gives hope against the despair
that human failings create. Believe the truth will
prevail in all matters as time is a great ally in
bringing hidden agendas to light.

HUMILITY: Never boast in your accomplishments,
let others do this for you. Tell the deeds of others
and not your own as virtue shines forth. A good deed
done without looking for recompense or reward is a
mark of a true Knight.

NOBILITY: Seek great stature of character by holding
to the virtues and duties of a knight, realizing that
through ideals an enabling of the spirit and character
you so desire to immulate becomes realized.
It raises a man from dust and allows him to touch the heavens.
Nobility also greatly influences others,
offering a compelling example of what can be done
in the service of rightness when done with a pure heart.

MERCY: These two are the most compelling thing needed
by a true knight. Anyone can say I love you, but
only actions prove that love. Anyone can say they
show mercy, but true mercy does not seek to ever
injure anyone only restore. Without these two
qualities in your life, you are just another piece
of sand in the ocean of life. With these two
qualities firmly established in your life,
you rise above mediocrity and become a glowing
lighthouse in the darkness of this world.
Real people have real emotions and you must remember
this at all times. Hypocrisy is at best an actor who
says whatever line they feel. Love and Mercy lives
out those lines day in and day out without
wavering or compromise.
Do this and you will have the heart of a true Knight.


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