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Circle of the Perfect Rose & Staff

The Circle of the Perfect Rose and Staff was formed as a new guild that stands for truth, honor and all faiths. Armed with the power of kindness, friendship and honesty, we prepare for the times of strife that are clouding the horizons of the Realm. We are followers and servants of the storyline, as our membership represents all faiths.

CPRS was created on the auspicious date of 12 April 2002, by a group of friends ready to lay down their lives to save the lands of Realm from the evil that encroaches.

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Disclaimer: CPRS is not associated with Codemasters in any way. We
are players of Codemasters RPG "The Realm", and hold a channel
inside the game. In displaying our character pictures or realm scenes
on our pages we give full Credit to Codemasters for the Art Work.

A special thank you to my Realm sister, HeartsDesire for my cartoon doll.
A link to her beautiful dolls is in the linx section.

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