Rad Gravity (The Adventures of)
  • Activision
  • Released 1990

    Different title screen and sound effects than the released version. Traded to DreamTR by NES God.

  • R.B.I. Baseball 3
  • Tengen
  • Released 1991

    Bought by DreamTR from Texas proto woman, sold to NES God. Not known if this is different from the released version.

  • Scarabeus
  • Matchbox
  • Released 1991

    Another Mike Etler find sold to DreamTR. Label Art is from title the screen. Just a one level demo of what eventually became Pyramids of Ra, then unreleased. The game is playable, but only one level!

  • Seicross
  • FCI
  • Released 1988

    I really do not know much about the game Seicross.

  • Shockwave
  • American Game Carts Inc.
  • Released 199?

    A Shockwave proto. Possibly. It was sold in some store, it might not be a proto yet it might be too. The $5.00 was written on by the guy who sold the cart.

  • Solomon's Key
  • Tecmo
  • Released 1987
  • Back | Inside

    Bought by KAP on Ebay at a very obscene price. Board is Famicom proto to NES adaptor. Not known if this is different from the released version.

  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Wisdom Tree
  • Released 1992

    My brother got this proto at some used Nintendo store, picked it up because it was made by Wisdom Tree. He had no idea that it was a proto cart until we started playing and we saw some noticable differences. The differences are:

  • Extra sound in music select (Mine eyes have seen)
  • Warp zone via doors (photo 1)
  • Hidden room (photo 2)
  • There are only 10 religous questions implemented
  • No version number is listed

    I haven't really played this cart all too much yet, there may be more differences. This game contains 2 eproms in it, I would take pictures of them but I really don't want to put any tape over them thus distorting the original shape of the cart. Dan Lawton told me that there are only a maximum of two of these carts in existance, probably only one. And, you can see the cart is on my special gaming pedestal.

  • Squashed
  • Jaleco
  • Unreleased
  • Box | Title | 1 2 3

    Two of these protos exist. Nintendo put pressure on Jaleco to not release this game due to its similarities to Super Mario 3, released around the same time this was scheduled. Very, very good game. Complete English translation, game is complete, based on one of the Famicom Jya Jya Maru games.

  • Sqoon
  • Irem
  • Released 1987

    This proto is of the game Sqoon. I also think that this proto is owned by Martin Nielson, of NES World. The lable appears to be the same type as that on the Earthbound cart. Too bad we don't know for sure since the lable is ripped right off the cart.

  • Star Wars
  • JVC
  • Released 1991

    Two of these exist. Not known if this is different from the released version. But look at those cool EPROM logos!

  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Nintendo
  • Released 1988

    Cart owned by Paul Hogger, bonus stage sprites are slightly different.

  • Super Pitfall 2
  • Activision
  • Unreleased
  • Screens 1 2 3 4 5 6

    Game is Atlantis no Nazo in Japan, the only difference between this game and Super Pitfall II is the US title screen and cool Activision label!

  • Swamp Thing
  • T*HQ
  • Released 1992

    Next we have a proto of Swamp Thing. It sold for about $120 on Ebay.

  • Talespin
  • Capcom
  • Released

    Not known if this is different from the released version. Sold with prototype box to NES God, DreamTR was original owner.

  • Tecmo Bowl
  • Tecmo
  • Released 1989

    Bought from guy in Hawaii, the title screen and year (1989) are different on this version, broken at first, but fixed by Kevin Horton and saved by Alan Davis!

  • Terminator II
  • LJN
  • Released 1991

    This proto is of Terminator II. It was found in a pawn shop by Jay Tilton. The game is very incomplete, only a few stages are playable and you are invincible the whole way through the game. The game was released by Acclaim, but the title screen says LJN as well. It was sold to DreamTR.

  • Tetris
  • Tengen
  • Released 1988

    Purchased by Paul Hogger on Ebay for $201. Not known if this is different than the released version.

  • Wizardry 2
  • ASCII Entertainment Software
  • Released 1991

    This proto was sold to NES.God for around $100. I remember there being some story about the origin of this cart, but it remains quite fuzzy to me for the time so I'll post it if I recall it.

  • World Champ
  • Romstar
  • Released 1990

    Jay Tilton find, DreamTR owns now. Not known if this is different than the released version.

  • Young Indy
  • Jaleco
  • Released 1992

    Young Indiana Jones found along with Goal Two at a flea market, sold on Ebay, purchased by Paul Hogger.