Credits written from A to Z. Tried to give credit where credit is due. Several people to thank, mostly people I did interviews with. A few people gave me stuff, and I used a few things off various sites, if I couldn't get access to a decent pic on my own (NES books, mine are all beat up). So it's hard to say who all is on here. Thanks folks.

Beckett, Ken      - Color Dreams/Crystal Mines info  
Big Stu           - NES Books Pics (the books I own, mostly have no covers 
                    cuz of hard use back in the day)                    
Bonifacio, Robert - Color Dreams info, tons of classic C64 game info     
Brazier, John     - S.E.I. Information                                   
Burke Dan         - Color Dreams info                                    
Calx              - Scans, Game Genie codes                              
ckb               - Contributed many NES manuals                         
Covell, Chris     - Solar Wars stuff, Castlevania III tech info          
D, Jeff           - Unreleased Game pics
Darling, Richard  - Aladdin Deck Enhancer info                           
Deforest, Roger   - Color Dreams info/media
DreamTR           - Tons of NES Prototype information                              
Falk, Hugh        - S.E.I. Information                                   
Forbes, Donald    - AGCI Information
Frick, Richard    - AVE info                                             
Gaimphax          - Cool logo                                            
Gee, Martin       - AVE art info                                         
Gilreath, Leo     - Color Dreams info                                    
Johnson, Charles  - Color Dreams info                                    
KLOV              - Narc arcade pic
Kozik, Vance      - Info about various workers of Color Dreams            
Lanzinger, Franz  - Tengen/AVE info                                      
Lawton, Dan       - Color Dreams info                                    
Lay, Michael      - Active Enterprises Stand Picture                     
L., Jon           - Scans (Xybots)                                       
Meuer, Jim        - Color Dreams info                                    
NES Dev	       - Various tech documents                                
Nielson, Martin   - Menace Beach Sprites, cool attitude about my site    
Novotrade         - S.E.I. Information                                   
Nuuska            - Mega Man 2 proto pictures and info
Oliver, Andrew    - Dizzy info                                           
Oliver, Philip    - Dizzy info 
Radikus           - Placo gun pic                                          
Risley, Ron       - Super Cart specs                                     
Skrybe            - Schematics, Color Dreams Ad, Unreleased Game Pictures
Sloper, Tom       - Super Enduro info                                    
Stanley, Nina     - Color Dreams info                                    
tsr               - Action 52, Cheetahmen Box Pictures                   
Valesh, Jon       - Color Dreams info 
Ward, Andrew      - Foggy London Photo                                   
Waung, Frank      - Color Dreams info                                    
Woita, Steve      - Tengen info/Police Academy info     
Young, David      - NES Baton Tech info                 

I would also like to thank my family, friends, and all the great folks out there that I don't know yet. Until next time,