Exerion II
  • Unreleased

    Owned by DreamTR, purchased from a former Jaleco worker. The game is based on Exerion I for Famicom, but it has a different title screen (USA screen) sound effects, and slightly more difficult.

  • F117 A Stealth Fighter
  • Microprose
  • Released 1992

    Bought by Niels in the Netherlands from Ebay for $117. The game has numerous graphic errors, possibly a bad CHR EPROM is causing the glitches.

  • Fantasy Zone
  • Tengen
  • Released 1989

    Not known if this is different from the released version, game purchased by DreamTR from the mystery Texas woman.

  • Faria
  • Nexoft
  • Released 1990

    Faria proto sold on Ebay to a guy in Florida, then sold to NES God. This game actually came with a paper of "authenticity" from Nexoft stating that this is a "review copy." Two of these protos exist, one owned by DreamTR. NES God's proto has a Famicom to NES converter inside, but the game is translated into English. One minor change, one of the drinks are now GaoGao. It is unknow if the one owned by DreamTR is different from the released version.

  • Final Fight (Street Fighter 2010)
  • Capcom
  • Released 1993

    Proto bought off of Ebay by the owner of Simply NES. Game is the same as the released version.

  • Free Fall
  • Color Dreams
  • Unreleased

    Now this baby is really cool. It's of Free Fall, one of Color Dreams' never released wonders. This game was released under a sprite change on the Sunday Funday cart. The game was released as Fish Fall. Free Fall was a puzzle game.

  • Game Master
  • Unreleased

    Prototype of the Game Action Replay. Two of these are known to exist, one owned by AdamL, second by DreamTR.

  • Gargoyles Quest 2
  • Capcom
  • Released 1992

    Not known if this is different from the released version, purchased by NES God, sold to DreamTR. Sloppy sloppy label too.

  • Ghost Busters
  • Activision
  • Released 1988

    Game identicle to the released version, cart bought off of Ebay by DreamTR.

  • Goal 2
  • Jaleco
  • Released 1992

    Not known if this is different from the released version. Two of these carts exist, one owned by DreamTR, the other sold on Ebay by a guy who found it at a flea market in Illinois, along with a copy of Young Indy.

  • Grid Grabber
  • Elite Systems
  • Unreleased

    Found along with at least 7 other Jaleco protos by a guy in Chicago. The label under Grid Grabber was Bases Loaded. Weird type of puzzle game, not released on any format.

  • Hillsfar
  • FCI
  • Released 1992

    Game bought of off Ebay by NES God for the low sum of $50. NES God sold it to DreamTR, who later traded it to a guy in Las Vegas. Two of these carts are known to exist.

  • Home Alone 2
  • T*HQ
  • Released 1991

    Game bought off of Ebay by Paul Hogger of Simply NES. Contains filler sound effects from Bart vs The Space Mutants, which is an Acclaim game, and Home Alone 2 was made by THQ.

  • Impossible Mission 2
  • AVE
  • Released
  • Inside

    Proto found by Kage*, sold on Ebay to a high bidder who didn't pay. DreamTR bought it, then sold it to NES God. The SEI and AVE chipset used to unlock the Nintendo lockout chip is an earlier revision. There are no EPROMS, but it technically is different due to the earlier chip.

  • Klax
  • Tengen
  • Released 1990

    Don't be fooled by this blank labeled proto, this game is very different than the released version. Different sounds, missing sounds, negation of certain options, options have not been implemented yet, and no music during gameplay, as well as a warp feature that allows you to skip levels! Another Texas proto woman find owned by DreamTR.