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Official Title:
The Legend of Zelda:
The Wind Waker
Relese Date:
Japan: December 13,2002
USA: March 24, 2003
Ocarina of Time/Ura Zelda

(March 24, 2003)
Pre-Relese Information:

A little less than 2 months now until WW is relesed. Not us much new ground-breaking info is being relesed, but we do have some good stuff once in a while. In today's case, a new slew of character art. A lot more actually, so go check it out through the "Artwork" link.
Being that the games relese draws ever nearer, theres a ton of media coming out, and we couldn't possiblt hope to put it all here. We do have about 4 pages of screenshots and a whole page of artwork already though. That being said, we did add some of the important stuff, such as the disk picture, and 2 pieces of box art. All are linked above. We're also working on a new banner so watch out for that.
After cutting appart a flash animation from the Japanese Zelda site, we now have what look like screen-caps from the intro to the Wind Waker. Check them out under the article labled "Hylian Lore".
Not a whole lot of new things happening; as of recent Nintendo did confirm the relese of the campaign disk in the United States, but still no word on Europe. For that mater, I put up a small poll: Which are you more excited for? The Wind Waker, or OoT: Master Quest [We've been calling it Ura]. Vote now! It's just to the left of the box art above.
After being caught up in LttP fever, I missed some very important ZGC updates! Number one: The American name will be "The Wind Waker". Thanks Nintendo, you take a perfectly good game and give it a fruity name. No offense, but the the alliteration is really corny. "Wind Waker" is litteraly the one who wakes the wind, does that make any sense? And how do you get "Wind Waker" from "Kaze no Takuto"? Grr, oh well. Even if I could possibly bring myself to forgive them for the strange new name, they pushed back the relese almost an entire month! *Sigh* Oh well, it's still Zelda, so it's bound to be worth it. Even moreso now that we know the USA will get the campaign disk just like in Japan.
The ZGC November Media Review is out. There's also a special section for all the Character Art.
Nintendo put some more on their site, so I started a small artwork section. Nintendo also posted 100 brand new zelda screens, so you should definatly go check them out.
In light of the fact that there's no way I'm going to get 100 more pictures of that size onto this little free site, Classic Zelda will be doing something a bit different: The ZGC November Media Review. This will consist of a scene-by-scene review of 2 new ZGC promo clips put out by IGN, and the top 10 Most Interesting Screens out of Nintendo's new 100. Look for that later on next week.
Nothing much today, just a small picture of Takuto's artwork interpretation of Link.
*** Later ***

Turns out today was a bit more of an update than I anticipated. Big news: Ura Zelda may live on after all! If this makes no sense to you, and/or you want to know more, go to the Campaign Disk page.
Well we've got some new and interesting things up for discussion today. First off, the logo!

A few days ago, a Japanese magazine relesed ZGC's new logo. Besides the whimsical lettering, the next thing you'll probably notice is the abscense of the traditional shield. No shield? Denied! What's Nintendo thinking, first the cell shading, now this! I'm starting to wonder what they've got up their sleeve that necessitates all of these radical changes...

Moving on though, to the new ZGC trailer. When I started watching this thing it reminded me (in a bad sort of way) of the theme to the over-hyped Harry Potter movies. The entire add itself I found to be a bit cheesy, with the "great journey" and "deepest, darkest corners of the earth" bits and so on. Then it got to the part about destiny, and the music sort of dwindled off. Then the hooded girl who was narrating the whole thing says that Link's destiny is, above all things, to save her. Yeah, whatever, I'm thinking. Link's destiny is to protect Hyrule, and kill Gannon, and save Zelda! Er, wait. This brings up the question: Who is that girl? Could she be Zelda, or is it Link's sister we're just now hearing about. Are these people one in the same? I'm not sure how this is going to work out, but I can almost gaurentee that its going to be interesting...
Great news! Zelda Cubed has a name! The Japanese relese of zelda, which is set for early December, is titled: The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto. Now, for we that speak English, this probably doesn't make much sense. Turns out that the translation can mean a number of things:
  • Winds of Takuto
  • Takuto of the Wind (Takuto being a proper noun)
  • Rythem of the Wind
  • Melody of the Wind
  • Cycle of the Wind
  • Wand of the Wind
Now I don't speak Japanese, but Jaetei does, so I'll get in touch with him as soon as I can, and try and get his verdict on this. May I also remind you though, that Nintendo can, and probably will, change the name for the US release (Remember back when Majora was called Majula, and it was "Zelda: Gaiden"?). One last note: Nintendo is sticking to the Feb. 2003 American relese date, and I've found no other vieable sources that say otherwise, so save up your mon-ay for late winter, and pester your local retailer for a reserve list.
Saddly enough, we got very little out of the Tokyo Gameshow, just a few new screens (which will be up soon), the only other thing we learned was: Gasp in awe- Tingle is back! Check out his helpful linking-fun with ZGC
Added a slew of new screenshots I found on Nintendo's page. A word from the wise: There are almost 30 pictures, about 10 p/page, so give it some time to load. I have broadband, and things still get a little slow then I scroll through them all, so be patient. Thanks, and enjoy ^_^
A fan mail from Klbb suggested that we post a poll to allow people to voice their oppinions on Celda. Please vote, because then we can compare these numbers to up-coming polls and get some interesting statistics.
The Tokyo Gameshow will be held form Sept. 20-22, 2002. It's here that we will probably get our next shot of Zelda related into. You can see how many days on the counter at the bottom of the page.
Zelda Box Art unearthed!! Jaetei was looking around Gannon's Tower and lo and behold, The Preliminary art for Zelda GCN! The picture can be found in the screenshots section. As a side note: We're pretty sure this is legit because of a few things:
  • The numerous Nintendo logos
  • That plastic thing
  • The "" logo by the title.
  • The overall reail-ism of the photo (Lense flare, slightly crooked box, etc.)
  • The ESRB "Rating Pending" in the bottom right.
Zelda has been spotted at E3 '02! See the screenshots or check out the movie at Nintendo's official Zelda Page.
Nintendo was saying Holiday 02, but now its looking like February 03.
Space World 2001-
Miyamoto releses the new cel-shaded toon zelda. While many fans were appaled at the new graphics, this demo showcased what the GameCube could do game-play wise for Zelda. Nintendo Power replies to a fan's outraged cry for answers about the SW2K1 fiasco. NP says it was not so much a test of graphics, but one of the gameplay engine. Contrary to NP, Miyamoto seemed to have his heart set on cartoon-Zelda. Recent reports indicate that Miyamoto may be re-thinking cel-da. (Hat's off to VGX to finding this)
Space World 2000-
An assortment of possible future GCN titles was relesed. Zelda was among these, featuring realistic graphics, but in a scenario almost impossible for actual gameplay (IE: Gannondorf, Majora's Mask sheild, and adult Link all at once).