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Official Title:
The Legend of Zelda:
A Link to the Past
Relese Date:
Japan: November, 1991
USA: MArch, 1992
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Four Swords Multi-Player (GBA Version Only)

Synopsis: Well, after 4 long years, we were finally granted another Zelda game. With the explosive popularity of the NES beginning to die down, Nintendo cooked up another surprise: the SUPER Nintendo Entertainment System (Aren't they original?) Now, with Nintendo, every new console has to have one of their flagship games on it. When the put Zelda into the wonderful land of 16 bits, we got "A Link to the Past". This is currently up with Ocarina of Time for the title of Best Zelda Ever. As you may notice with both of these games, the driving force is not necessicarily stunning graphics, (which they do have), but the story line. Story and plot have always been what truly makes Zelda great, and A Link to the Past is one of the finest examples of that.

In this case, the story begins with Link living with his uncle in Hyrule. The now farmiliar "you're-destined-to-be-a-hero-now-go-save-Hyrule" ensues, and before you know it, Link is off on his biggest adventure yet. One that would take him through the Dark and Light Worlds, several dungeons, and ultimatly reunite the 3 pieces of the triforce. To put it simply, LttP is by far the most epic Zelda storyline ever, couple that with excellent gameplay and graphics, and a stunning sound score, and you're got one of the best video games ever, much less one of the best Zelda's.