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Official Title:
The Legend of Zelda
A Link to the Past
Relese Date:
USA: December 3, 2002
GameBoy Advance

Pre-Relese Information:
The Legend of Zelda GBA NEWS
Not much today, but Nintendo did relese a small preview video. (Requires QuickTime or Windows Media Player)
Nintendo just released its Winter 2002 Preview Guide, and Lttp was showcased in the GBA section. There were also 2 brand new pictures: 1- 4 Links at once and 2- The NewAnimated Link.
As of recent, ZGBA had slipped my mind. Being that were was nothing going on in the realm of Zelda Cubed, I decided to look around and see what I could find. Althogh there still isn't much info, I did find one important fact: the relese date! The relese for ZGBA is set for December 2, 2002. Mark your calenders everybody, because on that day LTTP will be re-released on the GBA with a multi-player mode. Now coming from a guy who never played LTTP, said to be the greatest Zelda game ever, this is quite welcome news. Now I make no gaurentees, but I may start walkthrough durning Christmas break.
Can we call them or what? This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but oh well. If you remember the theology article (GameCube and GBA, unite!) we suggested that since the SNES is 16-Bit and the GBA is 32-bit systems, they should re-master A Link to the Past and throw in some extra stuff. Imagine my suprise when I see that a GBA Zelda based on LTTP is in the works as we speak. The only difference is, this new one has a multiplayer mode, something the GBA really does well at. Anyway, this should prove quite interesting. Not much else besides the fact that it's based on LTTP and has a multiplayer mode is known, but if anything new does happen, it'll show up here