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You have now reached the highest point of the castle. This is the Tower. The Tower is the beholder of all of My Castle's Dark and mysterious secrets and stories. It will feed you with some history and stories of the Castle of Darkness. Hopefully this will be helpful to you as you emerge through.


Mall Hall:The Main Hall has many secrets of it's own. It has met many guests and has seen many deaths aswell.

Dungeon: It holds darkness, cruelty and dispare and that is only within it's cold and musty walls. The Dungeon has held and killed so many in it's years of use. That's why we keep it going, now don't we.

Red Room:At first the Red Room was to be a nice little room. Full of happiness and joy until the castle itself met and terrible Darkness that still lays thick as fog. Lady Darkness herself is most delighted by it's turn out. It has sucked in so many bleeding souls and made them bleed more then when they arrived. The witches have taken good care of the room since it's arrival to the castle.

Graveyard:The Graveyard holds so many, so little and not enough.

Library:The Library holds all you need know of the mysteries of the world, underworld and beyond.

Adoption Lair:The Lair holds every pet of Lady Darkness, from her most beloved Demon Cassiel to her most hated Skelly. Yet they are all loved with the very coldness of her heart.

Magic Room:The Magic Room is the heart of The Castle of Darkness. It holds the little happiness that lay within it's dark walls. If you are a vampire I warn you now, it shows light through it's window everyday and everynight. No matter what hour or day, light forever shines in. The Sanderson Sister's themselves were astonished. Lady Darkness tried to stop the light from ruining her Dark Castle, but failed at every attempted. She tried magic. She tried mortal magic (blinds and curtains) They all failed.

Art Gallery:The Art Gallery holds some of the finest art from England, Ireland and Scotland. It has been collect over many years from the most expensive and experienced collectors. Tj Darkness is very proud of her collection and hopes that you show it as much respect as she does.

Skeleton Knights:The Skeleton Knights of the Castle Of Darkness are of the best knights in all the land. They work to their very edge of life for the castle and take great care of it and it's owner. The knights go to many lengths to keep the castle and it's members in the best shape. They all risk their very lives everyday.

Hurry Hop Into The Cart And Lets See The Rest Of The Castle!!! RUNNNNNN!!!! It's Getting Away!!!!!

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