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You are currently in the Magical and Enchanted room of Magic!! This is the most astonishing and wonderful of all the room's, but who loves light. It is only great because it is such a mystery to every immortal and mortal that have come across it.

Now this is the source and heart of the Magic Room. This is the very magical and beautiful crystal ball. Now gaze into it and make a wish. It probably won't come true, but hey do it for the heck of it.

This ball has been through so much in the past years of the castle of darkness. Lady Darkness herself went to great length to destroy it and put it away, but it always comes back. Now that you have seen the happiness and the only happiness of the castle leave and be sad, mad and depressed again.

Okay Now You Get To Go See All Of Lady Darkness' Kute Little Pets!! I Will Warn You Now, If You Get Bitten It Is Not Our Fault!!!

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