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My Demons

Cassiel is my most beloved pet. He was named after the ruler of Saturn.

Incubus can be a little booger sometimes, but I still love his ever changing eyes. Incubus actually means a male demon of seduction that is said to invade a women in her dreams, but I just liked how Incubus sounded.

Lucifer is my warrior demon. He is named after the Devil himself. Lucifer is the Devils name as an angel.

Loki is another name for Devil

I just love the name Cassius so my little Cassius got that name.

Slytherin is a name that I got from a book. It is actually the name of a house in a school at a castle.

Alastor is named after a cruel demon that was called "The Executioner"

Adriel is a mean little demon at times, but he looked so lonely when I adopted him.

My Ghosts



My Dragon

My dear dragon Apollo. He is such a danger to everyone. That is why I love him soooo much.

Hades is my watcher dragon. He loves to sit by the door and attack the guests.

My Corpse

John Doe

My Skeleton

Skelly is my most hated pet. He is so wild and mean to all of the other pets. As you can see he has escaped from his cage again.

The Guard
This is my faithful gargoyle Ravenclaw. He watches over the castle.

Let's Hop Back In And Check Out Lady Darkness Most Prized Awards!!

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