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I am a freelance Oracle consultant and business entrepreneur. I know C, FoxPro, RD/BMS (intro). I want to combine my business knowledge with the counter-cultural ideas of the Sixties to make the world a better place.

Please take a moment to browse my Web site. Tip of the day: the NEWEST is listed at the top of the list.



NEW BOOK My new book, Huckleberry Milton, has been published to critical/underground acclaim. It is a novel that is sure to please. Available at many fine bookstores. And OnLine!

Also special discounts for Amazon Kindle!

The Summer Book Tour, BJM LIVE!, has begun! Can't see me on tour? Try Mail Order: plenty 'o good Huck Milton t-shirts here:

Published Writing A list of all my published works. Save the link.

Consulting I am always available to help build your Brand. Need to Market to the new computerized generation? Call an expert! My track record is proven. Links here.

Occupy Wall St. is here to stay: get all the latest from Generation SHOP!

Time for chitchat? Come talk to me any time on TWITTER. Go to @bradleyjmilton for the latest.

PhilG gets a BloG. My friend Phil Greenspun put thousands of stock photography clip art on his Web page for the Net to use (PHOTO.NET). Now he updated to a weblog. We have been discussing its impact on Business.

Shoppers for the economy holiday shopping suggestion for these times (Christmas 2002).

Outside of the Amazon (dot .com) Jungle The famous considers use of my writings - my experience.

Linux In Business An Executive Summary of this revolutionary new Operating System.

Looking for the best film processing. Or go digital?

Connect with me: bradley_j_milton@ NEW email bradleyjmilton AT ymail (dot com)

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