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Book Reviews is an online bookstore -- you can actually browse books (they show a .GIF or .JPG of the cover) online, and you can read descriptions of them, and you can buy it online, with your credit card. They will send the books right to your doorstep. No hassles of the cashier line, the smelly old lady in the gardening aisle getting in your way, the pushy programmers trying to get the book you're reaching for. It seems like a successful venture. You are permitted to view descriptions of the books, and now you can type in your own reviews which become a dynamic part of their site through script programming. I think it is a formula for success. In November 2000, made a decision about my reviews!

It happened like this. I simply browsed the page for a book I was looking for, called Getting Rich on Any Income: 81 Ways to Increase Your Wealth-Even If You're in Debt, by Jeff Gomez. The author is also listed as Jeffrey Gomez. I think this book could be important, and I saw a new link on this page with this tantalizing description: Write the first review of this item.(link) Earn a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.

Naturally, I clicked the link. I wanted the $50. I also watned to have my review appear on this page. I am not a professional Writer but this could be prestigious and give me a chance to update my skillset and add to my resume while still at my current Consulting postion. Plus I was tantalized by the $50 offer and wanted to help. In Business, this is called a "win-win situation."

I typed a review, and then Amazon thanked me, and told me to wait a week. I am guessing the week is due to Formatting, but I am not sure how it could take so long. I decided to look at it every day. The next day on my lunch break, I looked at the page. The review was not on it, but I noticed that the offer to write the first review was still there. But someone had already written a review! That was ME! That was the first sign of trouble.

Every day I looked at this page, when I started my work shift. I usually came in early and I read the Wall Street Journal. I try to maintain a competitive edge. Then I looked at this link before my regular work tasks. This helps reduce stress.

But every day, it was the same. My review was not there. But the offer was there for everyone else!

After almost two weeks, I decided to write to Amazon to get an official statement on this matter. I sent a reminder and asked them to let me know what happens.

One week later, I got an E-mail from Nancy Churillo. First, I noticed that Amazon had a new slogan. It was now "Earth's Biggest Selection." I wanted to ensure that my review would be part of that selection! So I wrote to Nancy and told her I would be open to any editorial suggestions they might have.

Two days later, another Amazon woman dropped the bomb. Her name was Melanie H, and she said that my review was vague. She said my intentions were appreciated. You can't just say it's good, or bad. They sent guidelines. Maybe I can make it if I try. But I requested that the review would be sent back and now, this time, a third woman from the team was put in contact with me. I felt good about all this contact! Her name was Susannah Detlef and she was helpful. She gave me back my review.

So now I decided to post the original review on this own page, to take advantage of Web publishing. I don't think I have time to write a new review for Amazon just yet.

Here is the review:

How can it be? The description of this book is very tantalizing. I do not doub t Mr. Gomez's statement that a million dollars have passed through my hands, but I can't feel them all at once! If true, the techniques he describes in this boo k would be revolutionary to Business. Amazon.COM is a successful and powerful fo rce in the marketplace, surely capable of anything -- but even all of Amazon's m ight can't make this book available again. The secrets are lost. The children ar e not learning this in schools. What can we do?

You can purchase this book here.

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