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Generation SHOP and the 'Occupy' Movement

"Occupy Wall St.," the latest actions of Generation SHOP , has made international news! (Search for "Occupy Wall Street")

Generation SHOP, of course, is the movement/project I have been working on for years. It is a way for the new generation to combine the counter-culture of the 1960s with Business, in order to make a better world. The movement has gone INTERNATIONAL; I believe this is the voice of a new generation: ready to change the world.

Generation SHOP has its own Twitter hash tag (#GenerationSHOP). Add this to your TWEETs.

The idea behind Generation SHOP is simple. The new generation is ready. It is time to make the world better. A whole generation can help. To do this, we must combine the efforts of the 1960s with a realistic Business plan. This way, ALL can benefit. We must engage Business, take part in it, and join forces with all Corporations. That way, the message of peace will spread. It will be a win-win stuation (Synergey). The world will change.

This is exciting. It is like the sit-ins and protests of the Sixties, but it will also be profitable. It promises to bring us economic stability. As a result, Business will adopt New Age values, like yin-yang (Balance).

How do we do this? Simple. The young generation has to shop and spend money - this stimulates the economy. The Business leaders will see that the young generation is serious and they will also help - they will give incentives, coupons, new programs aimed at their demographic, etc. And with increased shopping will come increased profits and gains - again, synergy.

Where to start? I suggest (November 2009) Wall Street. The new generation has to announce themselves to the business leaders. We can do this with a series of 'sit-ins'. Be Peaceful at all times. Start at the top. Start with Blue Chip, Fortune 500, etc. Also pay attention to Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc. Show you are serious. Be diligent. And be sure to support the busines leaders (like Ben & Jerry's) who are paying attention/offering support. This will cause great change in the Marketplace. Once we have attention of Wall St., advance everywhere: make purchases at every town hall, every city square. Soon every shop and store will be aware of this new generation, and will be there to help. The economy will prospoer, and we will have be happy. Inner peace has been achieved.

How to remember?

It's easy. Keep this mnemonic in mind:



Posters, Banners, Images, etc.

Shoppers for the economy holiday shopping suggestion for these times (Christmas 2002). This is an important banner that can be CUSTOMIZED for any holiday / event / place / occasion. You can add WALL ST., or the name of any town to it. Print no regular 8.5x11 paper and great for passing out.

Other designers have been producing nice images for the movement. Examples: one, two, three.

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