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Bradley J. Milton


Summer Blog Tour

  1. June 6: Kickoff party at The Hylander Diner!

  2. June 11: First live reading for Dr. Robert Muller at the 1960s Psychedelic Hippie Culture and Music blog [Huck 'n Jerry are confronted by CRISWELL at the cemetery]

  3. June 15: Second live reading at Thumbrella - Words To A Void [the 60s Dig-Ins, Marlow and Kurtz, a savage youth and a great mistress on Rue St]

  4. June 17: Third live reading at The Book Connection [hilltop record, Manson family, Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin, towers opening fire, Douglas Coupland head-nod, marginal forces, astonished youth, a pleased crowd, Ulysses notes, Oscar Acosta in Las Vegas in the 1970s]

  5. June 20: Fourth live reading at No Trees Harmed [seance, high society, 1920s parlor, Roy G Biv, tightening lance, port wine, Maker's Mark, Born Again chiefs, modern dandy movement, the White Queen, Annie Oakley, bodice ripper]

  6. June 22: Fifth live reading at Copper Moon Kitchen [the broken robot, IBM's Watson AI computer, stranded in 1969, Rubber Soul, Further, Mission Alpha, a hippie girl talks, The Manchurian Candidate, '80s Olivia artwork (Our Gang),sunken Spaniards, Dusty Springfield, A-1 sauce, Spengler, Mr. Goldfinger, Pearl Jam's big 1992 secret, a deacon widow, a sidecar, the Jim Morrison look-alikeready Rod McKuen book upside down, BSD ports n' hippie hackers, the Ritz diamond huge, stroking a tin lamp, Princess Di, Boy George, Al-Anon, Cave Hill, a mad girl on acid, comfort tabs, the Elephant Man, Lovecraft's New England]

BJM LIVE! is making a stop at all kinds of interesting blogs out there. Are you new to any of them? Be sure to look around, subscribe to their feeds and follow them for all kinds of great blogging fun. We'll also have free giveaways!


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