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     Little Black Cormorant

   Often seen in groups, this New Zealand Cormorant
   frequents freshwater lakes and sheltered coastal waters



    Pied Stilt

    An inhabitant of freshwater
    rivers and wetlands, the Pied Stilt
    is common throughout Australia
    and New Zealand.



   Fledgling Welcome Swallows

    Welcome Swallows arrived in New
    Zealand from Australia in the last
    40 years, and are now common
    throughout the country.




   This attractive New Zealand
   bird is widespread throughout
   the country. Eats nectar fruit
   and insects. Utters beautiful
   bell like notes, and is also a
   renowned mimic.

 Dedicated to Roxanne, who's inner beauty glimmers and shines as the colours of this Tui


    New Zealand Green



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