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I have in recent months sold a few prints of work exhibited in my gallery to interested people overseas.  I am very tentatively putting up this page in case there are others viewing my gallery who also may be interested in purchasing prints.
All prints are personally signed and numbered.


Enlargement Sizes:
Prints use the following standard paper sizes:
  20cm x 25cm (8"x10")
  25cm x 30cm (10"x12")
  28cm x 35cm (11"x14")
  30cm x 40cm (12"x16")

Prints of dimensions between these paper sizes are printed on the larger standard paper size, and charged accordingly. Most of the prints from my selection would come in intermediate dimensions.
When selecting the size of print you want its best to chose the biggest standard paper size wanted, and I'll get the Transparency printed as close to that size as possible.
Because the prints are from 35mm transparencies, I wouldn't recommend enlarging any more than 30cm x 40 cm.


The prices are (in $NZ):
  20cm x 25cm (8"x10")   -   $57   (approx=US$30.00)
  25cm x 30cm (10"x12")  -  $76   (approx=US$40.00)
  28cm x 35cm (11"x14")  -  $95   (approx=US$50.00)
  30cm x 40cm (12"x16")  -  $123 (approx=US$65.00)

I've included a link here to a useful currency conversion site for you to use.

For packaging we can safely allow NZ$3 per send.
"Postage" however is complicated. Prints up to 20cm x 25cm (8"x10") can be sent by
airmail (4 to 10 days delivery) for NZ$6 per send.
 Prints over 20cm x 25cm (8"x10") will need to be sent in a tube....... price NZ$15 (again 4 to 10 days delivery).
For quicker delivery (2 to 6 days) they can be couriered...... but the cost then becomes NZ$35 per send.
Slower postal services will be marginally cheaper.
I should also remind you you that all you are buying is a Print;  upon reciept you will need to get it mounted and framed, probably at additional cost.

(All Prices are subject to change)


Because I expect to be dealing with low numbers of transactions its not worth setting up for credit card transactions.  I ask for payment by Bank Draft or International Money Order in
New Zealand dollars.
If you seriously wish to purchase prints please email me at with an order, I will quote an exact price and give you an address to send the money. Note: I will need a postal address to send the prints to.
The prints will be made, but not dispatched until money has been received and cleared.

Hope this is reasonably clear......


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