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The Fanfiction...Arena? Ranch? Why the hell are you still reading this title? Get to the stories, dammit!

Top five reasons to read my damn story!

Updates will appear on the front page. New sections will be posted as they are written.

Just Me and My Magikarp


Other Fiction

We were lucky enough to be allowed by Uiru, the greatest master, to post his fanfiction here. I've read many stories far and wide cross the 'net, but Uiru's stands heads and shoulders above most. There are three parts to this tale, and each is so large, they will be posted on separate pages.

*Note: Each different page contains many, many chapters and may take a while to load.*
Fire Strike-One

Fire Strike-Continued

Fire Strike-Final

Pokemon Academy-Part One

I know what you're thinking: Where the hell is part two?!? Well, since we're not privy to the all-knowing Uiru's plans, we have no idea. So enjoy part three.

Pokemon Academy-Part Three

Kyojin No Machamp

Magmar-Kanashimi No Senshi

This is one of my favorite fictions. I originally found it at The Pallet Gym. I was surprised I liked it, as it has a sharp contrast to the stories I usually read. It's a very light tale, and unrolls easily. I think most will like this.

My Best Friends