Kyojin no Machamp

Pokémon normally aren't supposed to hurt humans. That's the only thing keeping me from crushing Sunder's head like a melon. It's been about a week since he stole us from our trainers- myself, Kadabra, and our comrades.

I can't call Kadabra a friend, and I can't call Kadabra an enemy. Kadabra always has been, and probably always will be, a rival to battle and grow stronger from. We each have gained powers from our numerous duels, and we respect each other for that. But now, we cannot fight together or against our captor. When he took our Poké Balls, Sunder had them changed somehow. They are now designed to force an impulse on us, to obey him like he was our real trainer. We can't stand it. Kadabra has an easier time fighting it, since it's a Psychic type. All I've got to keep my sanity intact is my rage. This Machoke isn't going to choke, as long as I remember Jessica and how a real trainer treats her Pokémon.

I know she can't just drop everything and come get me. But I know she's going to come. Kadabra agrees with me, but the others aren't so sure. It's been over a week... I've never seen Dragonair so upset. But then, it was stolen anyway. Though Dragonair was happier with its new trainer, if its first owner didn't come after it, why should its second? We tell Dragonair that's foolish, but...

Oh, no... Sunder is calling us back into those horrible Poké Balls again. They give me such a headache. Even in the state of suspended animation we float in when we're inside, I can still feel the compulsion chipping away at my resolve, and my anger washing over me and strengthening it. How long is this going to go on?

Not very long at all, it seems. Sunder called Kadabra and myself out. We're back in Sunder's 'new' base. What a bastard... He took my trainer's Pokémon, he took my trainer's house...

I try to shake off the rage, my only defence against Sunder... Looks like he's fighting a group of people. But then I notice the small girl with them, and all the anger and hate I've been building drain away. Jessica's here! They're all here to get us! I can barely contain my excitement.

I hear Sunder order us to attack. Yeah, right. I look over at Kadabra... Although it's still got it's usual emotionless expression on it's face, I can see it smiling. It's happy to see Uiru too. Attack them, Sunder? No way. We only listen to our trainers. And they say to kick your ass.

Grab, bang, crash. In two seconds, the Pokémon Sunder stole are on the floor and Sunder is hung out to dry in the forest outside. I hope that window wasn't too important. Oh well, it doesn't matter now.

Jessica's so happy to see me. She's almost crying, and truth be told, I am too. Her Haunter had been stolen as well, and after hugging me, she called it out and tried to hug it. She can't really get a firm grip on the gaseous Haunter though, and they laugh.

They've got to put us in those awful Poké Balls again... But it's only for a second. Soon enough, I can feel myself being taken from Sunder's rage-inducing prison and placed into the calm sleepy suspension of a normal Ball. It feels so good, to be back where I belong...

I sense danger. Something isn't right. Are our trainers all right? Is Jessica in trouble? I don't know. Pretty soon, this worry becomes a scream in my mind. Get out, get out, it shrieks. Under extreme circumstances, Pokémon can force themselves out of a Poké Ball, and I choose to do it now. Indeed, they are being attacked. I see a Gyarados, charging it's ultimate attack, Hyper Beam... and it's aiming at my trainer! Not a chance!

I jump right into the path of the destruction beam. This is gonna sting, I think as I brace myself. But the physical pain of intercepting the attack would be nothing compared to the emotional anguish of doing nothing... There isn't a whole lot of time to think about my decision, though, as the beam of power slams into me.

I'm stunned for just a second. I eventually focus on Jessica and her friend, safe for the moment. Are you okay, they ask. I think I am. Somehow, I manage to get up, and as I see Gyarados recovering from it's own assault, one single thought shines through the chaos of rage in my head- that thing is going to die.

I can feel myself getting bigger. What's going on? Ah... I'm evolving. I didn't know I was going to evolve, but I can't complain about it now. New arms? Okay...

I don't think Gyarados ever found out what hit it. As the four-armed Machamp, I can hold it, throttle it and blast it at the same time. It's Water retaliations wash right off me. I'm so angry, I barely notice them. The Gyarados is soon recalled, lest it gets killed.

It takes me a second to calm down, but when I do I look around. Kadabra? No, it's evolved as well. Alakazam... Now there's a sparring partner.

Jessica throws her arms around me again. She's so... small! I remember, when I was a Machop, she could just about lift me. Now if I had two more of her, I could juggle her. It's so strange, though... I have to be careful not to crush her in my giant arms. Yet holding this tiny thing brings me more comfort and security then I've ever known. I'm finally back with my trainer... It was her love, her caring devotion, that made me a giant. I'll always protect her, fight for her. I'll be the best... I'll be her giant.
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