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Welcome to Brodie's Page, Home to the Acclaimed* Series, Just Me and My Magikarp

*Not necessarily the views of anyone.

Anywho, this is my first page, so you should all be honored to know you're guinea pigs in my enormous test. As soon as I can get around to posting (and finishing) the series, I will. It's going to be epic, and most certainly long. Filled with ribald women with loose morals, as well as action-paced...fight Dammit, just read the story and look around.

*12/13/00-Hello again. Starting up a gameboy page. My current team's on it, hopefully we can add some more to it. Any suggestions, my e-mail's at the bottom.

*11/29/00-Very much oy vey. I added a page containing half of my silver team, and will post the rest of it soon. Have fun with it. Any suggestions for the site will be appreciated.

*11/9/00-Oy vey. I apologize; I have not had time to update for the last two months. I'm in a musical (!), and I have other commitments. Hopefully, this heralds a return to my site more often. Anywho, to let you guys know what's been going on...

*Started high school

*Received a decent-sized role in a musical, despite my total inability to sing.

*Got Pokemon: Silver, and am currently whipping up on it.

*Told a girl I know and deeply care for how much I liked her, got shot down by her. (Egh...depressing...) Read about it here.

So, as you can see, I've had a lot going on. Sorry. ^=^ If you guys are lucky, I might have a Gold and Silver update for the site pulled out of my ass sometime soon.

Oy, I really liked the girl, too.

*Update: 9/12.00-Second update, we're really on the ball now. More to the point, began a cards page today. Contains incarnations of a couple of my favorite decks, won't look so amateurish once I've had some time to learn more layout.

*Update: 9/11/00-Ooh, my first update! I'm so proud. I've made some progress on the first full installment; and it'll be posted when I can complete it. I'm just lazy. ^_^

Links to the various niches of my psyche

A general page, also contains links to some great sites

Fanfiction Arena

A page about the CCG; hopefully will be...well, not so crappy soon.

For those of you who recognize the name, I was a member of the Bulletin Board at Pokeschool a short time ago. I became a moderator, and was learning the job when it was rudely and without reason taken from me. Being the drama queen I am, I left. For those of you who wish to hear my last (and quite entertaining) conversation with my boss, click