Magmar- Kanashimi no Senshi

Nobody can touch me. It burns people to even come near me, my fire is that strong. And I should be proud of it, but I'm not. It's surprising, how a creature composed entirely of flame can feel fire burn it's soul simply by people keeping their distance. Or by the fact that Booster never pats me on the back unless he's wearing fire-retartant gloves up to his elbows. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so strong, that my fire wasn't so intense. All I can touch are other Magmar, and I never see any. I live as a solitary soldier- I come out, do my duty and return to my place. I know Booster cares about me just like his other, less firey Pokémon, but it still hurts to see him raise his hand to congradulate me and then pull it back lest he burn it.

I'm being summoned. I guess Booster is in a battle. I appear, get my bearings and look for my opponent. It can't be... I'm fighting Uiru? I thought Uiru and Booster were really good friends. I havn't seen Uiru for a few years though. Maybe they had a fight or something.

It doesn't matter though. Booster wants me to use Fire Blast. He must be really mad, to open up with my most powerful attack. My heart sinks, however, when I realize what I'm shooting at. Uiru's Butterfree? Why am I attacking Butterfree? Why is Uiru using it, would be a better question.

I don't want to shoot. I don't want to hit Butterfree with my most powerful attack. Why doesn't Booster use Flamethrower? It would surely beat it. I shouldn't have to use Fire Blast.

Dread hits me when I realize Booster doesn't want to beat it, he wants to kill it. I don't want to be responsible for killing Uiru's Butterfree. I know how much Uiru loves it. But I can't do anything about it. I can't purposely miss. I can't just use Flamethrower.

If I wait any longer Booster's going to get upset. I feel completely powerless- yes, I, the great Magmar, can't do a thing to help Butterfree. I can't save it from myself. Full of remorse and sorrow, I launch the usually majestic Fire Blast, right at Butterfree.

The first thing I think when I see Fire Blast is 'pathetic'. I don't know what caused it, but that sorry excuse for a Fire attack shattered when Butterfree slammed it with it's Psychic power. Sparks fly all around it but don't hurt it. Inside, I cheer. Outside, I await Booster's next order with the emotionless glare I usually carry.

Hah. Booster's angry. Pathetic attempt of a Fire attack? I'd like to see you do better. Oh, dear! Butterfree's coming at me with Sleep Powder. I could use a nap, now that I think about it.

The last thing I hear before falling off to sleep is Booster ordering me to use Flamethrower. Should have done that in the first place, boss...
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