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Pokemon Gold ROMPokémon Ruby & Sapphire Roms - 100% English!!

Download them here - 100% English Pokemon Roms Guaranteed!!

I've got 3 downloads of each game, giving you a better chance of downloading, as there is a lot of traffic!


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You must own the original cartridge to download these roms, or else you MUST delete the games within 24 hours - sorry; its an international law!

I have made the animated gif below showing over 40 screenshots from the games, which you can watch whilst downloading.

This image may take some time to load, as it is over 2.5MB (sorry!)

Ruby Version Sapphire Version

I now have all 3 ruby roms working, but my sapphire rom is corrupt. I'll try my best to get them ASAP



Pokemon Roms

September 9th · Comment(11)

Pokemon Silver ROM Breeder's Version

Splash screen from Breeder's Version of pokemon

Download Pokemon Breeder's Version now!

More screenshots at the bottom of this page.

Pokemon Breeder's Version is for fans of the tv show. In this game you play as Brock who wants to become the world's greatest pokemon BREEDER. Sound famillar? Some changes have been made such as the starting pokemon. This time you can actually pick Brock's pokemon from the show. Vulpix, Onix, Geodude.

Some other cool things about the game is that you actually look like Brock instead of the regular ash look. Plus instead of having a Mom, you have a Dad just like the TV show! New starting pokemon makes it more exciting to play also. Another cool thing is that there is no Prof. Oak but rather its Prof. Zen!


But if you have played red/blue version this game can get boring within in 30 minutes to 2 hours of gameplay. Also, it does not have many game changes and the changes it does have are weak and don't make a big differnce. Due to a lack of changes and good storyline this game gets a


Trip DS Pokemon Emulator Downlod
Angel DS Roms Emulator for PC

September 9th · Comment(14)

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