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Pokemon Roms

download free gba, N64, GameBoy, GC, Wii and NDS poke games

pokemon sapphire rom

PoKeMoN ROMs emulator 

Welcome to my PoKeMoN Roms section. Here you can find PoKeMoN and other anime related roms for both SNES and Gameboy. I've also included a PoKeMoN Doom game that's really fun to play. Most of these roms have been uploaded on my own server, but the Pokemon roms are from another. I'll try and get them on my own server soon. All these roms should work but please inform me of any broken links or if any of these roms don't work, thanks.
Please Note: To play Doom Z, you must first download the game doom, if you don't already have it. Then you must download the patch and run the play file. Check the FAQ section for more detail.
You’ll need a snes emulator to play the snes roms and a Game Boy emulator to play the Game Boy roms. You'll also need WinZip to unzip these files. Enjoy!!!

Note: I've uploaded all the roms again, and on a better server. They are now on freediskspace In order to access these roms, you must sign up first and get a username and a password. Then when you are allowed to access the roms, you'll be asked to enter your username and password as well as the share password. The share password is planetgoku. Please use my reference code when u sign up U0022ED58, thanks!

Roms on Folder 1, Click to Access!

Rom Title

Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden 1 & 2 RPG
Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 1, 2 & 3 Fighting
Dragon Ball Z Legend of the Sayajin RPG
Dragon Ball Z DBZ Gameboy 1 & 2 RPG
DBZ Hyper Dimention Fighting
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Action
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon R Action/Fighter
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon S RRG
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Super S Fighter
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Puzzle Puzzle
Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle Fighting
Ranma 1/2 Hidden Treasure RPG
Ranma 1/2 Super Hard Battle Fighting
Ranma 1/2 Ougijaanken Puzzle Puzzle
Doom Doom 1 Shooter
DBZ Doom Z Shooter

Pokemon Roms (Game Boy) Rom Language Type Size
Pokemon Red English RPG 375KB
Pokemon Blue English RPG 375KB
Pokemon Yellow Japanese RPG 750KB
Pokemon Green Japanese RPG 350KB
Pokemon Card Game Japanese Card Game 450KB
Pokemon Pinball Japanese Pinball 300KB

. Pokemon Roms - No$GBA.EXE emulator, and you're playing Pokemon.
Enter-Start GAMEBOY PoKeMoN rom files



pokemon ruby rom

Pokemon Gold and Silver Roms
The Emulator No$gmb works with both roms. It can be downloaded by clicking on the on the picture of the baby magmar below.

If any one is selling Pokemon Neo cards e-mail me at

Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Gold is simmilar to the previous Pokemon games, the main difference is that there are 150 new pokemon. To the right is a picture of the legendary bird that ash saw in the TV series. It's name is Honou. Honou is just one of the many pokemon that you can catch in pokemon gold and silver. (Click on Honou to download the Gold Pokemon rom)
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Pokemon Gold and Silver Pokedex

Pokemon Gold and Silver Gameshark codes

My Friends Pokemon Matrix page

Pokemon Silver

Pokemon Silver is just like pokemon gold, the only difference is you can catch pokemon in the silver version that you can't catch in the gold version and there are pokemon in the gold version that you can't catch in the silver version. The picture/link to the right is also a legendary bird, it's name is Lugia. Lugaria is soon to appear in a new Pokemon movie called Revelation Lugia. (click on lugia to download Pokemon Silver)


Click on the laparas below to veiw a walkthrough for Pokemon Gold and Silver.

# Pocket Monster Red
# Pocket Monster Blue
# Pokemon Green