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Pokemon Roms

download free gba, N64, GameBoy, GC, Wii and NDS poke games

pokemon sapphire rom

PoKeMoN ROMs emulator 

DISCLAIMER Pokemon ROMS must be deleted within 24 hours of download time to be legal. To keep them longer than that is illegal. New Games holds no responsibility for the outcome and or performance of the ROMS. You may only keep the ROMS longer than 24 hours if you own the original cartridge for that specific game. Pokemon Roms

*** Must Read!***Two good things have just occured in the Pokemon Power Plant. One is that our Pokemon Gold ROM is fixed. The second good thing is we now have a Pokemon Silver rom in full English. Check it out below.

First, go to and download WinZip 7.0. Then, you must download the Game Boy emulator, click here to download the emulator. Then you must download whatever game you want. We have a whole library of games.
Japanese Germany French(Francais)

  • # Pokemon Red (English)
  • # Pokemon Blue (English)
  • # Pokemon Yellow (English)
  • # Pokemon Green (Beginning & End In English)
  • # Pokemon Pinball (English)
  • # Pokemon Gold (English)
  • # Pokemon Silver (English)
  • # Pokemon The Card Game (75% English)
  • # Dboy (Card Game Emulator)

After that, unzip every file you downloaded. When you unzip the No$GBA, in the pop-up folder, click and place the Gmb.Exe on your desktop, and it should turn into a DOS file. Then when you unzip the game, the file will be Click and drag that on your desktop. Then, when the, and the No$GBA.EXE files are on your desktop, click on the and drag it on top of the No$GBA.EXE, and you're playing Pokemon. For the computer, the keys are as followed and compared to the game on Game Boy:
Space Bar-A
Enter-Start GAMEBOY PoKeMoN rom files



pokemon ruby rom

If you click the mouse while playing, a menu will pop-up. If you click on "LINK", another game just like the one you're playing will come up next to you. I'm not sure if you can link up doing this, or not, but I'll try to find out.

Vid Translations


# Pocket Monster Red
# Pocket Monster Blue
# Pocket Monster Green
# Pocket Monster Yellow
# Pocket Monster Card Game


# Pokemon Rote (Ingles)
# Pokemon Blaue
# Pokemon Amarillo

France (Francais)

# Pokemon Bleu (Francais)
# Pokemon Jaune

GBA Roms - To play them you will need GBAnet. Nintendo Wii ISO Torrents site is the best place to get Wii game downloads. Pocket Angel DS

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