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The Vahazayi

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The Vahazayi

An Ever-Evolving World

You have stepped into the world of the Vahazayi Phoenixes, the Guardians of the Universe. Herein lies a small peek into to their existance, from the Vahazayi themselves, to their words and their history. To note, this is just a small section of their Universe, which is forever being worked on. Enjoy!

Vahazayi FAQs: A series of questions and answers that I have come up with as well as questions asked of me by friends. Have one? Send me a note and I'll answer it here.

The History of the Vahazayi : From the beginning of the Time, there was God. On one of His many trips through the cosmos, God found a planet that suited what He thought to be the ideal. From that moment, the Creator set into motion a race born of fire and carry the title of immortal.

Words in the Phoenix Language : A continuing compelation of the Phoenix tongue, with pronounciation key.

The Phoenixes : A listing of the immortal firebirds. Certainly not all 300,000+ are here, since I haven't been able to have enough time to come up with all their names!

Vahazayi Swears: What do immortals pray to, if they are not gods? To whom or what do they swear by when they get angry or frustrated? A small look into the psyche of Phoenix invocations.

ChronoPhoenix -- the Evolution of the Vahazayi: A written chronicle of the evolution of the Vahazayi, from their early conception to the present. Hopefully in answer to your questions ... if not, you can always ask me. See my illustration of the process on DeviantArt.

Rant: A lengthy collection of reasons why I think the writers of fantasy are digging the grave for the immortal bird; also, my own interpretation and reasons for why I think it's time for a makeover.

Rant v2.0: When one just wasnt' enough, I've dusted off my pen and honed my arguements.