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Welcome!  This page was brought to you courtesy of.....ME!  LOL  I am Carissa.  I'm a single mom to three wonderful boys.  Justin, Kenneth and Cody!  I stay at home as I am not able to work.  I try to be the best mother I can be.  Being a single parent isn't easy.  Hopefully someday I will meet Mr. Right/Prince Charming! 


I'm on the computer almost all day most days unless I'm out at doctors appointments for me or my 3 boys.  You can reach me on yahoo as julyruby3 or on AOL/AIM as elmotweety26f.  I love surfing the net, chatting and just having fun with my yahoo groups and making awesome websites.

The "C" is for my name and the "J" is for my oldest son and the "K" is for my middle son and the last "C" is for my baby!!!


I haven't done this in a long time, but I like to bowl once in awhile!

I haven't gone to the clubs in awhile, but I  go to dance!

This flag represents the state in which I live. Florida!

This flag represents the state in which I was born. New York!

I chose this graphic because I used to be on the swim team in highschool and I still like to go swimming!  I miss the fun that I had competeing!


  I love Dolphins!!!   Miami Dolphins as well!!!


     I also enjoy the Arts!  Comedy, Drama and Music!!!


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