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The Dust of September

 By Christine Morrison, Grade 4

The dust of September

The dust, the smoke, the clouds from the dust of September.

The sadness, the sorrow, the darkness from the dust of September.

The pretty sites are gone, the love, the death from the dust of September.

The families, the lives that were taken away by the dust of September.

Our country is sad, but our country still stands in the dust of September.

Our flag still waves through the dust of September.

We will never break, we will stand together through the dust of September.

People hurt, hearts broken, but we survive in the dust of September.


Dear Readers: If Sept. 11 has taught us anything, it is how strong the people of this great country can be when they are called upon. To the families and friends who lost loves ones a year ago today, you are in the hearts of all Americans. Our prayers are with you.


To understand me

To understand me is something most never know

To understand me to know my fears to get near them and to know them in and out

To understand me and not judge me for what has happened in my past

 But yet to know me and then not judge me for them

To understand me unconditionlly and without no doubts and (name) that is what I've let u do

To let u (name) is what I've done to understand me

I let u come near me.

 You know my desires and dreams and my hopes,

 but most of all u understand me and u've fallen in LOVE with me 

and I thank u and I hope you'll continue to understand me 

from now till the end of time

Written by: Amber W.  (Florida 2002)



"Did You Ever"

Did you ever love a guy,

but know he didn't care;

Did you ever feel like crying

but think you'd get nowhere;

Did you ever look into his heart 

and wish that yours was there;

Did you ever see him dance

when the lights were low;

Did you ever whisper,

"God, I love him so, but I'll never let him know,"


So you wonder where is at night,

and wonder if he's true--

The next you know you're blue.

And when it starts

you don't know why;

you wonder day and night;

You see my friend,

You're losing him--

No matter how you fight.


Love is fine--

but it hurts so much,

The price you pay is high.

And if you choose

Life or Death;

I think I'd rather die.


And so I say, 

Don't fall in love,

You'll be hurt before you're through,

You see my friend,

I ought to know,

I fell in love with you!

Written by Anonymous



Put God First In Your Life

He will shoulder all your pain and strife

Your sin he will sever like a knife

Put God first in your life

Through your day follow God

He knows the weary road you trod

In his Holy Word do prod

Throughout your day follow God

Let God dwell in your soul

All your fears he will console

Rejoyce!, He can make you whole

Let God dwell in your soul

For the sins of man He sent His Son

So, repent of your sins

Pick up your cross and follow Him

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

He died on the Cross, because He loves us all

He rose again and defeated death

He'll return, because He said He would

But if you're not ready, and  have your lanterns trimmed

I'm afraid you won't be leaving with Him

So, read God's Word, and know it's true

It's been written down for me and you

To learn our Father's will for us

To live, and earn God's trust


Written by Anonymous



love so much pain
why did this love have to start
why wont it go away
why was it you
why couldnt be someone else
i ask god why was u in my fate
in my life plans
part of the child i gave birth to
yes we got some good memories
but the bad out weighs them
i just had to meet you and fall in love with you
and concieve a child by you
and why do those eyes of yours do that
they look at me and my heart melts
and your touch god your touch
that touch those eyes has kept me here
with you
lies and unfaithfullness made me leave
but yet i still love you
you took my heart and ripped it apart
i can never forgive u for that

Written by: Debra Real (August 2002)


What is love?

 Is it needing someone?

Is it wanting someone? 

Is it yearning for the touch of someone or is it just an excuse to be with someone for this i do not know. 

But i know that love hurts,

 Or even kills,

For i have experienced love, but never got love back.

For it wasn't true love, 

But I still loved alot

 Though love is a very special word.

So I shall use it wisely...

But without love there is no real life.

Written by: Joseph Simas-joeythug855 (November 2002)



I know I may not be
the kind of person you're looking for
but I'll make up for that, baby
I can give you so much more

I may not look like 
I belong on TV
but look and see 
the good inside of me

I know if you just
get to know me more
you'll see how I truly am
you'll see me for sure

I want you, baby
I want to be ur man
You know how I feel for you
Why can't you see that i really do

Maybe it's how I look
Maybe it's how I act
But I know I can make you happy
I know that for a fact

If you don't feel the same
My heart will break, but will mend
Because I love you with all my heart
My love for you will never end....

Written by: Joseph Simas-joeythug855 (January 2003)

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