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A feeling of sadness has enveloped me,

Trust of my family is expected to be.


I feel a hurt for a close loved one,

He is trying to change and yet he has noone.


This person so close is treated like dirt,

Now that he's back he's been real hurt.


Noone can see the change he has made,

Yet his heart is still broken so it still fades.


This person is one that's just like me,

A really sweet person just waiting to seed.


He is my dear cousin and mistakes he has made,

But I do still love him 'cause he is so brave.


Written by:

Carissa Spoor (9-14-94)



Life is just a dreariness of darkness;

A black hole of nothingness.

There is fighting, arguing, choosing;

Of which continues day and night.


I can not see what goes on,

But I can hear it quite clearly.

People around me just ignore the qualities I have;

To be a friend with trust, care and love.


What else can I do, but wait;

Wait for the last break.

The last hole put into my heart.

Darkness is something I can find peaceful sometimes;

But to have it permanently, I do not want.


A black hole can be an empty soul or stare into outerspace;

But I want to have light in my path.

I want to see, hear, and understand what I need to,

To avoid anymore darkness in my life!

Written by:

Carissa Spoor (2-15-94)



When a dove loses its mate

it is like a woman losing a man.


Loneliness comes upon her

like a rain cloud covering the sun.


What is a woman to do

when crushed by a man's words.


She just cries day and night

wondering why he left.


Crying because she feels

she has let him down in one way or another.


Why did he leave?

Did he find something better?


Loneliness is

when she is left on her own.


Trying to figure out

where she stands in the midst of society.


When a dove loses its mate,

it is like a woman losing a man.

Written by:

Carissa Spoor (unknown date)


My Way

As day goes on,

And night draws near;

I hate this world,

It's full of ofear.


My family's a mess,

My life is torn apart;

God is there for me,

I need a brand new start.


I live in hopes of some good turn,

But when I try;

I always get burned.


I want to find the man for me,

To love and cherish a family of three.


I do not care if he's rich or poor,

I do care if he's for the Lord.


It doesn't matter to have a fancy car,

Just as long as he's where we are.


So, I live in hope of some good turn,

And then in life;

I will have learned.


That as day goes on,

and nights draw near;

I won't hate this world,

And I won't live in fear.

Written by:

Carissa Spoor (10-20-99)


All I need (an unfinished song)

One day sitting alone in my room, I prayed to God who sits on his throne.

Please forgive me, sins I commit.   I never meant to hurt you like this.

Then I thought as I sit here to pray, I'll do something worthy to make of this day.



I need my Lord to guide me, I need a hand to keep me striding.

Love is all I really need, to keep my thoughts straight, His word I will heed.


My family is not really bound, to see Jesus and his sad frown.

When they see their wicked ways, I will be happy one of these days

(Repeat Chorus)

Written by:

Carissa Spoor (unknown date)


Don't Let Me Go

A once in a lifetime chance came around,

to be with you.

A once in a lifetime dream did arouse,

a love for you.

A once in a lifetime is always the right time,

to think about our love.



So, don't let me go.  I want you, you know.

Forever and ever 'til hearts grow cold.

A man like you will always do.  A man like you I'll always be true to.


It doesn't matter what others think,

just as long as I've got you.

I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be with,

than to be with you.

You are the one for me and it seems like a dream,

that I've really got you.




A once in a lifetime chance came around,

now I've got you.

A once in a lifetime dream did come true,

and I love you, too.

A once in a lifetime was always the right time,

and now we share our love.



Written by:

Carissa Spoor (01-30-94)


My Life

Sitting here recouperating

Trying to forget

The times that I would spend with you

While you would yell and hit.


My life is hard

My heart is hurt

My body sore

You are a jerk.


The crowds look on

My head hangs down

cause  I am shy

I have a frown.


I love my boys

You'll never see why

I raise them with love

but sometimes I cry.


You ruined my past

But not my future

Trying to live my life

It's hard to suture.


Each boy has a father

Each one differently

Although they are the same

They love each other unconditionally.


I am the Mom

I am their Mother

There is no daddy

There will be no other.

Written by:

Carissa Spoor (March 10, 2003)


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