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Hallmark Cards and American Greetings


Someone cares about you

In a very special way...

...and sent this friendly greeting

Just to tell you so today!


Coming by with a  cheery "Hi"...

...Because you're

very special -- that's why!







Just To Say Hi...

There's not much new,

not much to say --

But thinking of you anyway!


For a Daughter Who Is Loved So Much

The memories that a daughter brings

Are the kind you'll always treasure,

Because the love

you have for her

Is a love too great to measure.


You're a daughter

who's been special

ever since you were quite small,

and the thoughtfulness

you've shared is such a joy

to one and all...

So may the happiness you give

return to you today

to let you know

you're loved --

much more than words

can ever say.



If you put truth

above your own desires

And value those as friends

who feel the same,

If you take pride in things

that you've accomplished

And when you're wrong,

Stand up and take the blame...

If you can

understand your limitations

And not waste time

on tasks beyond your scope,

But take the future

as a brand - new challenge

That you can meet

with confidence and hope,

If you can listen to those

who would advise you

And then judge for yourself

just what is right,

If you can keep in touch

with all about you

And settle differences

without a fight...

If you can find delight in simple pleasures

And see the rainbow - not the falling rain,

If you can lose - and never give up trying,

Believing that there's nothing done in vain.

If you can staunchly stick by your convictions

And not let others set your goals for you,

If you can be as practical as need be

And still remember sometimes dreams come true.

If you can live the life that you believe in

And trust  your judgement and maturity,

Then you'll be, not just happy and successful,

But the worthwhile person you are meant to be.

Sharing in your happiness


and wishing you

a future

filled with

dreams come true.


You Mean So Much to Me

"There are those

who open their hearts

to others...

who never think twice

about giving of themselves

they are the wonderful,

warmhearted people

who make all the diffrence

in our lives."

There's no one who is quite like you,

For no one else could be

As thoughtful in as many ways

As you have been to me.

And no one else could do and say

the special things you do

Or ever mean as much to me--

There's no one quite like you.


With Love, Mom

A Christmas 

that's a merry one,

A year that's happy, too- -

That's the special wish

this brings

with lots of love for you.


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