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Many photos, stories, poems, and other documents are stored in the archives of Harvard and Radcliffe. Many more exist in the hearts and minds of alums and their family and friends. You are invited to share them.

Pictures may be submitted via email and/or regular mail.

Photos saved as TIFF (.tif) files are preferred. Unfortunately, .tif files can be quite large - over 2MB - and thus are difficult to send via email.

If you are unable to save your photos as TIFF files, please send them in as a JPEG file (.jpg) Most photos under 1.4MB can be sent as an email attachment. Please send all email photos to:

Scanning instructions:
If you are scanning old photos, please be sure to scan at least 300dpi and save as a TIFF or a JPEG.

All text may be submitted via email or regular mail. If sending via email, Microsoft Word attachments are preferred. Please send all text submissions to:

Other Creations:
Please send all items via regular mail to:
Wes Hill
328 Wichita Drive
Norman, OK 73071

Please include your name and contact information with the pictures/text as well as any related information, including: dorm name, room number, full names of people in photos with graduation year, photo taken by, etc.

Also: unless otherwise noted, by submitting your text, photo, or other creation to me, you give me the right to use your submission on this website and in other media for publication, including a future book. Please advise me if this does not work for you.

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