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Originally from Norman, Oklahoma, I arrived at Harvard in early September, 1990; it being my first trip East. I lived in Wigglesworth H-11 freshman year and Kirkland House H-entry the following three years, graduating in 1994. As a student, I often wondered what college life was like for Harvard students of years past, but heard little beyond the legends of cannon balls denting the steps of Hollis and Stoughton and getting locked in Widener for the night.

I have spent the last couple of years exploring the Harvard of our predecessors for connections to the past. I have found common ground in the rooms and their occupants from all eras, and in the tales of dorm fires and fights, quiet moments and lively debates, secret meetings and wild parties, rowdy rebellions and legendary pranks -- like the Kirkland roommates in 1947 who woke up to find a live skunk in their closet. Student life has gone through many changes since the first students arrived at Harvard in 1638, but there has remained one common thread: mischief.

I have been a teaching fellow for the former General Education 105, Robert Coles's "The Literature of Social Reflection," for six years. I now spend a good many days in the Harvard Archives, sorting through scrapbooks and other materials for fun photos and interesting stories of Harvard student life. The staff at the Archives has been amazingly helpful to me in this project. I would like to thank personally Harley Holden, Brian Sullivan, Michelle Gachette, Kyle Carey, and Melanie Halloran for all their support, as well as Kathy Kraft at the Radcliffe Archives for all her help.

A very special thanks to Blake Loveless '94, my Kirkland roommate and dear friend, for providing me with the idea and support for this project. I would also like to thank another dear friend, Ren Soeiro '94 of Ace Millennium Designs, for designing and building this site.

Please email me if you have suggestions or insights on publishing possibilities, or have an interest in making this book become a reality. 

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