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What is an "identity politics chauvinist"?

Gender is just one of many subsets of today's Identity politics.

IDENTITY includes race, religion, political party, sex preferences, gender, class, income level, drug use preferences, etc.

If suddenly there was a holier than thou movement for Bitcoin users, and they blamed other groups for many ills in the world using provocative fighting words blaming them, this would be "Bitcoin identity politics chauvinism".

A lot of this socially damaging trend stems from the overuse of pro-Israel lobbies in Washington DC and the many organizations and academics that have been ardent in "Jewish Identity Politics" promotions and fanfare since the mid 1980s.


A chauvinist is someone who blindly and enthusiastically believes in the superiority of his/her cause or people".

A "regional chauvinist" is someone with an undue partiality or attachment to a group or place to which one belongs or has belonged.

re: The Poet’s Role in a Technocratic Society with Gerald Stern and Chris Hedges, RT article and video 3 Dec, 2017

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Gerald Stern, Poet and Author, discusses how poets and their poetry have lost their voice to “speak truth to power” in this digital society.

Here is a poet/writer Bryan Adrian, who has been at least trying to speak truth to power since the mid-1970s; perhaps these links will be able to start a broader dialogue with Chris Hedges and Gerald Stern, regarding poets unafraid to speak truth to power, poets foolish enough to speak truth to power, and poets crapping their pants speaking truth AND beauty to POWER...

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New social network word: "Identity Politics Chauvinist": a chauvinist is someone who blindly and enthusiastically believes in the superiority of his/her cause or people. Undue partiality or attachment to a group or place to which one belongs or has belonged is termed "regional chauvinism".

Are you sick and tired of the overuse and misuse of the word FASCIST in our times? British Empire & Zionist Expansionism intel agencies long long ago learned that the "divide and rule" maxim starts with sloganeering and artificially induced media manufactured causes. A very effective method of achieving such ends is through deploying 'identity politics chauvinism', e.g. take an extremely small minority which has a fringe number of members, and elevate them and their needs above larger more inclusive group identities, and pit them against each other. Transsexuals against biologically paired child producing couples; elevate anti-Nazis far above Workers Rights and Organized Crime-Free Employees Unions; pit day old illegal immigrants against 8th generation unemployed African Americans in competition for hard to find jobs which pay a decent wage. Other examples-- making national free federally paid healthcare-basics-for each citizen into the enemy of free enterprise capitalism; making the antagonistic needs of little Israel far above the interlocking needs of the large American melting pot nation and her tens of millions of needy & in-need peoples; making the small elite of arms dealing and weapons of mass destruction mega-manufacturers above the concerns of the hundreds of millions of American taxpayers.

Shake up all the above, snicker at the destabilization and internecine strife and class and race and gender warfare, and rule through this fireworks show of manufactured divisiveness. That is the motto of the social engineers who also inject regime change protests into nations that go a different route than IMF; those who fix & rig US election counting machines and computers; drain the liquidity of our Treasury into the veins of the super-elite; fill our commercial prisons with petty drug offenders but celebrate illicit drug freedoms in puppet nations surrounding Russia, like the Republic of Georgia & Tbilisi.

The manner of ways of divide and rule are endless once you have the puppet strings in your own hands!