How the Ancient MINOANS of Crete were vanquished by a new race of predators that came from the Red Sea Desert Region?

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Long before the monopoly of the God of War had been imported from Hittite and Hebrew Army warriors and implanted far and wide, there existed the peaceful and artistic and agricultural peoples of Minoa and Sabine and Samnite Oscans and Canaan and Carthage, ancient Celts and ancient Shintos and Confucians too, not forgetting those Druids near Novgorod Russia, whom together had achieved honor and added harmony to the name of the planet Earth back then, unlike today’s complete abasement of these former old timeless values, which have been currently replaced and repudiated by military expansionism and conquest and confinement, heaping endless honors on Solomon and the Maccabees and their Seal of fate upon all other non-chosen peoples, specifically those who abhor war and love Tera, mother goddess of planet Earth and her oceans and trees, flora and fauna, and who harbor no inner compulsions to declare a one and absolute god over all the universe itself.

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"I had too much to dream last night!"

by Bryan Adrian


I had a strange dream last night about vampires. No, not about rapacious Rothschilds nor deceitful and crafty Illuminati nor Kabbalists -- controlling human affairs, but about only one handsome male, perfectly human looking vampire, in a dream in which he explained to me, in an upper class British accent, (in telepathic brainwaves, which i will translate here into English dialogue):

“My dear Macron, you humans are the most aggressive species "known" on the planet, more aggressive even than alligators or lions, you eat in huge volumes many other species, you kill for fun or out of anger, and you destroy the very nature that supports all life on the planet in your greed for more playtoys and possessions, just to make your lives easy and pleasurable, at the expense of all other life forms. All except at our expense, we the vampires and our long known other visitors on this planet, the demons, we both live better than you humans here!"

He continued....

"So because you have not in 5000 years developed a religion or social structure or science or covenant yet, that makes vegetarianism as natural for humans as it is for horses or elephants, which would clearly elevate yourselves above the other creatures that have neither language nor manual dexterity like you have, you really don't possess much at all those higher instincts that could make you different from the other killer elite, who feed on flesh and blood and muscle. Like warlike soldier insects and packs of jackals, for example. We vampires and demons have a right to survive here on your planet also, same as you, and we have done so since the most elite and priestly class of Kabbalists were "chosen" by us long ago, to serve us as our middlemen during the Empire of Solomon. We vampires have always interbred with your nobles and advanced human examples, since time immemorial, so our seed is in all your faiths and religions and races, and secret societies also. The demons enter your species through their incubus and succubus programs. As long as you humans feed on other creatures, by killing them, we have a right to kill and feed on you also. Isn’t that fair? Distant alien cultures live by these same rules too.

We have to deceive you humans, to the very bottoms of your souls, because we can live in your same form yet we need to feed on what looks just like us, YOU! Both of our vampire sexes practice intercourse with you humans, and we have mixed species love affairs and even breed with human women and men. We try not to ever feed on our pet humans, those that we love like you do your cats and dogs, but sometimes we slip up and have to feed on one of our human relations or loved ones, it is a real pity but if happens.

War and revolution are clever covers for us. We can engineer and provoke local and global wars quite easily, given the low threshold of humans for provocation, in regard to their predictable and perpetual resorting to animal instincts and killing. Would you dare to disagree?

So for all your recorded history, we have set you up for nearly every major war and terrorism movement and revolution in your short species history, so that we can feed unseen and arousing no suspicions in your minds, and then we vastly exploit our tricks of all trickery, to TAKE the role of government high officials in your human infrastructure and pose as those who are helping to end the war and/or mitigate the growth of terrorism. Actually, it is all a very very old game and humans have never ever been equal to our intelligence, to figure this out. One closed-system religion after another has sprung up, mostly stylized by us according to the climate and geography of the region, and the highest priests are our underlings, craven to reveal the secrets of their doctrines to their believers, out of fear of us. An arrangement we have found quite suitable for millennia.

We have an agreement with the "demons," who are different from us and who have been on this earth longer than we have, actually. They need to hide and go underground or they would be discovered and much more easily defeated, than us, we who live amongst you and enjoy every cursed minute of it! Your human history is often only a mirror reflection of our close call battles, in our demon vs. vampire supremacy competition. There is also a third master order -- of organic humanoid androids – yes, high above humans in ability, that seem perfectly to be human, even to human doctors examining human organ diseases in clinics and hospitals. But for vampires and demons and our hybrids, to avoid our own mutual self destruction, we always find a way to, in the end, to compromise between our vampire and demon leaders with the inferior androids, so we don’t destroy one another.

The androids still have not perfected their color vision in your specialized eyes, and vampires have adapted to live of off human terror and fear and extreme pain rather than blood all the time, but the most important thing to share with you in this dream you are having at my command, is how much we don’t want to leave this dark paradise here, ever! Some other aliens have tried to help you humans here on Earth over the many many centuries, but a treaty between us vampires and demons and androids, has without fail kept them away.

Unicorns came up in our talk. He told me about a race of aliens that ‘deeply loved your human species’, and they were highly advanced in technology and were telepathic and busy with very high level cultural activities, along with humans. After many wars with us this alien race that lived in harmony with you humans and shared this planet with you in contentment, they were defeated by us and demolished and we made up the name “unicorns” as a kind of vindictive payback for them, almost defeating us.

This telepathic vampire then warned me that this year 2017 was a major social engineering accomplishment phase for them, setting up the global stage for a massive killing and destruction spree worldwide, for release in very late 2017 and early 2018, like a new Hollywood feature film, even greater in scope and fearsomeness than WW1 and WW2. He added that they without fail have boardroom control of all our television and newspaper and internet news and information, they own it all via the very useful to them, corporate model and globalization paradigm.

He also laughed and continued his tragic revelations to me, adding that wifi microwave signaling of cell phone and personal and banking and military information, are so easy to intercept by them, via their telepathy, that they can tune with just their unaided minds into the same microwave frequencies humans use in their technology, and it is as easy for them as a human listening to music. The vampires and demons can be imperceptibly deceptive, and he constructed a metaphor for me, of millions of more highly intelligent advanced spider-like beings, catching prey in their world wide web.

"Communism could not hide well at all, our misdeeds and crimes against humanity. It was one of our most unsuccessful experiments on Earth and we neutralized it rather hastily once we had realized this. Stalin and Mao, both brother vampires, had really savage appetites that had not been concealed as well as we needed to keep our secrets, for thousands of years well protected by our old proven models, proven time again and again, throughout OUR history," he told me as he seemed to be yawning.

He then proceeded to tell me that terrorism is one of their schemes also, so that they have no problem clamping down on information channels and employing iron clad police protocols, also against groups getting too familiar with their hidden operations, not only against their own manufactured terrorists, "for your own safety, we like to term it," he said with a wink.

"We have got you all through your own authorities you trust, with a ring in your noses, and under our thumbs, it is remarkably easy for us. The divide-into-two-camps-and-manipulate-from-within works like a charm, no need for any new models, really, we had no need to throw in communism into the toolbox, it was never needed."

This distinguished and very experienced vampire concluded, as i was slowly awakening from my dream, with my eyes wide shut, "No outside alien life forms can come here to Earth and help you until you all become vegetarians, or at least rise above the beastliness of all the other flesh eating animals which you consider yourselves so vastly superior to, you even think you are so much more evolved than dolphins and chimpanzees, and you never consider that there are species above you on this planet who you cannot sense, with only the limited human senses you have. We have many really funny jokes about this among ourselves. As it still stands today, vampires and humans are all here now on equal footing with equal rights on this hunting ground planet. If you can feed, we can feed also. It is the cosmic rule."



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Quiller Vor Hirre

BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON (BAH) dark hand in black ops, electronic human telepathy

(however, often Booz Allen Hamilton is under suspicion of breaking secrecy laws signed between them and the DoD and subjected to external investigations)

current 2018 update:
The new “silent speech system.” Regina Dugan and DARPA are looking at using optical imaging – using lasers to capture changes in the properties of neurons as they fire – to glean words straight from our brain before we say them. If these signals can be read, they can be transmitted silently to other people. She has assembled a team of 60 people, including machine learning and neural prosthetics experts, to enable such a system. Using the combined skills set of brain-computer interface engineers and neural imaging engineers. Their goal? To create a system capable of telepathically typing one hundred words per minute – five times faster than you can type on a smartphone – straight from your brain to other brains, without the use of a mini smart phone. “It sounds impossible but it’s closer than you may realize.” It is now in black ops research a fact. They will use non-invasive sensors that can measure brain activity hundreds of times per second at high resolution to decode brain signals associated with language in real time. Apart from building a brain-to-computer interface, her team is also working on a way to let people hear through their skin, which will produce a parallel technology that allows wifi mind reception of foreign languages in a language you understand, without the use of any devices, which can at the same time transmit feelings and emotions via device free wifi also.

NOV. 2017 – from Newsweek: In a Facebook post this week, Regina Dugan said: “Today I am announcing that early next year, I will be leaving Facebook [Silent Voice First project) to focus on building and leading a new endeavor.

Facebook isn’t the only company working on a brain-machine interface, with DARPA revealing plans last year for a neural connection that will “open the channel between the human brain and modern electronics.” Elon Musk is also working on similar technology through his Neuralink startup, which registered as a “medical research” firm in California last July. The so-called neural lace involves implanting electrodes into the brain in order to augment natural intelligence. Eventually, Musk hopes the interface will allow humans to compete with artificial intelligence.

from QUORA article on Silent Voice First:

The concept is simple in that we all say the words we speak in our minds before we speak them. In some situations, perhaps not as many as we imagine, we may find the need to just think the words we want to say to our Voice First Personal Assistants rather than speaking them aloud. Facebook identified this issue and is building the new systems around the old science of hemispheric brain energy scans surfacing the speech centers and through AI and Machine Learning (ML) using this data to extract word intents. develop a brain-computer interface that will, in the future, allow individuals to communicate with other people without speaking. Ultimately, they hope to develop a technology that allows individuals to “speak” using nothing but their thoughts—unconstrained by time or distance. They want to create category defining products that are Social First of course using Voice First as the primary input system. Products that allow us to form more human connections and, in the end, unite the digital world of the internet with the physical world and the human mind. The brain produces about 1 terabyte per a second, through speech, we can only transmit information to others at about 100 bytes per a second. Facebook wants to get all of that information out of the “brain” and into the world. Typing is not going to be useful in this new world. The average person types between 38 and 40 words per minute. We can speak at 100 words a minute and using our thoughts we can match this speed. That’s far, far faster than most humans can type on a computer or device. The goal is to allow people to type five times faster than people can type on a smartphone straight from their brain. This means that they are developing technologies that can “read” the human brain in order to transmit this information.

Next, they will work to allow people to “telepathically type”.

Building 8 is working on technology that will allow all humans to type and click through our brains in order to interact with computers. This is sort of a brain touch screen metaphor. This tech is a magnitude more complex than decoding Silent Words. They have developed actuators that allow people to “hear” through their skin. Ultimately the technology will allow humans to “feel” words. Eventually you will think something and send the thought to someone’s skin. Additionally, this will allow people to think something in one language and have a person receive the thought in an entirely different language.

University Research and Partnerships.

The thinking-to-text project is headed up by Mark Chevillet, previously an adjunct professor of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University. Chevillet said the goal over two years is to build a noninvasive system that harnesses picks up speech signals inside the brain and permit people to silently turn those thoughts into text at a speed of 100 words per minute.

From a blogger: The term C4ISR is a descriptor for Artificial Telepathy -- a powerful fusion of signal processing technologies that allows technicians to remotely gather and collect human intelligence (HUMINT) from the brain signals (SIGINT) of other human beings. As with C4ISR, Artificial Telepathy incorporates "signals collection" (eavesdropping) with "intelligence analysis" (figuring out what people intend to do) by utilizing satellites and computers. One could define Artificial Telepathy as a subset of C4ISR with a special focus on neurology, psychology and mind control. Artificial Telepathy is an exotic form of C4ISR that allows warriors to communicate nonvocally with soldiers in the field, enables spies and intelligence agents to perform reconnaisance and surveillance nonlocally by means of "remote viewing," and allows military officers to command and control the behavior of human minds at a distance, with the artificial aid of carefully networked satellite and computer technology. Booz Allen Hamilton certainly has close ties to the contractors who worked on the Pentagon's "Stargate" program for psychic spying in the 1990s, and it took a lead role in development of the NSA's "Total Information Awareness" projects, mentioned in earlier posts.