God of War, Merchants of Death, by Bryan Adrian

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ELECTRONIC WHIP 1996 {revised and reprinted in 2018}
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Electronicwhip 1996

Who Will Drive a Stake Through The God Of War?

by Bryan Adrian for the Electronic Whip


“God of War and Merchants of Death”

by Bryan Adrian

‘’HaShem Ish Milchama…’’ God is the Lord of War (Exodus 15:3). According to myth, this was sung by the Jewish people on the seventh day of Passover, after the God of Israel drowned the Egyptian army in the sea.


Not even ten years ago the discovery of a Hebrew tomb in Memphis, Egypt, brought controversy between archaeologists and Torah scholars, surrounding the name of Aper-al found within. It was discovered that “Aper-al” (an Egyptianized form of a Hebrew name) was the vizier (minister) for King Amenhotep III, and later for his son King Akhenaten. Pharaoh Akhenaten was the first ruler to institute monotheism, which he called Aten worship. Among the artifacts discovered here were some that showed us that Aper-al served as the chief priest of Aten, in the Memphis region, during the reign of King Akhenaten. This runs contrary to the dogma accepted by archaeologists that monotheism [Atenism] did not exist beyond the city of Tell el-Amrana in central Egypt, and furthermore strongly suggests that Hebrews were present in Egypt during the eighteenth dynasty, and that some Egyptianized Hebrews held extremely high senior state Egyptian positions, who were ruling with their own legions of slaves.


United States is now in step with some Monotheistic God, is it the God-of-Democratic-Eco-Consumerism or just another iteration of the dominance of the God of War? In 20 years time, circa 2016, will the world see the United States of America as just another larva spawned by the GOD-OF-WAR, or something better and more benign?


© 1996 (reprinted and revised in 2017)




§  Preface

§  Vicious Cycles of War

§  The death of Confucius sets up the pre-history Silk Road for Huns and Maccabees to Run Amuck

§  One Rigid and Absolute God Comes out of the Jewish Feud between Saul and Samuel

§  Semitic Hassidic Culture of the Kabbalah

§  People Who Live and Breathe an Alphabet

§  Masters of the Tawil

§  The Rabbinical Sects and Their High Priests

§  The View That Jews Were “The” Chosen People

§  Ancient Hebrew Scripture sits upon Rome and the World

§  Hefty Tax Collectors

§  Queen of the Universe

§  Son of Mars the War God

§  Some Ancient Texts are Jealously Guarded by The Vatican

§  The Invention of the Cyrillic Language

§  Bulgaria and Ireland Have Both Been Kept on a Tight Leash, Then and Now

§  We Have an Enormous Trade Imbalance with China yet Nobody is Watching Our Own Rice Pot

§  Shadowy Developments in the Middle East and the Balkans

§  The Palestinian Freedom Fighter “the Engineer”

§  Germany’s Cloven Feet in the Cold War

§  Evergreen Is Supplying Jobs to Agencies not to People

§  The Mere Whisper of a Political Complaint Can Result in Death

§  U.S. Approved Israeli Sale of Israeli Warplanes To Ecuador Despite Pledges to Peru

§  Why Haven't the Israelis Dynamited Homes of Hebron Region Zionist Terrorists Too?

§  Augusto Pinochet's Strong Hand

§  Illusions of Triumph

§  Near Absolute Control by Royal Saudis

§  Egyptian Government Was Elected Under Many Accusations of Corruption and Voting Fraud

§  Saddam Hussein Recklessly Spent Billions of Dollars

§  Turkish True Path Party Owns Property in America

§  Bahrain, as far back as 3000 B.C.

§  The Distortions of the Camera Lens of History

§  The Nation of Islam and Khadafy

§  Russia has Crumbled into a Sea of Harvard Banker Advisors?

§  Disciples of Ancient Beliefs

§  Bulgarian Crypto Jews and Protestant New World Huguenots

§  Buy Off a Whole Race for $24

§  The American and French Revolutions Struck Almost Simultaneously

§  Why Our Founding Fathers Were Often Seen in Powerful Inner Occult Circles

§  Mark Twain Owes Much to his Freemason Cohorts

§  Three "Roberts" Channeling the War God

§  Electricity Warlords, Thunderbolts among Fabulously Wealthy Men

§  Westinghouse and Tesla's Generator – Lighting Up Death Sentences

§  Top-End Worldwide War & Death Technology

§  A Tale of Two Toussaints

§  Merchants of Death hobnobbing to the tune of our National Anthem

§  Don’t Panic high on LSD – Switzerland is neutral like Wall Street

§  Charleston SC--home town of Civil War & Huguenot Slave Masters

§  First Jewish-Gay & 1%-Elitist to Win seat in U.S. Senate

§  Many Union Officers Were Mercenary Soldiers

§  Harking Back to the Same Romaniot Traditions

§  Lady Di in Her War with the Royal Family

§  Armand Hammer Nailed down more Oil Deals than Baking Soda & Lead Pencil contracts

§  United Fruit Played a Great Part in the Repression of Guatemalan Nationals

§  Chess Masters, with Genius at Playing Many Sides

§  Biggest Secrets of Russian Cooking

§  Primakov has been called the father of the post-Cold-War 'for-profit Intel Agency Freelancing'

§  Pagan Worship of Nature

§  Petra Kelly, Spiritual Leader of early Green Party, Foul Play

§  Will humanity suffer the same WAR fate forever?



Preface (by Bryan Adrian)


The god of War is a false god. His-Her place in the pantheon of history and religion should be demoted to a lowly position, never to rise again. In place of this demigod, we need to look upward, like the noble Phoenix in its flight to Antares, the brightest star of the heavens, for replacement gods.

I would like to begin by expressing my indebtedness to pre-ancient Egyptian civilization, pre-3000 B.C., before the time of the pyramids, to the wisdom of the ancient Celts and Druids and the Yambol Plains of ancient Bulgaria, where once stood the ruins of Kabyle; also, to the original Minoans of Crete, and the Colchis of ancient Medea, and the Celto-Etruscans and their lost beautiful alphabet and culture. Special thanks also to the lost people of ancient Thrace, aka Trakia, and all their former long ago allies, especially the Moabites of the Sinai Desert Peninsula/Canaan, who were overrun by Edomites around 1250 BC. Last but not least, the early authentic Shinto religion of Japan, of which cutting edge research today is connecting them to the ancient Celto-Etruscans, who stood for justice and harmony -- against the agents of war, slavery, and usurpation.

Most of us are, and might possibly always be, slaves, wage slaves, or half blinded ideological slaves, perhaps sadly real slaves to global traffickers or human organs or child sex traders. Slaves we shall be, as long as the god of War exists as the most powerful and commanding of all our Gods. Despite that our three most political and powerful global religions on the planet are monotheistic, springing from the same source, and each proclaims there is only one absolute (and often angry god). For these three religions, the god of Abraham is shared by all and deeply embedded in their beliefs. Our human martial instinct of organizing massive human killing units adroit at slaughter in killing fields, is not native to the animal kingdom of Earth, it is a feature of man only, quite ironical especially since we do not eat our prey, like they do in the ‘animal’ kingdom. War seems to be a perversion of the nature of the human species on this Earth, from the insect kingdom, a freak mutation or a misdirection on a cosmic large scale. It is time the god of War went back to where it came from, never to return to this galaxy nor any universe that is reachable by man in the future.

Vicious Cycles of War

Note that the color of our skin, nor our native language, nor our original human DNA puts us into any Faustian contract at birth, nor throws us into vicious cycles of war due to DNA. Any race, regardless of its color, which teaches that our planet needs to do away with the god of War, ... generally perishes, quite literally. Look at biblical history and then lament the time and time again triumphant usurpations due to the god of war, triumphant over the other gods, despite biblical admonitions against such deeds (Ezekiel 34) “...cursed be the shepherds who feed themselves, and not their flock”. The god of war has no time to feed us, mostly only time to kill us and plunder us in the name of some outrageously opaque ideal. The sacrosanct UN-tolerated apartheid of the Palestinian people and their ancestors’ land, is today’s prime example; likewise, the over 1000 military bases and installations of the United States armies all around the world, in the name of the God of Democracy, is in fact just another name for the God of War.

This essay is not substantiated by hidden or classified or arcane documents. Research sources include the Encyclopedia Britannica, booklets from the back wall dispenser of Westminster Cathedral in London, "der Spiegel" magazine of Germany, several general sources in Chitalishtes (Bulgarian public reading rooms), and a smattering of old Balkan and Bosphorous folklore overheard while visiting my fiancée’s family in the region. The only potentially unreliable source used here, that could be faulted in my overall research, is Bertrand Russell’s sly ode to freemasonry, ‘History of Western Philosophy’.

The rental of temporary employees is worldwide now, and resembles slavery more and more now in the mid 1990s, with each downsizing and merger underscoring the architecture of redundancy that it thrives on. Initially, temping seemed an isolated phenomenon in the late 70s, spearheaded by such agencies as Adia Personnel of Switzerland, a pioneer of intensely focused determination to expand the field of temping in USA and Europe ("Life is a Temp Assignment" became a popular axiom in the 80's). “Temping” first attracted only a few adventurous office workers who enjoyed the mobility it offered, even though giving next to no benefits, security, nor loyalty to the temporary working professional.

The temp pay was slightly better than normal pay in its early initial years, however all insurance and vacations were the sole responsibility of the temp employee’s, out of pocket. It was a trade off that appealed to unconventional and somewhat creative white collar employees searching for an alternative to conventional business life, and who shuddered at the idea of a life of routine after they finished university. That all completely changed by the late 80's.

The death of Confucius sets up the pre-history Silk Road for Huns and Maccabees to Run Amuck

The use of temps today is not unlike the use of slaves when they built the pyramids in Egypt, after the Upper and Lower regions of Egypt were united by foreign new legal systems circa 2925 B.C. The diversification of religious beliefs that had been resplendent in Egypt until this time started to slowly consolidate (the first mergers of many) into one rigid and absolute god. This god surreptitiously took on the features of the god of War (coinage and treasuries and prostitution were always closely allied to this War god) over the following centuries upon centuries. The magnificence of Egypt was never quite the same again after this legal "takeover".


The earliest known examples of woven silk date back to 2700 BC and come from the Hangzhou region, which today is located about 190 km south-southwest of Shanghai. By 550 BC silk roads were threading and weaving from the coast of China to the Greek Islands, and into Egypt and into the Mediterranean region. In addition to empowering the God of War, at times also bringing the God of Plagues with them (the Plague of Athens could have been Black Death, nobody knows for sure -- it killed off more Athenian soldiers than in actual battles in the clashes between Athens and Sparta in the 5th century BC).


In the 3rd century BC, two great nomadic hordes in China, the Xiongnu and the Yuezhi, competed for grazing pastures in the steppes to the north of China. Finally in about 176 BC the Yueqi were defeated in a battle and their king was killed. The Mongolian race Xiongnu pressed west and they established themselves in the region north of Bactria, an outpost of Greek civilization, where many Jewish tribes held much sway. In the 1st century BC, one of the tribal chieftains of the Xiongnu established a powerful dynasty, known as Kushan. At the end of the 1st century BC and near the time of the birth of Christ, the Kushans pressed on into India also. These Xiongnu were a constant threat to the powerful Han dynasty in China, but the Chinese held them back with a strong military presence on the northern border, which had one very beneficial result for the dominant world traders - the opening of the Silk Road. In 51 AD a separate group of Xiongnu moved further westwards into central Asia. They become lost to history, though it has been common in history books to say that they morphed into the Huns, who very threateningly appeared very fiercely in the 4th century AD to plague the Roman Empire, along with the Jews and their commandos and mercenaries.


Now let’s go back in China to K’ung Fu-tzu, aka Confucius (551-479 BCE). He is the Chinese teacher whose name was latinized by Jesuit missionaries, into Confucius. Around this same time as the penetration of the silk worm cults into India and Central Asia and Greece, the most sacred and official books from Confucius’s time and that of his own teachers, were disappearing one by one. The “Book of Documents” was compiled by Confucius (551–479 BC) as a specially preserved selection from a much larger group of documents, with some of them included in the Yizhoushu. Confucius and other respected writers drew on the “Book of Documents” to illustrate general principles, though it seems that several different versions suddenly were in use in his own time, many of them faked and which academics still resort to today, more than 2000 years later. Confucius invoked in his speeches and lecture notes, the pre-dynastic emperors Yao and Shun, and leaders from the Xia and Shang dynasties, which accreted to his complaints of a sad lack of documentation prior to the Zhou, of which much had been already lost or destroyed. Confucius unlike Solomon and the Hebrews, put much more emphasis on the importance of the family and social harmony and community, rather than on an otherworldly source of spiritual values, e.g. he saw "the secular as sacred". Confucius was also not a follower of monotheism nor of the God of War.


Confucius considered the ordinary activities of human life, especially human family and social relationships, as sacred, because these interactions are often the highest expression of an ethereal moral nature we have above the animal kingdom. Confucianism holds that human beings are fundamentally good and teachable and improvable, thus somehow one day perfectible. The Yin and Yang of the Confucian I Ching shares many features with the dualism pagan religions and with the break-away Christian sects of the Balkans and the Caucasus region and Japan, in the centuries when the minimum- two-gods belief system of Mani was competing with Christianity. This went on for the many centuries directly following on the heels of the death of Jesus Christ, running parallel to the bloody expansion of the Jewish militant Macabbee groups after the decimation of the Jewish Canaan tribe, by Davidic inspired warriors.


One Rigid and Absolute God comes out of the Jewish Feud between Saul and Samuel

The Hebrew Principle of Holy War, comes from the post-Flood concept of amalek of the Amalekite semi-nomadic main tribe of today’s Israel region, sometimes nicknamed “the blood lickers”, which dates back to the conflict between Saul and Samuel. Today, Hassidics and Orthodox Jews use this hatred of the Amalekites of Israel, to justify their belief that pre-emptive violence is acceptable against such enemies. Ever since this rancor between Saul and Samuel among the ancient Jews, these Amalek peoples have been branded as an "eternally irreconcilable enemy" that only wants to murder Jews. King Saul, then a newly appointed monarch, the first such potentate of all the formerly Jewish farming tribes, led a vicious assault on all Amalekite peoples, mercilessly killing all the Amalek men, women, children (and even their poor quality livestock), disobeying the commands of Samuel and marching to the God of War. Samuel then prophesized that one day the Jewish kingdom as a result of this abominable transgression would likewise be torn from Saul. This is the same era as when David the apocryphal young harpist and sling shot expert became King. From this moment on, and at deeply traditional and ultra Orthodox Jewish weddings thereafter 200 Philistine foreskins,” have been considered a lovely traditional marriage gift, as is still recorded and read in 1 Samuel 19:1-7 (the number of foreskins before David had been 100).

The Hyksos were another name for the Israelites, and under the Hyksos the Canaanite population in the Nile delta grew stronger. The Canaanite presence has been attested by pottery found in the Delta that was Canaanite in form, which had been chemically derived from Palestine. The dominant religious burial practices in Avaris, at the time the capital of Upper Egypt, were also Canaanite. The Hyksos would be thwarted after a 30-year bloody feud, led by the kings’ king of King’s, Ahmose I of Thebes (1539 BCE–1514 BCE). Ahmose captured Avaris city-settlement, and united the Lower and Upper kingdoms into a single "New Kingdom". The Hyksos were then pushed out of Egypt through the Sinai Desert Peninsula into southern Canaan. The Hyksos were expelled monarchs of Egypt, not slaves as legends tell us today. The use of slaves had long persisted in Jerusalem and all its domains, even long after the so called Exodus of Biblical fables.

Later, somewhere around 1000 B.C., the god Baal fused with a Canaanite god ("Yahweh is Baal", I Chronicles, 12:5). The lingering remnants of old Egyptian culture that had still remained in 605 B.C. were now mostly extirpated by a conquering Semitic Babylonian King. These conquerors and their descendents liked wearing silk, especially the prettiest females of the royalty serving the God of War, reveling in the transparent qualities of the fabric, exquisitely showing off their erotic features, in the court activities where new wars were planned and administered.

Much later in Egypt, in the 500s AD, Armenian culture from Central Asia was imported into Egypt and took root quickly. Some historians say this imported Armenian culture had long been one of the lost tribes of Israel, and perhaps also partners with the ‘merchant marines of Israel,’ long known as the Sea Peoples (speculated to be the nomadic lost tribes of Israel of Dan and Asher), who sailed to the far ends of the earth to ensure their war god would one day rule all of humanity. The Leviites, unlike the original twelve tribes of Israel, had not been assigned in old myths, one of the twelve territories of the earth, but rather 48 cities scattered throughout the world.

Also at this time in the 6th century, huge castles and fortresses were going up in Wales, populated by royals who are still unknown to us today, but remnants of their era were left behind, of high quality cookware and wine utensils from the Turkish region, and from the France and Greece of that timeline. Hebrew was heavily intermixed with local languages in the Catalan area of Spain, and the Languedoc region of France, around this time too. Stories of Hebrew activity in Wales are very old, some recounting King Solomon excavating much tin from the Welsh offshore tin mines, but as early as 600BC these mines were abandoned. Linguists in the early 1800s conducted much research on the parallels between old Welsh Celtic and ancient Hebrew tongues (other Gaelic speaking nations cannot understand Welsh). If you visit your local bookshop you might even find one of the many books available, on the shelves somewhere, that point out the lineage of the Celtic gods and dynastic families descendents follow nearly identical trees and branches that are exquisitely closely interconnected to the Hebrew trees. Only the names are different, following closely the Davidic lineage in Hebrew, but of course the names of the Celtic lineage are in Gaelic.

In the early 600s, shortly before the arrival of Mohammad in history, hostile invading armies (recent research suggests they were legions of commandos from Khazaria) seized territories from the original occupants in Thrace, (today it lies in Bulgaria), destroying frescoes and an abundance of beautifully executed artistic Thracian masterpieces, some of them from the original tomb of Kazanlak (the tomb is situated near the ancient Thracian capital of Seuthopolis in a region where more than a thousand tombs of kings and members of the Thracian aristocracy can be found). Here this Kazanlak region holds today their famous Queen of the Roses pageant, for pretty girls, very similar to the Rose of Tralee parade, in Ireland.


During this same timeline of the apartheid and then subsequent loss of the original peaceful Thracian culture and kings, to hostile invaders, if we go looking over across the seas to the Far East, parallel invading armies had battered their way into Japan, and finished off the last of the original Shintos of Japan, replacing them over time with fake religious replicas of the true Shintos. At this time the Korean confederated kingdom of Baekje, was closely allied with Japan, in bi-cultural mutual help and friendship and affection, seldom the two in disharmony.


However, in the 700s AD, one alienating warlike Korean-peninsula Silla tribal clan, famous for sorcery and for their inevitably forced monotheism on captured subjects, crushed Japan and her close Korean allies and they began the Korea-Persian long-running co-relationship in ruling this far eastern and central Asian side of the crescent of the long global Silk Road arteries, commanding it along with the Chinese Tang Dynasty as their partners. The Tangs were the antithesis of the teachings and philosophy of Confucius.


At that time the Tang’s capital was in Chang'an, which today is called Xi'an (less than half hour from Xi’an-yang , the site of the Terracotta Army Necropolis) and was probably the most populated city in the world then. Some weapons buried in the pits of terracotta armies there carry inscriptions that date their manufacture going back to 240 BC, and many indications show they were produced for battle to be used in living hands, and not merely for display in the tombs of these clay soldiers alone. In 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang had eliminated all six other chief Chinese vassal states to establish the first centralized empire in Chinese history, the first all powerful monarchy to rule China. In 206 BC, Xianyang was burned down thus depriving humanity of unique copies of many "forbidden books" kept in the royal library.


Forward again to the 8th century, circa 721 AD, monarch Seongdeok of the Korean tribe of Sillas ordered the construction of a great wall across Silla‘s northern border, and remnants of this wall can still be seen in today’s North Korea, in its South Hamgyǒng province. Khazaria in Central Asia was a main piece of this part of the Silk Roads system, the Khazars being fierce military allies of the Old Tibetan-Mongolian Drugu, aka Göktürks, and fierce believers in the God of War. Many Khazars ended up settling in Cluj, Transylvania, in the late 800s and early 900s. These are the many centuries when Khagans (pronounced like the powerful Kagan family of NeoConservative warmongers in the USA today) ruled from the Caspian Sea to the South China Sea to the Sea of Japan, even up into Tibet and Mongolian highlands too. In 799 global salt monopolies accounted for over half of the Tang government's revenues.


The Uyghur Khaganate expanded and grew from this point on, rapidly turning the world into one great Khagan. The official religion of the Uyghur Khaganate became Manichaeism, a dualistic religion with one of the two gods, much more prominently manifested out of the two. Mani, the ‘illuminated’ fountainhead of this religion 400 years earlier, considered himself the carrier of a universal message destined to replace all other religions with his religion, much like a God of War most often succeeds at doing.


Semitic Hassidic Culture of the Kabbalah

A Semitic Hassidic culture surfaced with great power in Podolia in 1735, where western Ukraine today borders Poland and Romania. Its messianic leader called himself Baal Shem Tov, who has since made much importance of the letters YHWH (which Aristotle named the Tetragrammaton, when he set about redefining history in his final years). Also important were the letters YWJV and BESHT. YHWH is inscribed today in large symbols on the ceiling of St. Martin's in the Field Cathedral in London. This same Podolia area later produced Anton Rubenstein, (born 1829 in Podolia/Eastern Galicia) who composed the operas The Tower of Babel (1870) and The Demon (1871), and The Maccabees (1875).

The god Asmodeus has many associations also within this area. From 250 B.C. on, Jews ceased to use the name Yahweh because Judaism was becoming a universal religion in the Greco-Roman world. Elohim became the new word for the universal sovereignty of Israel's god over all others. It became profane to use the word Yahweh after this.

The Karaite Judaic sect had travelled from the Crimea to Lithuania which set itself into direct opposition with rabbinical Judaism (Karaites originating in the 8th century – many of them settling in the Kipchak region above the nation of Georgia, next door to the former Khazar Jewish khaganate of Khazaria). The Karaites suppressed the festival of Hanukkah, the celebration of Judas Macabeus's terrorist victory in the 2nd century B.C., which celebrated the great conquering power of the Jewish Macabbee movement, an exemplary illustration of the most repeated God of War values, and discussed herein.

The Karaite sect's defiance of the priestly rabbinical elite led to an institutionalization of an uncompromising monotheism and Kabbalah among their followers. Very similar to the ancient Sadducees, Karaite Jews do not accept as binding the written collections of the oral tradition in the Midrash or Talmud. Karaites maintain that all of the divine commandments handed down to Moses by God were recorded in the written Torah, without additional Oral Law, and they rejected the Pharisees' notion of an Oral Torah, even before it was first time written. As we approach the year 2000, this Balkan region is of global consequence again, as are former Khazaria regional settlements in Lviv in western Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic nations, especially Lithuania. Precursors of the Khazars, Radhanites ( רדהני ), and Karaites, carried their secrets and sects to ancient China before even Christ was born.

The theme of slavery and suffering again dominates the news today. Terms such as slave to my PC, slave to the television, slave to addictive drugs, slaves to the ghetto, slave of a temp agency, and slaves for slaughter (Kosovo, Somalia, and more), are frequently used by the media. Humanity has not really advanced so far, regarding humans exacting slavery and forcing suffering onto other humans, since the time of Confucius, despite our advances in technology. Long before JFK made his famous quip known all across the world, Confucius in his book the “Analects” had this to say: Tzu Kung asked: “Is there any one word that can serve as a principle for the conduct of life?” Confucius said: “Perhaps the word ‘reciprocity’: Do not do to others what you would not want others to do to you” (XV: 23)1

People Who Live and Breathe an Alphabet

Language has often been used in magic, incantations, invocations, and to impose uniformity on a culture before conquering it. Uniformity of language makes it easier for spies to infiltrate during the first phase of conquering. Afterwards, it's a cake walk to dominate a people who live and breathe your alphabet and follow your scripts -- which originated from the conquerors’ own hand.


After Persia dealt a monumental blow to the Roman Empire, they were suddenly seized by the Mongols, who are a Turkic people of mysterious origin.

The Persian empire collapsed shortly after it had towered over Rome (and the world). Persia was never fully Islamisized until almost 900 AD, and never embraced the new Arabic script designed by a team of scholars who were associated with the great Prophet Mohammed.

The Persians of this era knew too well the insidious possibilities of language modification.

Aramaic was the lingua franca of most of the Levant and Middle East from 650 BC to 300 BC. Troy was located on the Anatolian (Turkey) northwestern shore, and some historians now believe it was peopled by the royalty of the Colchis Kingdom (today’s nation of Georgia), frequented in person by Medea and her father King Aetes, residing alongside the surviving aristocrats of ancient Minoa and Thrace. Also in Troy at that time were the nobles of the precursors of the Mingrelian peoples of the Black Sea eastern shore region, in current day Georgia. Medea was then more famous for medicine than Hippocrates. In fact, the story of Jason and the Argonauts was most likely apocryphal, same as Homer’s story of the devastation of Troy by the Achaeans/Mycenaean/Spartans, who were probably the same Semitic Aramaic speaking tribe of Jason and the Argonauts, those who also came emerging mysteriously out of the Mycenaean kingdom, whose capital was Argos. Sparta seemed to follow on the heels of Mycenae as if it came about from a continuously reappearing magician’s hat, in one and the same legends, replicating again and again in the same geographic location.

Still today, there are historians who claim the victors against the City of Troy were ‘unknown Greeks’ and that this battle could have likely taken place in 600BC, as easily as the one recorded in 1200 BC. On the other hand, there are many documents and historians that state with confidence that the Spartans defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) in the midst of the Plague of Athens in 430-426 BC, a viral holocaust. At this time Sicily was still in many ways part of the Phoenician kingdom, seafaring Canaanites, from what we today call Israel, and they spoke Hebrew and Aramaic among a few other languages too. Many Jews for centuries upon centuries were powerful and successful and dominant in Sicily, often a kind of homeland away from Sinai Desert Peninsula and the ancient land of Canaan.

In I Maccabees 12:20-21, and also writings of the first century, historian Flavius Josephus, records this same sentence in two sources: "Areus, king of the Spartans, to Onias, the high priest, greetings. It has been discovered in a document concerning the Spartans and Jews that they are brothers, and are of the race of Abraham". The Aramaic language replaced Hebrew as the Jewish tongue. Jesus Christ spoke the same Aramaic tongue later. Aramaic remained the official language of Persia until the Muslims conquered and converted Persia around 650 A.D.

Mingrelian, however, is still spoken today in Georgia, and is quite distinct from the Georgian Kartuli language.

Masters of the Tawil

Another language that shows how new languages are often the handmaidens of religion, is Sanskrit. The Vedic cults used Sanskrit, a pan-Indian language that spread throughout northern India, Armenia, and the Punjab area. Various Indo-European tribes of the Western Steppes were prominent in this region, until the Karaite Jews established a strong foothold. The Tawil, an esoteric interpretation of the Quran, gave rise to the Sufi tradition. Ali ibn Abi Talib, a cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed, was a Master of the Tawil. Quite often, new languages are the stepchildren of new religions.

The interpenetrations between the Far East, including the far eastern shores of China, and the Middle East and Near East go back a long, very long, time. At one time, Turkic was the same as Mongolic. Chinese books dating back to 201 B.C. mention the Turkic peoples of Mongolia for the first time. The Huns (Attila) were of Mongol race. Skeletons of Chinese men have been found in Europe dating back to the 100s AD and show the Roman Empire had extended personnel even into deepest China, taking their Jewish merchants with them. Archaeologists are finding more and more confirmation of pre-Christian exchanges between Indo-Europe and central China, especially in the State of Chu (Western Han Dynasty). Genghis Khan himself in fact was no stranger to Switzerland; nor was Marco Polo, a Semitic Italian, who was no stranger to forbidden cities of the Orient. Around 700 A.D., the Turkoman script was adopted by powerful parts of Hungary.

The Rabbinical Sects and Their High Priests

The Talmud used today is a result of the polemics of Rabbinical Jews stonewalling against the Karaites (founded by Anan ben David) to justify the superior political position of the oral traditions of the rabbinical sects and their high priests, as opposed to the written scripture of the Old Testament, central to the beliefs of the Karaites. The Talmud was, as a consequence, completely and officially revised later in Basel, Switzerland in the 16th century.

In Russia, the St. Petersburg Public Library is a treasure trove of texts attributed to the worldwide Karaite cult. One major artery of the Karaite colonies sat at one time just minutes outside of Vilnius, Lithuania. Recently, two Ministers of the Lithuanian Government resigned over a scandal in which the top two national banks of Lithuania ran completely out of assets. Montreal, Tel Aviv, Brooklyn and Buenos Aires have a fair share of Karaite devotees, but not in the same league as the once large aorta in Lithuania. Most of the lost tribes of the world would be hard pressed and enervated to compete or keep up with the travel and colonial zeal of the Karaites.

The View That Jews Were “The” Chosen People

The view that Jews were the Chosen People appeared obnoxious to the ancient Trojans, Shintos, Minoans, Thracians, Etruscans and Colchians, it insulted their pride. This belief in chosen-ness was radically rejected by the Gnostics. The Gnostics believed that the world was created by a mortal yet rebellious son of the deity Sophia (heavenly wisdom). At one time this gnostic theme combined with the philosophy of Socrates, which was given new life by Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

Manichaeism later emerged out of Persia (Iran), just south of Armenia, carrying the Gnostics thesis even further and teaching that evil is embodied in matter, that matter can also be positive, and that the principle of goodness is embodied in spirit. The Gnostics also had a profound effect upon the apocalypticism of certain Jewish mystics, whose beliefs still exist in various Jewish groups today.

The Gnostics stressed that Archons exist, and that they are malevolent forces rife in the Old Testament, with Hebrew names, most likely those of demons. The recurrent image of Archons is that of jailors imprisoning the divine spark of human souls. The gnostics believed that higher powers exist that can combat the chthonic powers (those of the underworld of the undead and those gods and spirits; dark, primitive, and mysterious).

Around 200 A.D., in Alexandria, the birthplace of Plato, a man called Origin cobbled together the new Hellenizing and post-Aristotelian Greek philosophy, aggregated with old Hebrew (scripture). The ecclesiastical world met in the early 3rd century A.D. in Sardica (now Sophia, Bulgaria), whose details to this day are mostly clouded in mysteries and secrets, but discussed among other themes in Sardica were the evident contradictions of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, deep within the core of the growing Christian movement and their beliefs (in Serdica, the Gnostics wanted to clearly separate matter from spirit -- showing humanity that there are at least two gods, thereby claiming monotheism to be false). According to manuscripts it is known that Origin, an ascetic and a top translator of Hebrew and Greek, combated the Gnostic unwavering assertions about the inferiority of the Old Testament. Origen preached that human souls existed before God created man, and that Jesus had a beginning and had not existed before his creation in the womb of Mary. Over the next few centuries, the writings of Origen, and all things supporting his major teachings, were vigilantly destroyed. They were obliterated outright or translated with appropriate adjustments to eliminate conflict with growing orthodox Christian doctrine.

Don’t forget, that in the ancient Mediterranean and Levant world, west of Constantinople and east of it too, the Jewish religion was the most populous of all the non-Roman sects and cults and religions, and the Christians were far far less in numbers, compared to Jews, until the 400s AD. The Roman Empire basically had just carried on with the Greek Empire’s pantheon of gods, giving them each a new god’s name, in their state religion Sol Invictus. The Romans also allowed most religions to remain unmolested, in their conquered lands, as long as they did not rally or protest against the rituals of the Roman temple Sol Invictus practices.


Celsus was of the same time as Origen, and he was familiar with Egyptian and Jewish religious tenets and practices and beliefs. Celsus tried to popularize the idea that Jesus' father was a Roman soldier named Pantera and that the miracles of Jesus were the work of sorcerers and demonologists, such as existed in the temples of Solomon, long before. Origen, on the contrary, was a main defender of the virtues of Jesus and among the strongest opponents to the words of Celsus. It should be noted here that Jesus Christ was not the first man to boldly claim to be the son of God. Emperor Augustus, the official ‘first’ emperor (27BC) of the Roman Empire, would not let his subjects nor senators call him God, but he would let them name him the ‘son of god’. He had fostered his "cult of the comet" ever since in 44 BC the Julian Star Comet illuminated the night skies for 7 straight days.


The First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD was convened by Emperor Constantine based upon the recommendations by several bishops and high ecclesiastics. They tried to resolve the crisis of the trouble brought about by the Arian controversy in the Greek-speaking East Orthodox Church, alienated from the Latin-speaking Roman Church. To most bishops, the teachings of Arius were heretical and needed to be discussed by bishops of Asia Minor, Georgia, Palestine, Thrace, Armenia, Syria, Egypt, and Greece. This controversy arose from the heretical ideas of Origen, and concerned the nature of the Son of God, Jesus, was he a god like his father, or born a mere man. If Jesus were also a God, then again “dualism” remains to be seen, that there is not only one God, there are at least two.


Ancient Hebrew Scripture sits upon Rome and the World

The armies of Emperor Julian "the Heretic" rallying around the appeal of the gnostic beliefs, grew restive at around this time of Origin and the important meeting in Serdica to counteract the influence of ancient Hebrew scripture on Rome and the world. A religious leader named Celcus objected to Origin's intrigue and to the numerous illegal and secretive associations of particular Jews who had written huge tracts of the New Testament for Christians. Celcus wrote a controversial book on the subject which has been buried, for all time, by those who fear his ideas may be freighted with far too much truth and appeal, and undo the orthodoxies that had been designed for Christians, via the covert Hebrew rabbis who held much sway over the early high priests of Christianity.

The resurgence of Celcus's teachings, and then their repression, has been through numerous cycles of history, and this dialectic has been the cause of war, and slavery, time and time again, each time the monotheistic God of War wins with a slam dunk.

Treasuries, as we know them today, date back to 587 B.C. when Nebuchadnezzar took over Babylon and split the Jews into 2 classes (Israeli, and foreign Jews). Treasury buildings then took on the characteristics of the Hebrew Temples of the time and were constructed of local stone, laid by masons. American banks, by the way, and the Federal Reserve Board of the USA, were modeled on the English building societies of the early 1700s, known as the Masonics, whose origins date back much further.

Hefty Tax Collectors

The ancient Romans employed gabaim, Hebrew word for collector, to be treasurers of their hefty tax collections. If Celsus's texts and the pre-Christian Gnostics had survived, (Celsus questioned the compatibility of God and the Devil within the framework of monotheism) and succeeded, it is quite doubtful that today we would have gold hoarding, secretive diamond cartels, the IMF and World Bank, or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or the Society of the Cincinnati. To some historians it appears that Celcus and also the pre-christian gnostics shared special knowledge that had been lost since the time of Confucius. Gershom Scholem once described Gnosticism as "the greatest case of metaphysical anti-Semitism". Nearly all concrete and substantial manuscripts and artifacts of Celsus and Confucius and the proto-gnostics have been pretty much erased from the narrative of time and history, leaving behind only fragmentary legends, at best.


Pity they were defeated and gouged out of history, for all of us and especially here in America, where we don't have the leadership nor the historical experience nor spiritual intelligence to resist as did Julian and Celsus long ago. We only have small armed Montana Freemen and Posse Comitatus style bands fending for themselves, alone, without a large theological or intellectual nerve center to buttress and guide them, united in strength to all or many of the other dispossessed, disillusioned, and probably destitute, Feds-disbelieving Americans.

Our very first Treasurer here in America was Alexander Hamilton. He also was the most influential advisor to George Washington. Hamilton was married to a Schuyler, the prominent banking family from Amsterdam that built up New Amsterdam (New York City) and set the foundations for the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, and who had already mastered off-shore banking/slaving in the Caribbean Islands in the early 1600s.

The principal financier of the American Revolutionary Army was Haym Salomon, born in Poland to a Sephardic Jewish family who early in adulthood emigrated to Philadelphia. He also founded the first Philadelphia synagogue, the Mikvah Israel, then in the 1700s. Salomon made many personal loans to James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe and he worked extensively with Robert Morris, the Liverpool merchant who immigrated to Maryland to join his father on their very large tobacco plantation in the colonies. The following families were and are still all extremely powerful and with many marriages between them, which include among many others, the Astor family, the Rockefeller family, the Roosevelt family, the Duponts and the Vanderbilt family, and they all did very well for themselves in their new colonial secret society studded land, without much resistance at all, especially since it was so successfully purged of its native inhabitants, the Native Americans.

We must not forget the Coleman family either, Thomas Coleman, nee Thomas Coleman du Pont, married his cousin, Alice Elsie du Pont, as was almost normal practice in these dynastic powerful families (FDR married his cousin also). Along with several of his cousins, Alfred I. du Pont and Pierre S. du Pont, T. Coleman du Pont took over the family's explosives business in Delaware. He was president of Dupont from 1902 until 1915, overseeing the acquisitions of more than one hundred other explosives companies that stood in his way. James Bidderman, the son of Evelina DuPont Bidderman, went to France and his descendants gave the Delaware DuPonts a new lineage in France. One of the families that have intermarried and remained close friends with the DuPonts, are the Cazenoves family. The du Pont family are represented in a number of groups by Irving Saul Shapiro, who is on the Council of Foreign Relations. Irving S. Shapiro is a key person who has been the go-between to coordinate the activities of the Rockefellers, the du Ponts, and the Watson families. The Watsons have much pull with computer giant IBM.

Queen of the Universe, Isis

Magicians at the time of Moses (family name Levi), and, Solomon (family name Benjamin), invoked the God of Abraham (Melchizedek), named Yahweh, without fully knowing who He really was. The invocation procedures were particularly potent, even if invoked in languages other than Hebrew, specifically Babylonian, Brahman Hindu, Egyptian and Greek. At about the same time, the Hebrew Semitic goddess Astarte (aka ISIS), patroness of prostitution, protectress of those who return un-dead from the grave, and Enchantress (also goddess of intoxication), was by all her devotees known as Queen of the Universe.

Her fame spread quickly to most surrounding cultures. Her name grew to be known also as the Patroness of Seafarers. The historian Masudi mentions an instance of the working of magical powers possessed by a certain Jew, whom he doesn't name, which documents that magical practices of the very ancient Egyptians had passed eastward and had found a congenial home among the Jews who lived in and about Babylon. Magic has always been the handmaiden of religion. Around 1550 B.C., Moses became the first known Hebrew to become a full master of the practices of Egyptian magic. It is doubtful that Moses practiced only the enlightened and healing branch of the old Egyptian incantatory arts.

Son of Mars the War God

Oppressed minority elements within the Persian Empire had traditionally fought against this invocation of Yahweh, especially at the time of Cyrus. The Romans under Romulus, son of Mars the war god, defeated the native Sabine people of the Etruscan hills, after raping their women, at about the same time as the introduction of Aramaic in Persia. After the defeat of the world maritime, trading, and coinage city capital of Athens by Sparta, the Spartans forbade the use of gold or silver money and issued only iron coins, like a similar period of the ancient Shintos of Japan.

Around this time the Persians had become dominant on the entire Asia Minor coast (386 B.C.). Around 300 B.C., the Romaniot Jews of Greece took over Greece after the golden age of Greece had collapsed. The Spartan traditions and their belief in Mithra, a god of Friendship and Reciprocity and Fairness, stood in diametrical opposition to the god of War (known for a long time in Hebrew as Yahweh -- later redefined by Jewish scholars and high priests). King Cyrus of Persia and Babylon (Iraq), he was with certainty no stranger to the God of War, in the 6th Century BC, had warmly and openly invited any and all Jews worldwide (559 BC) to live in his Persian Kingdom. The Jews knew him affectionately as their Koresh, and prospered under his rule, almost as if he was their chosen leader. In Central Asia in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan (on the fringe of western China) there had been Jews which migrated from King David’s era to Central Asia. Bukhori Hebrew, יהודיי בוכאראי and יהודי בוכארי‎, are Jews from Central Asia who historically spoke Bukhori, a dialect of the Tajik-Persian language.

The Sabine and Minoan peoples are nearly forgotten today, or their cultures badly distorted by the sly inaccuracies of historians, what they regurgitate out to us from the sorcerers of myth-making. The god Mithra and what the Mithraic religion truly represented are almost unknown today. But the Minoan Cretans, Trojan, and Sabine precepts that were similar and compatible passed like a spiritual torch being handed over, to the Bulgarian region of the ancient Balkans, lighting up the area before Christ and reaping a harvest there. However, the God of War and the armies under this god, eclipsed the region into darkness in later centuries.

A man born on the Silk Trade Road in Persia-Iraq, named Mani, started Manichaeism, which thrived between the 3rd and 7th centuries. Mani's parents were members of the Jewish Christian Gnostic sect known as the Elcesaites. Mani preached the transmigration of souls and that reality is a struggle between a god of light and a god of darkness. Most of his teachings are lost today, but for many hundreds of years his religion nearly beat out the new Christianity as the global religion that would replace paganism worldwide, even all the way eastwards to China and westwards to France. The Manichaean doctrines (mid 200s AD in Persia) had been exported especially to the Paulicians, a sect of Armenia mid 600s AD, followers who were discontent with the power of the Byzantine Empire, and distrusted the wealthy Constantinople rulers, much like the Protestants much later in time would rebel against the Catholic Church of Rome, for its corruption and selling of indulgences.

These Paulician “dualists” (there are two gods, one evil and one good) movement picked up steam and moved across to Bulgaria, where it was named the Bogomil movement. Lots of Orthodox Christians were forced out of their homelands after the rise of Islam and were pushed west into the Balkans, where their long suffering unrest, due to excesses of the ruling classes and priests in Constantinople, still grated on their nerves. These disgruntled “dualists” believers moved from Bogomil Bulgaria into southern France, and called themselves Cathars. Some of them paralleled the Waldensian movement that appeared in Lyon (a major silk textile capital in the world) in the late 1170s, settling in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, and in the Languedoc. There is much research identifying the Bogomils and Cathars as early precursors of the anti-Catholic pre-Protestants, and their movements later would follow the same paths mapped out in Huguenot movements (silk and silkworm experts) afterwards, especially to South Africa and less so, to Uruguay.

The people of Moesia (Serbia/Macedonia) had strong ties to the old Greek Achaean League and their capital Niš in today’s Serbia was the birthplace of Emperor Constantine, and is only 10 km from the Bulgarian border. Nearby is territory which has a rich history of Bogomilism. Their descendants have been labeled heretics by historians (like Julian before them) and they have been accorded the uncomplimentary name of 'dualists', and 'heathen,' to stigmatize them as non-monotheists (in other words, they desisted from subscribing to the belief and devotion to an absolute and sole merciless god of gross materialism, war, and morality-free profits). Don’t forget that the warlike Mongolians from China, after they emasculated the Han in 418, they settled into Moesia in the Balkans, and then pressed ahead to occupy southwest France, or Aquitaine, from hence the Eleanor legends commenced.

The Romaniots, Greek speaking Jews in Greece, originated on the Greek isle of Ioannina and assisted Alexander the Great in his conquest of Persia and nearly all the known world of his time. The Crusades, much later, were a confusing and shifting balance of power between East and West, Palestine, Rome, Byzantium, Libya, the Iberian peninsula, Thrace, etc, and were constantly changing the map of the world. The Egyptians, around the middle of the 5th century A.D., became anti-Nestorian (Nestor believed in the dual nature of Christ too), meaning they were Monophysite, diametrically opposed to all the religions springing up believing Christ was just the mere son of god, and not really God himself, which implied there had to be two gods, if Christ was really more than a man, and a god himself too. The Christological position called monophysitism asserted that in the person of Jesus Christ there was only one, divine nature, rather than two natures, divine and human. This is also the anti-Nestorian Egyptian one-nature belief, and it conflicted with the Syrian region's two- nature dualist belief. This rift split up the Middle East so painfully, making it so vulnerable, that Mohammed was able to conquer the Arab lands with ease in the 7th century, guided by his considerable number of battle experienced Jewish generals under his command.

Some Ancient Texts are Jealously Guarded by The Vatican

Many texts and scriptures and historical documents pertaining to the Bogomils, a people destroyed by a combination of the Islamic revolution and the Crusades, are located in the Vatican Library, but it is next to impossible for most people to gain access to these texts and manuscripts, even if only to study them for a very short sitting. Some ancient texts are jealously guarded by the Vatican. Not even many higher ups in the Masonics, nor the Maccabees, are allowed to read them in the Vatican Library.

In the mid-800s A.D., the further destruction of the ancient Celtic and Indo -European cultures still persisted in Bulgaria (and the Irish Isles) and in the Balkans, which was facilitated by Boris I, a traitorous Bulgarian king who invited Byzantine Christianizing conquerors into Bulgaria. He facilitated the missionary work of the Greek Brothers Cyril and Methodious, who spread the new Cyrillic alphabet through Bulgaria and for all the Slavic peoples. Boris personally presided himself over the execution of 150 Boyar Bulgarian families of pagan intellectuals, in one night, known as the Bloody Night. Tengrism in this region had faith in the fertility of mother-earth spirit, and a ruler -- the holy spirit of the sky. Heaven, earth, the specially known spirits of nature, and the souls of their ancestors, they believed would provide for their needs and protect all good natured humans. By living an upright and honest life a human could keep his world in balance, was their faith. That was before the God of War blew into their fateful lives.

Boris blinded his own son Vladimir who was sympathetic to these old Bulgarian Tengrist traditions and ancient rites, which had been safeguarded by the Bogomils and other groups. His son Vladimir had been quite hostile to their forced and fraudulent ‘assimilation’ into the Slavic stream, a different people from them, an unnatural mutation of their national culture as Bulgars and/or Bogomils (today the name Bulgaria has survived, but the original Bulgar language and customs have died out, leaving few remnants).

The Invention of the Cyrillic Language

Immediately after the Byzantine Christianization of Bulgaria, and the invention of the Cyrillic language for all Slavs and Russians by the Greeks, Cyril and Methodious, King Boris I emerged as a major European leader and Bulgaria became known as Greater Bulgaria . Sacred gnostic monasteries in Bulgaria, and some of the Irish Isles monasteries, were thoroughly infiltrated at this time, as were dwindling authentic Shinto centers in Japan.

St. Patrick was no Irishman. He was an Englishman sent to Ireland to Christianize the pagan Celts. So effective were Patrick and his sponsors, that today, the most visible of Irish celebrations in America is St. Patrick s Day, a whopper of an historical irony that gives new meaning to the blarney stone. When Gerry Adams lately visited America he was astonished to see the distortions of the event on the American side of the Atlantic, particularly the green dyed river running through Chicago, and all the leprechaun souvenirs for sale.

In Japan, the Yayoi Kami Shinto religion, with no ties whatsoever to Buddhism, go back to at least 450 BC, was fiercely opposed to any one absolute god who held mastery over humankind. These Japanese practiced a multi-faceted religion, which forbade monks to be merchants, and encouraged high priests to be mendicant, travelling through all the provinces and countryside with very little money. They negated the elevation and supremacy of the God of War and monotheism.

Bulgaria and Ireland Have Both Been Kept on a Tight Leash, Then and Now

Today, Bulgaria and Ireland are both kept on a tight leash and held in absolute check, regarding a resurgence of their older and truer gods. Japan is assaulted through an ejaculation of bombast by the globally prominent Havas News and Information Services, that portrays them as deviously protectionist. Havas is the forbearer of nearly all western world news agencies, and now a leader in the control of Internet news services and marketing, through their modern offshoots Agence France-Presse (AFP), Reuters, and Havas Worldwide.

Havas was the first wire service news agency in the world, originally a Zionist organization, founded in 1832, which grew to become the largest publishing, media and pay-per-view empire ruling in France today. Our first American wire services and news agencies were founded in New York City and other East Coast centers by the same line of merchant-propagandists. Reuters, Tass, AP, UPI, and Agence France-Presse are all descended from Havas.

Little known is the fact that the music recording business of the United States began with a Turkish son of royalty, Ahmet Ertegun, whose aristocratic parents immigrated in 1935 for a short time to Washington DC, just after serving in the embassy of London for a few years. His grandfather İbrahim Edhem Efendi was earlier the grandmaster of the Tekke, a dervish Sufi lodge or place of worship. After in London a few years, his father Munir Ertegun then became the Turkish ambassador to America. Ahmet created Atlantic Records with Herb Abramson. Claims of ties between Sabbatean Kabbalah and Sufism go back to the days of Sabbati Zevi. Ahmet Ertegun was a Sufi Muslim like his father. Inside the Turkish Ottoman Empire, those followers of Zevi who had converted to Islam often secretly continued Jewish observances. Ahmet served as the chairman of the American Turkish Society for over 20 years until his death. He also sat on the board of the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy Advisory Board with former U.S. Defense Department Secretary, Frank Carlucci, who was the chairman of The Carlyle Group, a defense contractor.


In October 1955 Dan Wolf met Ed Koch in the editorial office of the new VILLAGE VOICE newspaper. Wolf had worked for the Turkish Information Office in New York before leaving it to establish ‘The Village Voice’. About that same time Ahmet Ertegun and his brother had recorded R&B and Jazz in stereo for the first time, along with a few other pioneering labels, besides only Atlantic Records. Some of the original founders and movers and shakers of the Atlantic Record label, were astoundingly also involved in the Manhattan Project of building the atomic bomb, especially Tom Dowd.


Musician Frank Zappa named his son Ahmet, after Ahmet Ertegun, who played an important role in Zappa's early career. Zappa’s father was a Greek-Arab Sicilian who worked for U.S. Army Intelligence in Chemical Warfare Testing Aberdeen, before going to teach metallurgy at the Naval Postgraduate School.


Dan Wolf in 1963 orchestrated support through his Village Voice editorials for Ed Koch to mount a victory running as the candidate of the “reformers” against Tammany Hall, and he scuttled a comeback for Carmine G. DeSapio, the powerful Tammany Hall leader, who was desperate to regain his base as district leader in Greenwich Village. It was a terrible upset and kick started Mr. Koch's ascent to Congress and the Mayor’s Office. Lots of influence from the Balkans and old Ottoman Empire and the early Zionist movement had helped the careers of semitic immigrants to the States at this time. The Irish of Tammany Hall could now begin to kiss their shamrocks goodbye.


We Have an Enormous Trade Imbalance with China yet Nobody is Watching Our Own Rice Pot

Strange that as we denounce the Japanese out to ruin us in our American media ----  we never explore with skepticism the disproportionate amount of news we get from Havas-related sources. We have an enormous trade imbalance with China that far outrivals any in the world. U.S. business groups claim that $12 billion in yearly exports to China support more than 200,000 stateside jobs, yet China's exports to the United States were well over $45 billion in 1995.

In addition, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Americans have been working in China for several years already ---as engineers, scientists, and business and factory leaders, who otherwise would be unemployed in America (not reported here in the major media, but once in a while brought up in newsletters, some of them published by IOMA Newsletters of NYC). More new solid, permanent and secured jobs have been created for Americans in China in the last five years in specific yet diversified trades and professions, than here at home,. The new jobs opening up for half a decade in China for Americans are on much more solid basis than the ubiquitous temp replacement jobs that have opened up in U.S.A., in the same time frame.

Most of the new employment and new jobs statistics in American official data reflect only temp agency employment of an American worker, for simply part time a few hours or weeks out of the year (the “official” data result from a few hours of work in one survey period, usually just one quarter of the year, taken out of the unemployment statistics). Must Americans emigrate to China to avoid being a casualty of unemployment, or shoved into temporary agencies’ in-and-out revolving door of instability and insecurity? One of the most powerful lobbies in Washington D.C., right alongside the Zionist AIPAC, and the Pharmaceutical lobby, is now the temporary agencies' owners' lobby, with its own publications and wide and extended networks, aptly named the National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services (NATSS).

Some modern writers have tackled the old theme of "dualism versus monotheism," by trying to bring back theological questions into literature and politics and journalism again. World domination credos usually originate from a rigid belief that only one monotheistic jealous god shall rule the earth. We contend in this analysis and article that monotheism spawns more and more activity from the God of War, who forces the exclusion of other gods in the heavens and in the hollow of the earth beneath us, also.

A few writers deserve mention whose works at times have brought up questions on the essence of monotheism: Dostoevski, Wyndham Percy Lewis, Bram Stoker, Ezra Pound, Gore Vidal (think of his great novel Julian ) and Evelyn Waugh, who wrote in 1950 his last novel, Helena , in which he challenged many theological points about the parentage, especially the mother, of Constantine the Great of Byzantine (his father was actually from Dalmatia, the rich coastal area of Croatia, who went on to become Emperor of Rome and King of England, divorcing Helena and remarrying a woman named Teodora). One day we may learn there are as many omnipotent angels in the heavens above us and far superior to humans and all life forms on our planet, as there are grains of rice in China. That will be very hard for the God of War to swallow, don’t you think?

Shadowy Developments in the Middle East and the Balkans

To proceed any further with this essay and shed light on current affairs, it is absolutely necessary at this time to take a look at the developments today in the Middle East and the Balkans. One will immediately grasp that the area and its old history are spectacularly germane today. We may have satellites, Internet, electronic bank deposits and transfers, viral warfare, drug distribution conspiracies, and rockets to Mars, but not much has changed on Earth or for humanity, we are all still armies of war ants walking in footsteps to the God of War. Let’s examine this region a little more deeply.

So, here below is a paraphrasing of a dozen daily rather recent newspaper articles, and some historical antecedents, that flesh out the underfed content of our poorer and poorer daily news coverage from Havas and UPI and AP and Reuters and AP and dpa and AFP and Bloomberg and Forbes and etc.

The Middle East and the Balkans Today (highlights and headlines)

The Palestinian Freedom Fighter “the Engineer”

Recently, the widow of the Palestinian freedom fighter nicknamed the Engineer, Yahiya Ayyash, was assassinated by Mossad and/or Shin Bet operatives who had wired his cellular phone with the best of plastic explosives available in the world today (were they Dupont?). His widow watched helplessly recently with her two fatherless children as their home was dynamited twice by Israeli military explosive experts, as a belated act of retribution. A Palestinian witness nearby shrugged his shoulders and commented, “She'll just have to build a new one like many other Palestinians” (preferably near an Israeli controlled water supply if they want to drink and not die of thirst).

 In January 1996, this writer, while waiting for a snowed-in flight out of London's Gatwick Airport to clear for takeoff to Hamburg, I met the former Chief of Public Relations for Dupont Chemical throughout the Vietnam War. His job was to suppress all leaks regarding Agent Orange, manufactured extensively by Dow chemical (The Wall Street Journal is a subsidiary of Dow). He was paid so handsomely, for his success and professionalism in this suppression, that he could afford private tuition for his children at the best schools of Europe, even at the elitist private universities of Paris, in addition to the fine life he garnered for himself and his wife. This same expert went on to become a top media consultant in both West and East Germany immediately after the Iron Curtain was lifted in 1989, letting in the golden 'sunshine' of a liberating free market on the other side of the ideological divide. Today this same personal agent of Dow altruism is the General Manager of the German news agency dpa, the most prominent in Germany.

 The head of Germany's intelligence agency, Konrad Porzner, resigned this month following allegations that three of his agents embezzled German funds while illegally buying Russian military equipment and selling decoding systems for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and British Intelligence (MI6), right under the nose of Helmet Kohl. Will we see lots more of this kind of skating in the decades to come?

Germany’s Cloven Feet in the Cold War

Germany has its woes in the spy world and in old players hanging around from the shadowy networks of Cold War double agents, and the osmosis that existed between the porous borders of Stasi (East German intelligence), and West German Intelligence, including streams from/to Mossad (Israeli spy network), KGB and CIA (many Russian Jews, who had been employed as KGB agents, travelled freely from East to West while the Iron Curtain restricted travel to the West for all other "communists").

A Berlin court has finally convicted Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski, the wheeler-dealer whose shady hard-currency deals kept communist East Germany awash in God of War international arms-smuggling deals and monies. Schalck, 63, headed a secret and shadowy web of Western firms and contacts, as head of East Berlin's billion-dollars-a-year Commercial Coordination (Kommerzielle Koordinierung) also known as the KoKo department.

Evergreen Is Supplying Jobs to Agencies not to People


Whenever I travel to NYC or Hamburg, I marvel at all the Evergreen Company cargo airplanes at JFK airport and the fleets of Evergreen container ships loading and unloading in the fully mechanized Hamburg harbor. Evergreen is not supplying jobs to any unemployed people I have ever met or known. I would assume that all this activity reflects a boom in growth of some mysterious sort, and a swelling number of new and needed jobs for the unemployed and partially employed thus seem lost to the lumpenproletariat once again. 

 On a bus ride this March through Wyoming and Utah, this writer also met some Nigerian graduate students who were working and studying in America. They described to me unrivalled atrocities committed by their dictator against the Nigerian people in their beloved land and the killing of their beloved hero, Ken Saro-Wiwa. Beginning in 1996, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), EarthRights International (ERI), and human rights attorneys have brought a series of cases to hold Shell Oil accountable for alleged human rights violations in Nigeria, including summary execution, torture, crimes against humanity, inhumane treatment/ arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention. Many lawsuits are being brought now in 1996 against Royal Dutch Shell and Brian Anderson, the head of their Nigerian operation.


The Mere Whisper of a Political Complaint Can Result in Death

In Nigeria, the mere whisper of a political complaint can result immediately in slow and painful death for the complainant (through torture). Government spies work undercover, as students, at the universities, their ears and eyes ever alert. The World Bank and numerous international speculators hungry for high grade commercial jet-fuel will stop at nothing to monopolize the vast holdings of the unique crude oil in Nigeria, which is among the highest quality of the world that is earmarked almost exclusively for aviation fuel and the booming aviation economy. The ruling families of Nigeria, according to these well educated and well travelled Nigerians who I met in the American western states, have so many billions stashed in Swiss bank accounts, it's impossible for them to spend it in their lifetimes, even if they deliberately tried to gamble it all away.

These expat Nigerians were not persuaded of Louis Farrakhan's sincerity during his visit to Nigeria on his world tour, where he publicly embraced the Nigerian dictator that had brought the Nigerian masses so much grief in their lifetime. They were deeply disappointed by Farrakhan, the American Muslim and Freemason.

U.S. Approved Israeli Sale of Israeli Warplanes to Ecuador Despite Pledges to Peru

Recent U.S. approved Israeli sale of Israeli warplanes to Ecuador are not a popular global hit. This enraged the Peruvians (and anyone of conscience) being that the U.S., despite approving of the sale, had acted contrary to its role as a Guarantor of the Peace Treaty arranged earlier between Ecuador and Peru --- through U.S. ‘diplomacy’.

 The Simon Wiesenthal Center of Los Angeles has launched a campaign to get Internet service providers to cut off access to Web sites that promote racism, anti-Semitism, mayhem and violence. This is the same Simon Wiesenthal organization that protested most loudly when the Bnai B'rith was caught red handed spying illegally on several prominent Californians (the earliest Bnai B’rith temples in Colonial America became the first Masonic Lodges in pre-Civil War America), and also in addition besmirching their reputations with false data collected. This same Simon Wiesenthal Center was also sore with mock indignation when an art dealer in San Francisco was nearly prosecuted by the San Francisco legal authorities for passing top secrets of the American government to Mossad agents, through the Israeli embassy. (See back issues of the California Bar magazine for more detail).


Why Haven't the Israeli Military Dynamited the Homes of Hebron Region Zionist Terrorists too?

In related moral dilemmas such as Israeli weapons sales worldwide -- while at the same time being recipients of opulent funds and largesse from US taxpayers and from wealthy Zionists, why haven't the Israeli military dynamited the homes of Hebron region Zionist terrorists too? (particularly those who killed many Palestinian Muslims in prayer within their mosque recently, case in point, the Hassid God of War mass murderer Baruch Goldstein). Nor does the Knesset or PM or Israeli authorities bulldoze down the zealot-murderer's home, who shot Yitzhak Rabin to death (utterly dooming the peace negotiations), with the same gusto as they dynamite and destroy family homes of merely suspected Palestinian terrorists (without proof) in the Palestine areas of the West Bank, and around the entire region. Where does this double standard come from? From the United Nations? More like from the god of war.



Augusto Pinochet's Strong Hand

Ricardo Israel, director of the University of Chile's political science department, says admiringly in a recent interview, that former dictator Augusto Pinochet's strong hand in Chilean affairs has kept the armed forces "in line" during the transition to "democratic" rule.

(Pinochet has been top commander of the Chilean army until today)


Chile was officially neutral during the 1982 Falklands War, but the God of War smiled upon Chile's Westinghouse Company long range radar that was deployed in the south of the country that gave the British task force early warning of Argentine air attacks, allowing British warships and troops to take defensive action. Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister at the time of the war, said that the day the WESTINGHOUSE radar in Chile was taken out of service for 24-hour repairs, could have resulted in her navy’s defeat, that’s how much she needed it.

Chile is one of the hottest mining properties today in Canada's gold, diamond, uranium, and mineral explosives industries. The Canadian Navy is currently exercising joint maneuvers with the Chilean Navy. The mines and the naval power of Chile, linked to Canada, should please prominent extremely wealthy Canadian families who want to hold on tightly to their wealth. I wonder if the Reichmann family of Toronto, who built the Canary Wharf (Docklands) in London, and who in addition are one of the biggest contributors to the worldwide Zionism movement, are less bothered by Pinochet's strong hand in Chile -- compared to the misery of the vast majority of humanity that are not part of the elite goldmine diggers conglomerates – us working stiffs finding it hard to survive, who would rather not march to the bellicose God of War anthems of hate and plunder and destruction, which are so prominent in our North American culture, such anthems are even typically played at our NFL football games.  

It is rumored that Pinochet has amassed a fortune beyond that in mining, in global arms deals, and that he is not unfamiliar with Riggs Bank of Washington DC, which held accounts for John C. Calhoun and Confederate president Jefferson Davis, back in the day, and in the mid-1970s for members of the Saudi royal family to set up covert accounts.


Illusions of Triumph

Mohammed Heikal, an Egyptian writer, who was imprisoned by Anwar Sadat in 1973 because of his criticism of Egyptian policy during the Middle East War, and who wrote "Illusions of Triumph" in 1992, argued that recent United States cruise missile strikes on Iraq, codenamed Operation Desert Strike, would in the end increase tensions in the Middle East and bring more war and disaster from the God of War. He also says that the Israeli-Palestinian Accords of today are an unjust peace, comparable to the Treaty of Versailles just after World War I. Heikal emphasizes that the Peace of Oslo maximized Israeli gains. This raw deal for the Palestinians makes any deal not too likely to survive for long.

Mr. Heikal, author of Seven Sisters, The Secret Life of ITT, The Money Lenders, The Arms Bazaar, and The Sphinx and the Commissar: USSR -- Egypt Relations, assesses problems in the Middle East and ascribes them to foreign-sponsored dictatorships.


The Near Absolute Control Exercised by the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia

The near absolute control exercised by the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia is provoking the growing Saudi middle class, who also, paradoxically, benefit from Saudi oil. Throughout the Gulf War, and afterwards, the Saudi Royal family made huge defense contracts with the Western powers: predominantly, U.S.A, Britain, and France. Mr. Heikal stresses that this emergent Saudi middle class is far more dangerous to U.S. sponsored dictatorships in the Middle East, than is the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism. 

In his own Egypt, which is predominantly poor, the near-starving university graduates and Ph.D. diploma holders, have very few economic or political choices within their repressive regime. Islamic fundamentalism appeals to them the same as communism did to American intellectuals in the 1920s -- their only alternative to hopelessness. The Gulf War, in Mr. Heikal s opinion, broke the unity of Arab nationalism. As a result, the source of inspirational ideas has withered in the non-Jewish regions of the Middle East, leaving the area more open to prolonged tragedy and newly emergent terrorist heroes.

Egyptian Government Was Elected Under Many Accusations of Corruption and Voting Fraud

The Egyptian Cabinet resigned in the first week of January, 1996, pointing out the frailty of the government, that had been elected under many accusations of corruption and voting fraud. While South Africa's $130 billion economy is four times the size of Egypt's, the next largest on the African continent, it is twice as big as all the others in sub-Saharan Africa combined. South Africa has long historic and economic ties to Israel, a long-time trading and 'anti-terrorism' partner.


Saddam Hussein Recklessly Spent ‘Billions’ of Dollars

Saddam Hussein recklessly spent ‘billions’ of dollars building an underground, anti-nuclear attack “Metropole” deep within the Iraqi earth, before his invasion of Kuwait. Numerous British bankers, builders, and arms merchants pocketed astonishing profits from this construction project, according Karl Esser, a consultant to a German-led group of companies that also helped to build the Iraqi leader's shelter in the early 1980s.


Hussein published a front page letter in "The Guardian" (Labour Party) newspaper, not long before he seized Kuwait, extolling his peaceful motives, and the reasons that he felt abused by global merchants and Bohemian Grove types with whom he had been playing, until then, only a game of dare. Neither Hussein nor the British-German-American allied merchants suffered much through the drama that unfolded. Needless to say, the merchants and Hussein got much richer.


The unlucky Iraqi teenage troopers fitted into slipshod military uniforms and sent to the desert to be blasted by General Schwartzkopf’s CNN-videotaped flame-and-pressure bombs, lived brief fragmentary burned out lives. Intel agency reporters rumor there were microwave frequency weapons being used on a try-out basis in this United States attack, including “voices in their heads” technology, in addition to deadly headaches. Their real voices will most likely never be heard to report the injustices perpetrated against them by the disciples of the God of War.


The Turkish True Path Party Owns Some Nice Property in America

The leadership of Turkey has tight connections with the flow of U.S. dollars. Former female leader Tansu Çiller, of the True Path Party, educated in USA, owns some nice property in America, despite the fundamentalist Welfare Party of Turkey's efforts to keep money in Turkey.


Tansu graduated from the School of Economics at Robert College after finishing the American Academy for Girls in Istanbul. She received her M.S. from the University of New Hampshire and Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut. She later completed her postdoctoral studies at Yale University. Çiller taught economics at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Asia Minor specialists suspect the Welfare Party is funded through Saudi Arabia and the maybe also by some moneyed elite of Iran. New Turkish Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz has already flexed his military might by sending heavily armed troops to Imia island in the Aegean Sea. Keep a close eye on Fethullah Gülen, since 1994’s brutal war in nearby Bosnia-Herzegovina, he has been participating in and promoting the "Journalists and Writers Foundation" and was given the title "Honorary President" by the foundation, increasing their funding by producing music CDs of popular Turkish singers. Currently he is setting up schools in Bosnia during the crisis for Bosnian and Serbian school children, and also a university on the outskirts of Istanbul called Faith University. Despite his age now, over 55, he is in a kind of spider dance with many of the younger rising stars in the Turkish political scene now, such as Tansu Çiller, Bülent Ecevit, and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Greek fears have been fuelled by Washington's ban on either Turkey or Greece planting its flag on Imia. Greek fears have also been compounded by the perception that Turkey has begun to surpass Greece in military might.

Since the collapse of communism, the two regional superpowers have been engaged in a massive arms buildups. The United States, which provides military aid to BOTH opponents, caused grave concern in Athens by agreeing to shore up Turkish forces with flying tankers and state-of-the-art missiles. Both Turkey and Greece are members of NATO. Where is our General Schwarzkopf when we need a steady and sensible dignified general, and not a public relations hack dressed up in a clownish military costume, play acting he himself is the God of War?


Bahrain, as far back as 3000 B.C.

Bahrain, as far back as 3000 B.C., was running a high volume of trade between the Sumerian-Babylonian peoples, and the Indus River peoples of northern India. The transshipment point was the island of al-Bahrain (called at one time Dilmun) in the Persian Gulf. Ruins prove a large city was there around 2800 B.C. Large quantities of copper were warehoused in Bahrain before even 2300 B.C.

Today, this Persian Gulf small island state just off the coast of Saudi Arabia is a financial hub of the region. Since 1975 the parliament has been disbanded and freedom of speech has been suspended. Political prisoners have virtually no representation whatsoever. This tiny island state has been one of the key centers for the U.S. Navy, as important as Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The capital, Manama, has streets dominated by the gleaming towers of international banks.

Elsewhere, part concrete, mud-lined houses suffice for dirt poor children who play in the streets. In the 1930s, Bahrain was the first Gulf nation to strike "black gold". Bahrain is subsidized by Saudi Arabia and has a force of 20,000 American troops permanently stationed there to protect the flow of oil into its "rightful" hands. Recently, native dissidents have striven to drive out the American forces.

Nearby much larger Qatar, a super rich thumb shaped peninsular kingdom jutting off of Saudi Arabia’s coast, has a new emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Hamad, having deposed of his own father, the former ruler, has enthusiastically jumped into bed with Israel playing "footsies" in trade and politics, with the extremist military Zionist state. Will the two small nations do the bidding of the God of War?

The Distortions of the Camera Lens of History

Syria, on an irregular basis, is dragged out by the media like a wet cat and reported upon from obscure and slanted viewpoints. Many ties between Britain and Syria go back for nearly two centuries. What the distortion of the camera lens or of the columns of newsprint "fitted" by committees of editors seldom reveal, is written by and large only in the history books, and then only if it conforms to a scripted narrative, or you never see it.


The House of Saud Wahabis had captured Mecca in 1802 from the Ottomans. Syria was still an Ottoman Empire vassal in the 19th century, but this did not impede the British Empire from sending Arabic language specialist John Lewis Burckhardt on an 1809 two year undercover ‘discovery’ mission to Syria. At that time more than a few Catholic Greeks were living in Syria, and also monotheistic Abrahamic Druzes, Maronite Christians, and Ismailis.


The Mamluks at this time still controlled Egypt as they had been for 500 years. Who were the Mamluks in the 19th century, during the chaotic centuries of Syrian modern history?


The Mamluks were a many centuries old military order of slave-commandos, of men stolen from their home countries of Georgia, Abkhazia, Turkey, Egypt (Christians), Albanians, Greeks, and South Slavic nations. The Order originated in pre-Muslim Persian brotherhoods (secret societies). In cases, Mamluk slave-commandos climbed high up the ranks and attained the rank of sultan, while in others they held regional power as emirs or beys. Mamluk architecture is still today prevalent all over modern Israel and the Mamluks originated in the Khazaria region, just above the Republic of Georgia, in the Caucasus mountains, near today’s Chechnya. The Mamluk era had two dynastic periods, the first being the Barī period (1250–1382), when the dominant group was mainly composed of Qipchaq north Caucasian tribes, bordering adjacent tribes of Khazaria, and consisting of many Kurds. Kurdish was the ethnic background of Saladin the conqueror


Secondly, in Mamluk history, came the Circassian dynastic period (1382–1517), when Mamluks from the northern Caucasus region were comprised of many Jews who had extraordinarily high positions of power and influence over the commando killer elites and the wealth of the Mamluk empire God of War apparatus. These Jews were called dhimmīs ("protected people)" who at times were a source of occasional disorder and dissatisfaction, not the least because of so many Jews occupying various high government offices in an allegedly Muslim empire. Mamluk Egypt's participation in high volume Mediterranean trade was a major economic power activity of this particular Jewish dhimmīs community, which grew enormously during the later, Circassian Mamluk period. Many Jewish physicians and other well-situated Jews decided to adopt Islam in this era, if in appearances only, to avoid envy and jealousy and demonstrations.

By 1841, Syria was occupied by the soldiers of an English aristocrat, Field Marshal General Hugh Henry Rose, who was also the 1st Baron of Strathnairn, who had been educated by officers of the Prussian Army in Berlin. His father was from the famous Rose dynastic family of English diplomats and lawyers who can trace back their lineage to Scotland. They were in the mid-1800s allied with Egyptian leaders, and military, in efforts to throw the Ottomans out of Syria, and out of Egypt too In addition, this same Field Marshall Hugh Henry Rose was instrumental in maintaining firm British military control over India, and Ireland, in parallel developments. General Rose during his early Egyptian campaigns worked closely, hand in hand, with Khedive Muhammad Ali Pasha, before the Khedive’s involvement in the construction of the Suez Canal, along with Ferdinand Lesseps.

General Rose's influential family were in high British ministerial posts around the world (especially in the United States around the time of the U.S. Civil War) irrespective that they were already deeply entrenched in securing the dependency of Syria upon their personal control, there and in their domination of many of the affairs in many nations then, in service of the God of War.

The Suez Canal had begun being built in 1859 and ten years later was opened in November of 1869. It was owned and maintained by the Universal Maritime Suez Canal Company, under Ferdinand de Lesseps, scion from the many centuries old dynastic family of Lesseps, whose father Mathieu de Lessep was a member of the Societe Secrete Egyptienne, a branch of freemasonry. Under the Convention of Constantinople, the canal may be used, for a fee, "in time of war as in time of peace, by every vessel of commerce or of war, without distinction of flag". It is 120 miles long running through the Sinai Desert which separates Israel from Egypt, and joins the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, saving ships 4300 miles of unnecessary former travel time. The canal deal was made with the leader of Egypt, Khedive Muhammad Ali, himself a Masonic and an Albanian who had control of Egypt, and who we reported earlier, was a friend of the Rose family dynasty of Britain.

In the 1860s, munitions were being furiously manufactured in and around Wilmington, Delaware, by the French E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. General Rose had just finished suppressing, as a labour of love, the Bombay Indian Mutiny -- in their deeply desired liberation from England, in 1858, after his military suppressions in Syria. In General Rose’s ecstatic rush to stamp out freedom and independence in the colonies which were threatening the world trade of England, Rose then descended upon Ireland, like a potato famine, to exterminate the Fenian Revolt. Funding for the American Civil War was in a frenzy at the time of the Fenian Revolt, on the other side of the Atlantic, keeping the Dupont and Vanderbilt families hyperactive in their banks, as they supplied vast amounts of munitions and machinery into the bloody quarrels.

William Vanderbilt, whose father Cornelius founded Vanderbilt University in Nashville, controlled the U.S. railroads during the American Civil War, this being the same time as the English occupation of Syria and Ireland (various historical sources state that the Vanderbilts are descendants of the Kissam slave holding dynastic family, which is also George Washington's clan). All of the prosperous international banking and arms-munitions trading families in America profited enormously from the American Civil War; as usual, the American taxpayers footed the bill for the damages of the war, and as would be expected, yet another Financial Panic befell the gullible general population shortly thereafter (The Financial Panic of 1873).

Since 1802, the Dupont family in Brandywine Creek, Delaware, had been producing and selling over half of all gunpowder (“blackpowder”) used in hunting down and killing Native Americans, and any four legged animal with a valuable fur hide. They had also sold the weapons powder in nearly all government backed wars leading up to and including the U.S. Civil War. The Union Army, aka Yankees, sought most of their gunpowder from the Duponts, thus making the family and dynasty lavishly wealthy, even before the time of the Great Gatsby. Before the Civil War erupted, Lexington, Kentucky’s production of the main ingredient of gunpowder, salt peter, had drastically dropped, so both Union and Confederate officials quickly offered residents in these areas, lucrative prices for locally produced saltpeter (up to $1.50 a pound).


The Nation of Islam and Khadafy

The ruling dynasties of the Middle East buy arms with one hand and with the other hand sell oil to the U.S.A (the USA has now grown into a spin off empire of the same ilk as it’s imperial mentor, the British Empire), which in turn props up the numerous dictatorships of the Middle East. Libya, contrary to one’s expectations, is not exempt from this syndrome, or is it?


One could be easily led to ask, is Castro/Cuba much different in this respect, from Khadafy/Libya? Or ... in other terms, why did Freemason Louis Farrakhan NOT renounce the billions of dollars -- reported in the press -- that brother Freemason Khadafy is reputed to have granted to the Nation of Islam, not long ago? A leader of an independent Libya does not want to voluntarily disenfranchise and politically disable his national programs -- created to implement grand irrigation schemes, and “green” the desert of Libya, with artificial rivers, like never seen before on Earth, by making such theatrical gestures towards Farrakhan. Such deeds could likely bring on the wrath of Israel and the DoD of USA and topple all Qaddafi’s elegant solutions to developing nations struggles, doesn’t he pause to consider this outcome? It is very imbalanced in the media to report on the eccentric actions of Qaddafi, yet seldom if ever report on his easily documented national and social achievements in education and health and agriculture and employment. Khadafy should not help the media to demonize him with so many high drama sidelining episodes. For his own benefit he should desist from such impulses.

Will the descendants of Africans, abducted centuries ago and carried to the New World, on the fleets of slave and trading ships, ever see this Farrakhan-Qaddafi cash? People don't need more exhausting drama, they need substance. Hollywood style U.S. "bombings" of Khadafy tent cities outside of Tripoli, Libya, full of his relatives, etc., and secret U.S. agents trying to emasculate Castro by million dollar clandestine operations to put poison powder into his beard and humiliate him, one of these days just such a crazy mission will succeed. When Farrakhan declaims in the U.S. press (despite that America is the most Jewish nation on earth today, in population and assimilation, according to the World Almanac) that the Jews are “a gutter religion," such nihilist theatrics can only harm his Nation of Islam brand name, in the culture wars tearing the United States apart more and more each decade, starting with the Vietnam War.


The Great ‘Evil’ Empire Russia Has Crumbled into a Sea of Harvard Banking Advisors?

Such attention grabbing political antics seem to never end, yet earnest movements such as the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the devotees of Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr., before the assassinations, the pro-native-indian environmental leaders of the Amazon Basin, workers unions within American banks and temporary agencies and domestic engineers and programmers, even the Clintons’ national medical healthcare package, and educational reforms, will expire without fanfare while all the many fools are jabbering about media contrived issues.


Castro, Khadafy, and other unique players, continue to prosper with plenty of fanfare, even after the great ‘evil’ empire Russia has in the last few years crumbled into a sea of mostly Jewish Harvard banking advisors and lawlessness, and the once vicious anti-Ottoman Serbia, is currently used as a NATO and CIA staging area, for U.S. troops and spies to enter into the fractured Yugoslavian conflict.

Pre-Aristotelian Greeks and ancient Celts, in addition to other smaller more sequestered tribes, once occupied the Balkans and northern Turkey (Anatolia), long before Christ. Alexander the Great of Macedonia, pupil of Aristotle, and proponent of the Hellenism of a newly recycled Greece, conquered Jerusalem, intentionally inflicting very little damage there on the city known before Solomon as Ariel, or Lion of God in Hebrew. Once Alexander was proclaimed King of the entire Levant, he quickly developed friendly relations with the neighboring ancient Syrians and their parallel ancient cults, all of them increasingly monotheistic, in line with the one true God of War, who has risen in greater and greater prominence, ever since Aten of ancient Egypt. This ascension continued with the monotheism of Darius of Zoroastrian Persia, the one and only god of war, who inevitably wins in every contest between the competitors vying for who is the number one God, in an almost perpetual on Earth absolute monotheist struggle for godlike supremacy, that has not reached its zenith yet before its fall.

Disciples of Ancient Beliefs

In the Balkans (where the original ancient Thracians were allies of the old Minoan Crete peoples), and in various Irish Isles such as Aran and Inishmore, one can still find remnants and holdouts of ancient beliefs, those who are still today diametrically opposed to the goals of Alexander's war backers and financiers, and dismissive of the God of War. Dozens of centuries later, the descendants of these ancient spiritual warriors in Anatolia, Bulgaria, and various Celtic Isles and Celtic regions in southern France (Rennes-Le-Chateau area) and Spain (Toledo), have continued to revolt against all that Alexander and his supporters and those like him since, have only grown in eminence.

Where are the gods of Healing, Truth, Justice, Fairness, and Moderation today? They don't appear to be in the current political applications of the American Constitution, nor in our U.S. Congress, nor a part of our Law nor Media nor in Christ, Allah, Jacob, Solomon, Buddha, Istarte, or Siddhartha.  Confucius perhaps was the most effective threat to the God of War who is still residing in the pages of our recorded history, among the pantheon of other praised human figures and their myth-making religions.  The thirst for Gold and Oil, Blood and Souls, seems much more acutely engrossing at the moment, than driving a stake through the heart of any God of War and Plunder.

Many Balkan tribes and peoples have never been properly credited for their heroism in refusing to persecute the Jews while under Nazi occupation. The King of Bulgaria (Boris III, a Habsburg) died almost immediately after a meeting with Hitler, in which he refused to play along with the strategies of Rudolf Hess (who may be the real author of "Mein Kampf" -- after all, Hess, as Hitler's prison secretary, took down all the dictation as Hitler allegedly recited his text concerning “his struggle”, written down in the posh chateau penitentiary where he served only half a year after the Munich Beer Hall Putsch). The circumstances of the Bulgarian King Boris III's untimely death led most people at the time to suspect assassination.

The Balkan people have suffered immensely for well over a thousand years due to their strategic location in the Balkans and their ancestral affinity with anti-god of war beliefs. The same can be said for the peoples of the south Caucasus. The Crusades were by and large a by-product of the marching armies of the God of War decimating the region of non-believers, in defiant exhibitions of his/her supremacy.

The purpose of the Crusades was not to persecute the Jews. The Bogomils of Bulgaria were also rounded up and burned or executed, with history repeating itself centuries later when the Bulgarian Boyars were rounded up and shot, paving the way for the Russian Revolution, the Hungarian Revolution, the Mexican Revolution, and allowing the Zionist terrorism to grow more and more fanatical in Palestine. (an article on Macedonia born Giorgi Dimitrov's role in spreading revolutionary ideas throughout Bulgaria, before the Russian Revolution, and his close ties to Tito of Serbia-Yugoslavia, and his directorship of the entire Communist Comintern, after the Bolshevik Revolution, and his trial and imprisonment {brief} for setting fire to the Berlin Reichstag in 1933 -- thereby catapulting Adolf Hitler into absolute power in Germany, will appear by Bryan Adrian in a forthcoming edition of THE ELECTRONIC WHIP) .

Bulgarian Crypto Jews and Protestant New World Huguenots

For their tolerance of other religions and beliefs, especially their protection of the Jews throughout World War Two, the Bulgarians have been repaid by a harsh book written by Vicki Tamir, a Judaic scholar, published by Yeshiva University Press, New York City. In her blustery diatribe, titled "Bulgaria and Her Jews: The History of a Dubious Symbiosis" the Bulgarians are vehemently denounced for handing over land owned by Jewish landowners to the Stalinist Soviets.

The entire Bulgarian populace was manacled at this time by the communists, and dispossessed of nearly all property and possessions. Ms. Tamir's book shows scant-to-begrudging gratitude to the Bulgarian people for their enormous sacrifices and bravery in resisting the deportation of Jews and Gypsies and Hassidics, to the lethal refugee camps in Poland, and elsewhere. Nor does she reveal any commiseration for the misfortunes that befell the Bulgarians immediately afterwards. Empathy is clearly not her strong point, if any point at all.

How did these twisting energies and historical vortexes of the ancient Balkan Lands, and international revolutionary intrigues, ever manage to reach and affect Americans and North American history in the New World?

Let’s start with Henry Hudson. Hudson was on a Dutch mission in the first decade of the 1600s to the West Indies, where he discovered the native indians populated Manahatta. This was barely 50 years after Martin Luther wrote Von den Juden und ihren Lugen in 1543 (it's been said that Luther’s hatred of Rome can only be compared with Hitler's hatred of the Jews -- said by detractors of Luther more frequently by Judaic scholars and reporters – than by Catholic ones, as one might suspect).

Many of the early wealthy and educated first colonists of the New World in America were dynastic trading and military families of the Dutch East India Company, originating from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Shortly after Hudson arrived in Manahatta in the New World, other Dutch East India Company dynastic families also began taking the lead in the pushing of the native indians off of their land, those families were the Schuylers, van Cortlands, van Burens shortly after followed (the first Van Buren to wield enormous control in America was Martin van Buren, also known as "the Little Magician" for his diabolical schemes); other families to follow were the van Rensselaers (Amsterdam diamond merchants active also in the Hague and Prague), and the Livingstons – connected to numerous activities taking place in Amsterdam and the West Indies (Caribbean) at this early time. Many of these seafaring military merchants from Holland and England who found their way to New England in the New World, were Puritans and Huguenots under strong Hebrew influence. Both Jews and Huguenots believed then that they were direct descendants of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel. Many Jews migrated to America during the mid seventeenth century in the guise as Huguenots rather than present themselves as Jews. Between 1618 and 1725 alone it is estimated 7000 Huguenots reached the shores of America. The organized large-scale emigration of Huguenots to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa occurred during 1688 - 1689. Paul Revere's family is believed to have been Jews who had become Huguenot crypto-Protestants. For certain Paul was a freemason.

Buy Off a Whole Race for $24

The unsuspecting native american indians who loved and cultivated the land on their own old continent, had no chance to deal on their own (without "contractors") with these cunning and world experienced often hostile intruders. From the perspective of these indigenous indian tribes, it was more horrible than an invasion from Mars for current Americans. Are we really to believe our American civics classes’ lessons, that have for years and years been taught our young, that it was a good thing to buy off a whole native race for $24? Long before the trading capital was named New York City, the metropole famous for Wall Street and unfettered capitalism was first named New Amsterdam, in tribute to the city that contributed so much to its gestation and greatness, Amsterdam.

The Habsburgs of the 16th century, nearly equal in strength to the founding families of America originating from Amsterdam, were prominent in their time in the Danube and Black Sea region, and shared some ancestral bonds with the pre-Roman, Indo-European Celtics, who lived there much earlier.

These 16th century Habsburgs intermarried with the Castile and Aragon families of Spain, and also sent ships to explore the Americas. They sensed, correctly, that the blood descendants of the ancient Sea People (pre-Phoenician Semitics) would swallow the Habsburg territories if they grew stronger in their New World possessions. The Dutch West India Tea and Trading Company, headquartered in Amsterdam, had spidery webs connecting it to London merchants and shipbuilders. This network had already conquered large parts of Indonesia and Asia --where Alexander the Great and Marco Polo before them had suffered a bit of victory-fatigue-syndrome, which ultimately led to them failing to push their calculated designs to their absolute extremes.

The dismemberment and decimation of the doomed Hapsburg and Romanov ancestral lineages (like the bleeding off of the native american indians) over time reached the enormous proportions of a holocaust, when counting the dead from all the cleverly engineered “revolutions” worldwide to “throw off the despotism” of the centuries old gentile European and Russian ruling families. The coup de grace, or symbolic decapitation of the final ruling heirs, of both the Habsburgs and the Romanovs, was consummated at the hands of the Serbian nationalists and the Bolsheviks, all in the second decade of the 1900s. Just when all these worldwide revolutions for freedom were taking place, they had paradoxical damaging effects on the tremendous parallel social advances made at the time -- of the ruling families distancing themselves from slavery practices and subjugation of suffering serfs, in a kind of growing Enlightenment of these old families, in taking better care of their subjects under their care and control, than any time before in history.

The American and French Revolutions Struck Almost Simultaneously

In America, not so long after the founding and establishment of New Amsterdam, the American and French Revolutions struck almost simultaneously. During this time of Revolutions, Ben Franklin, Jefferson, Napoleon, Alexander Hamilton, Talleyrand and Emanuel Dupont, were all quite busy arranging cash flows and arms manufacturing and sales. Nashville, Tennessee, and Wilmington, Delaware (the corporate residence of most American businesses of international importance today, and a very useful Superior Court of the U.S. Justice Dept.), became important international cities at this time, owing to their powerful and inconspicuous elite.

Great commercial activity flourished in various industries in the U.S. due to the Napoleonic Wars (1812), and stimulated raging bull markets on Wall Street that also led to speculation in railroads stocks in the New World, and the subsequent use of Chinese slave labour to replace native indian slave labor on the expansion of the New World to San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver. In the 1830s, Jacob I. Cohen, a friend of the Rothschilds, and a main financier of the slave trade for the British East India Company, opened a branch bank in New York City, mainly to facilitate his lucrative slave trade. A Financial Panic in 1837 forced many investors to suffer huge losses, but some select insiders greatly benefited from the Crash at this time. They later financed the Civil War, which opened up the way for massive industrialization of the United States, at a speed unseen before in the history of the world.

Why Our Founding Fathers Were Often Seen in Powerful Inner Occult Circles

We may as Americans wonder why Thomas Jefferson owed so much intellectual debt to a famous political Swiss author, e.g. Jean Jacques Rousseau, when he put together our Declaration of Independence, or why Alexander Hamilton had so many ties to Talleyrand, and to Metternich (who married into the Leykam family). Hamilton it has been recorded, was also personally intertwined with Ioannis Kapodistrias (aka John Capodistrias), descendant from a long line of Merchants of Venice, and also Monsieur Capodistrias was the unofficial Russian ambassador to Switzerland, who had helped restore the Bourbons into power after Napoleon's defeat in Russia. It was Capodistrias also who gained world legal assurances that the cantons of Switzerland had “neutral” status in past, and would in future European wars for the God of War.


Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, aka Prince Talleyrand, his career spanned the regimes of Louis XVI, the years of the French Revolution, Napoleon, Louis XVIII, and Louis-Philippe, yet nobody really trusted him, but found him incredibly useful. It is whispered that Talleyrand was an Illuminati along with Adam Weishaupt and also associated with the Rothschilds, and he was the cynical genius who discovered Napoleon, being that Bonaparte was a mere Freemason and not a more influential Illuminati, such as himself, and Napoleon owed his swift rise from obscurity, to Talleyrand.


But most of all we should recall, not only Thomas Jefferson but nearly all the Freemason Founding Fathers of Colonial America, owed tremendously to French freemason Charles Louis Montesquieu, and especially his book of 1748 “The Spirit of the Laws”. Most of the Founding Masonic fathers of the new American nation had harshly moved aside the native indians to make room for new settlers from Europe, so as to manage their highly profitable tobacco and cotton and indigo plantations, using slave labor, or nearly destitute immigrant labor, also to work in their armaments factories and to build trails and rails to the western frontiers of the original colonies, and beyond. These French-fluent founding fathers were very fond of quoting Montesquieu, the quintessential French freemason of the Enlightenment. The fathers also could speak in English – and they quoted Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws more than they quoted even the Bible in their new world – preaching to the uneducated simple immigrant settlers with one side of their mouths, all the while filling up with predatory-methods the vast vacated lands of the hunted down native indians, as they were cleared out of their own homeland, to the pulse of the Puritan and Quaker and B’nai B’rith sermons, about Christianizing the pagan native heathens to repopulate the New World, or for Yahweh, God of War, just about the same message ringing from all sides in their ears.


Many young students in America quickly ask with suspicion, why so many of our founding fathers were often seen in powerful inner circles in Europe just before and just after our Revolution, especially when the only means of transport were the capricious seas and heaving ships of wood. Many have pondered these unexplained footnotes in our national history. But many of us have never looked carefully, nor closely, into the life of Masonic Brother Mark Twain, either.


Mark Twain Owes Much to his Freemason Cohorts

Mark Twain's father had been a merchant, lawyer, and a politician. Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) was keen on the Gold Rush, and by 1865 was in the San Francisco area, panning for gold. It was nearby in Calaveras County where he jumped to national recognition for his frog-of-a-first short story. In the first flush of his success, and just as the Civil War was drawing to an end, he made an expensive journey with money from friends, to the Hebrew Holy Land, a lifelong passion of his (another friend of his, J.P. Morgan was an amateur Egyptologist, and the powerful Getty Family had supported many digs and expeditions to the Palestine Area). Twain was a close friend of the Morgans.

Twain’s literary themes are runaway slaves (which brings to mind Heinrich Heine's famous poem about a Jewish slaveship captain who fretted neurotically over his cargo ... “would they die before he reached the New World, thus rendering his investment obsolete?”). Twain’s fiction is also renowned for characters who are valued for their shrewdness over their virtue. Even though Twain wrote a widely published essay ridiculing the German language, he showed great familiarity with the language in his critique, and seems to have been generously accepted by many wealthy Swiss families throughout his life, as if he had lived many past lifetimes in German-speaking countries.

His daughter, Clara Clemens, continuing the family propensities, married the Lithuanian pianist Ossip Gabrilowitsch in 1909. It was Twain who was the seminal influence of the anti-intellectual attitudes of America, with his popularization of the idea that an American common man can judge the Old World, as well as the next man. The roots of this anti-intellectual writing style are not his own, and can be traced back to Josh Billings. Twain plagiarized from Billings and his much earlier Cracker Barrel philosophy that had grown out of the Midwest, that had already insinuated humorous plain language into early American letters, before Clemens.

Near the end of his life, Twain turned over his vast financial affairs to an executive of Standard Oil, Henry Rogers, who was a good friend of his, and gifted it also among several other industrial magnate heavyweights (including the enigmatic and often sued for copyright infringement, Nikolas Tesla). Mark Twain had also resided for quite a while during his life, in Hartford, Connecticut, the same residential city of J.P. Morgan.

Three "Roberts" Channeling the War God


ROBERT COLLEGE of Turkey and Bulgaria go back to the US civil war and Presbyterian missionaries. The longest acting head of Robert College, Harold Locke Hazen, was a close associate of VANNEVAR BUSH, and Robert played a part in the development of MIT the CIA, and the electrical current AC power system infrastructure, and its dominance, over DC Current. Hazen also built up the General Electric GE classified research division; plus, the USA's NDRC (National Defense Research Committee).


The National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) was created "to coordinate, supervise, and conduct scientific research on the problems underlying the development, production, and use of mechanisms and devices of warfare" in the United States in the earliest months of the U.S. entry into WW2. Their work was often done in strict secrecy, leading to radar and the atomic bomb. The NDRC was created as part of the Council of National Defense, which had been created during 1916 to coordinate industry and resources for national security purposes, by an order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Vannevar Bush, as the director of the Carnegie Institution, had pressed for the creation of the NDRC because he had experienced during World War I a lack of cooperation between civilian scientists and the military. There were those who protested that this was a grab by which a small company of scientists and engineers, acting outside established channels, could get hold of the authority and money for the program of developing new weapons systems and technology. Put up some points again on the scoreboard for the God of War.


The first female Prime Minister of Turkey, Tansu Çiller, a graduate of many U.S. universities and specialized government programs, was also in her youth a student and graduate of the Robert College of Istanbul, as was the contemporary writer, Orhan Pamuk. Several leading members of the Young Turk movement, a group of modernist revolutionaries who brought down the Ottoman Empire, were Dönmeh crypto-Jews, ma’mīnīm, who had long been prominent and powerful in Salonika, Izmir, and Istanbul. They allegedly originated during and soon after the era of Sabbatai Zevi, a 17th-century Jewish kabbalist who claimed to be the Messiah, who eventually converted to Islam in order to prosper undetected under Sultan Mehmed IV. Many ma’mīnīm have advanced to exalted positions in the Sufi religious orders.


ROBERT HALF Agency. In 2002 when accounting global firm Arthur Anderson (indicted in the ENRON SCANDAL) was broken up for fraud and embezzlement and misrepresentation, most of the Anderson employees jumping ship got scooped up on the quiet by Robert Half Personnel.


Mr. Half was a pioneer in the employment field. His company -- an employment agency for accountants that he and his wife, Maxine, started in 1947 as the Robert Half Personnel Agency -- they also started Accountemps, a division that provided accountants for temporary work. With over 150 locations in the United States the firm went public in 1987 and expanded its operations into Europe in 1993. They expanded to include technology, legal, and creative services personnel. Robert Half then got very cozy with government agencies such as FedSim and became a resource of the U.S Department of Labor in the preparation of their own “many doctors doctoring” financial and economic and labor forecasts.


Internal audit and information technology consulting services grew under its Protiviti subsidiary, which was founded with the acquisition of former employees of Arthur Andersen, after the firm had been outlawed. Since then this group has grown from 700 to over 2,900 staff, and continues to be led by Andersen alumni. Today the CEO, Paul G. Lewis, of Robert Half offshoot T&M Security, is the director of T&M Israel -- T&M Israel is a leading security and janitorial company, serving businesses, academic institutions, health care organizations and government throughout the State of Israel. Specializing in executive protection and command center monitoring, T&M Israel employs highly trained agents, all of whom are former members of the Israeli Defense Forces. These are plumbers you don’t want to mess with.


Another Robert, Robert S. Tucker, is Chairman & CEO.


Electricity Warlords, Thunderbolts among Fabulously Wealthy Men

George Westinghouse was perhaps the mightiest of the many early power company lords and fabulously wealthy men among Mark Twain's closest friends. As a young man during the U.S. Civil War he served as third Assistant Engineer on the gunboat USS Muscoota for the Union Navy. Later he hired Nikolas Tesla to improve on the French and British AC-DC electrical current system generator, using whatever means were available. Tesla had worked in Paris for a very short time for Westinghouse, after leaving his homeland in the Serbian region (he was educated in Prague however). He found his first job in America with Thomas Edison (forefather of General Electric), but within a year he had a falling out with the great manufacturer, over issues of character and integrity and plagiarism. Tesla moved at the speed of light to Pittsburgh after his disagreement with Edison, where suddenly his friend and partner Westinghouse, was designing power generators remarkably similar to Edison's blueprints. Tesla was widely renowned in the U.S. in his time for his extravagant showmanship and for holding the record of being sued the most times in history, for allegations of stealing other invention/inventor patents.


DC (direct current) is still today used widely in many modern electronic devices, including computers, telephones, and automotive systems, never AC in these important applications, AC will not work in them. With the development of special transformers, alternating-current AC power could be sent long distances over relatively small wires at a very high voltage, then rapidly reduced in voltage, when used by a customer at the point of contact. Alternating-current generating stations are larger, more profitable, and the distribution wires are relatively less costly. AC needs very large turbines that run at very high speeds, around 3,000 rpm, and a slight misalignment could shake the power train to pieces. Westinghouse and his engineers thus devised an automatic alignment system that made turbine power more practical in the last round of competition, putting to use Tesla’s rotating magnetic field principle.

This AC vs. DC “war” episode generated a lot of work and profits for patent lawyers over quite a few decades, tying up the courts as much as such practices do also today, in current America. Tesla is also associated with Wilhelm Roentgen, who is alleged to have invented the X-ray for Siemens Company in Germany, in his time. Roentgen was also the recipient of much negative attention regarding fraud and plagiarism, over issues of invention and who conceived the model of an effective x-ray machine 'fairly and honestly'.

Westinghouse and Tesla's Generator – Lighting up Death Sentences

Westinghouse, along with Edison, put down their differences and went along together to light up show pavilions at the World Expo in Chicago in 1893, and through Tesla, helped introduce the Westinghouse Standard AC (alternating current -- a much more unpredictable and medically harmful current than the direct, non-alternating DC current). Westinghouse and Tesla's AC generator became hands down the official means of executing criminals in their death sentences (through the electric chair) in the state of New York.

Tesla also did much of the ground work to ensure that Westinghouse acquired the rights to develop Niagara Falls with his AC generators. Like more than a few business titans before him, Westinghouse claimed bankruptcy and ruination after the Financial Panic of 1907, and yet somehow remained fantastically rich. J.P. Morgan financed himself a few of Tesla’s adventures and schemes. Westinghouse had only one son who fathered six children himself, and this son left behind a family dynasty of Westinghouses to carry on the continuation of their grandfathers’ operations.

Mark Twain was one of the loyal friends of Tesla, whom Harry Houdini also admired (Houdini was born Eric Weisz in Budapest in 1874, the son of a prosperous rabbi. Houdini was a major contributor to the control of Hollywood by Yiddish-speaking producers during the Hollywood Turf Wars, and lots of real life bloody movie-land Hollywood style gangland terrorism, during the silent era of movies and the early talkies right up to World War II, when the Jewish mob moved to Las Vegas, before the Armenian mob got there and upped the ante.

Top-End Worldwide God of War & Death Technology

Harry Houdini, Jewish, married his stage assistant, nee Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner, a Catholic girl, who assisted him throughout the 1940s in many experiments to communicate with the dead, and/or those who claimed they had undergone a “metempsychosis (transmigration of the soul). Houdini was close friends with Mark Twain and Nicolas Tesla, all three were freemasons.


Houdini (Erik Weisz) was the son of a Budapest rabbi who later practiced as a rabbi in 1878 in Wisconsin and New York City after emigrating to USA. Erik Weisz also wrote scholarly contributions to the Encyclopedia Britannica, quite accessible to him, as its editorial board was comprised chiefly of Judaic scholars, ever since its purchase by Sears and Roebuck, in loose partnership with the University of Chicago. Houdini was quick to sue anyone who imitated his escape stunts, and for a short time he was a pioneering pilot in Australia. Later Houdini was an associate of H. P. Lovecraft.


Twain was fascinated by electricity and had invested in the development of an electrical motor in the 1880s. His particular interest in Tesla began after he heard about a motor Tesla had invented under the employ of the company, Westinghouse. Thomas Edison built the first electric chair in public relations battles against Westinghouse/Tesla, who were using the more unstable AC alternating current, as opposed to Edison’s more stable DC current, in early pioneering days of electricity.


Today in 1996, true to its electric chair early origins, Westinghouse affiliates & acquisitions and spin offs manufacture, among many other things, top-end worldwide death technology, among the best military hardware components available on the world market, through divisions in Northrop Grumman, Westinghouse Electronic Systems, California Litton Industries Advanced Electronics division, and several others.


Whenever you watch CBS American television, think of Westinghouse. They owned it. Also, many prefabricated homes have been given (or sold for very few shekels) to thousands of illegal Zionist settlers in Palestine, by the Westinghouse group, defying United Nations regulations.


There are more than 400 nuclear power reactors in operation worldwide, with a net installed capacity of over 350,000 MWe. Westinghouse technology is the basis for approximately half of these reactors. Westinghouse and General Electric are the Coke and Pepsi of nuclear power. Some 80 percent of nuclear power plants world-wide are of Westinghouse and/or GE design.


On the other hand, General Electric, GE, founded and owns RCA radio and NBC television network. Both GE and Westinghouse and their offshoots and affiliates are major large players today in the defense contractor and aerospace and nuclear industries. Jay Westinghouse, brother of George Westinghouse Jr., was a member of a New York State Masonic Lodge. The Westinghouse family originally immigrated to America from Leipzig, Germany.



A Tale of Two Toussaints

How have REVOLUTIONS, even if fraudulently derived, come to be so glamorized in history books, and why? How many have ever succeeded? What were their successes, if any? Do angry oppressed peoples really lead and propagate revolution, when most often lingering in a perpetual state of fatigue? Or do the underdogs perish in Revolts, the euphemism for a failed Revolution.


In the early history of the slave trade in the Caribbean and the Americas, there was an island known as Saint-Domingue, or Hispaniola, before it was divided into a western section Haiti, and eastern part Dominican Republic, after battles between French and Spanish (and British pirates).

Alexander Hamilton, an early colonial American, spent much time in the West Indies, especially as a young man. Hamilton was a great friend of Prince Talleyrand in France. He was also thoroughly familiar with the events of the Haitian Slave Revolt (in addition to the confidential details of both the French and the American Revolutions). Hamilton met Francoise Toussaint, aka Toussaint L'Ouverture, the Jesuit trained former slave Jacobin general, who led the Haiti slave rebellion, inspired by the ‘houngans’, sorcerer priests of Haitian Vodou. Later he used his black Haitian militia to reinstall forced slavery and continue the lucrative trade of Haitian plantations with the French and British elite. Toussaint's brother, Moise, acquired fame and renown as a fierce fighter for freedom from slavery, also in the history books.

Another Toussaint, Pierre, of nearly the same period but a short time after the highpoint of the life of black General Francoise Toussaint (L'Ouverture), he was also trained by Jesuits Pierre was a renowned Haitian hair dresser in New York’s high society, also from Saint-Domingue. It is quite probable that Alexander Hamilton had his hair styled at times by Pierre Toussaint in Manahattan, to please his very influential wife, the daughter of the aristocratic slave owning General Schuyler. Pierre the high society hair dresser had many unexplained appearances and disappearances in and out of Haiti and Manhattan throughout this period, and the other ‘T’, Francoise Toussaint, alienated many blacks in Haiti through his perfidious and mysterious crisscrossings between the rival groups -- plotting against each other incestuously. Historians have suggested that Francoise the General was a member of high degree of the Masonic Lodge of Saint-Domingue, mostly based on a Masonic symbol he used in his signature, and the fact that most of his officers are known to have been freemasons. Pierre wildly popular Manhattan socialite hair dresser was eventually buried under the main altar of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Ave in NYC, and just this year in 1996, he was declared “Venerable” by Pope John Paul II.

Allegedly, General Francoise Toussaint (L'Ouverture) was seized by French authorities and sent into exile in the French Alps, disappearing from sight around the time of Pierre Toussaint's sudden social prominence in New York City. One should never be deceived, however, by mere appearances nor symmetrical coincidences in history. Trust me on this, I implore you, and don’t rely on your daily newspaper, unless you want to march before long for the God of War. Benjamin Disraeli, in his 1852 novel “Coningsby”, has his character Sidonia tell the attentive Coningsby, “So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

Merchants of Death Hobnobbing to the tune of our National Anthem

Any complete list of post Civil War American arms merchants keeping us all at a brisk pace for walking in step with the God of War, must include Charles Schwab (1862-1939) to be a truly representative list. Charles Schwab was known as the "Merchant of Death".

He was the son of a wealthy wool and blanket manufacturer, and went on to become president of U.S. Steel Corporation, Carnegie Steel, and Bethlehem Steel. In 1900 through J.P. Morgan, financial consolidations were arranged between Carnegie Steel and Morgan. In 1904 Bethlehem Steel merged with the U.S. Shipbuilding Corp.

Charles Schwab supplied most of the steel girders for the skyscraper boom of NYC. Profits exploded for him throughout the entire theatre of World War I. The film industry in Hollywood was disharmoniously wrested out of the hands of the French companies Pathe, Melies and Gaumont, and into the hands of Selig, Lubin, and Kalem at this same time (1908-1912), a kind of Hebrew mafia.

The mother of our American national anthem is an early and devoted advocate of early Zionism. Emma Lazarus was born into a super wealthy and prominent and globally well traveled Sephardic-Ashkenazi Jewish family. The Lazarus Jewish side of her family was from Germany, and the Nathan Jewish family side was originally from Portugal. Emma Lazarus was also related through her mother to Benjamin N. Cardozo, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Her most famous book she authored is “Songs of a Semite” (1882). She is indisputably a key important forerunner of the Zionist movement’s success. She argued for the creation of a Jewish homeland even thirteen years before Theodor Herzl began to use the term Zionism. Emma Lazarus is buried in Beth-Olom Cemetery in Brooklyn. Our American national anthem is from one of her poems, "The New Colossus," written in 1883 and only later in 1903 put on a plaque on the inner wall of the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, through the efforts of her friend Georgina Schuyler.


In her time, Emma was involved in aiding refugees to New York who had fled anti-Semitic pogroms in eastern Europe. Lady Liberty herself, the statue, was never intended by the French sculptor to symbolize the virtues of immigration, it was a gift from the French freemasons to the Americas to stir up a parallel enthusiasm for their own French Revolution. Three years later a nearly identical replica of Lady Liberty was constructed in Paris. After that it was like a feeding frenzy of public relations agents, putting up Lady Liberty statues in hundreds of cities worldwide, including Bordeaux, Colmar, Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Kosovo, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, India, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia.


In Israel, a 15 foot high replica of the Statue of Lady Liberty is at the western entrance of the village of Arraba, an Arab city in Israel of 25,000 citizens, who can only dream of freedom and never taste it. In 1976 Israeli commandos killed 6 Palestinian protesters here to protect the illegal Jewish settlers taking away their land, in a tragic time in Palestinian history known as the Triangle of Land Day.

Goyim independent film makers In early Hollywood were successfully intimidated by the Jewish mafia of southern California, and Thomas Edison claimed he was swindled many times by the same (Edison owned nearly all the patents for film technology at the time, having invented most of the technology, as stated in his patents). Shortly thereafter Edison began publishing the controversial "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," which a handful of experts say are stolen transcripts of the First Zionist Congress held in Switzerland, in the late 1800s (the translation of the Talmud used today in most homes is also from Switzerland ... the Basel, Switzerland Edition, from around 1580).

Back to Charles Schwab and merchants of death, during the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Schwab claimed he "lost everything!" Fritz Haber (1868-1934), who died in Basel, Switzerland, won the Nobel Prize in 1918 for Chemistry. He was the son of a prosperous chemical merchant whose laboratories sucked out of the earth just about all of the nitrate from Chile’s mines and bat caves, needed for making weapons explosives. Haber's wife committed suicide due to her disgust with her husband’s amoral global intrigues, and for his merchandising of death on such a grand scale.  Today, Chile is producing potash, and the SNC-Lavalin Group of Montreal is awash in gold, uranium and potash mining and manufacturing, still in Chile.

During World War I, Fritz Haber, the Nobel laureate, was instrumental in developing chemical warfare and played a leading role in the creation of poison gas as a weapon. Later, after trying unsuccessfully to extract gold from seawater, he went to Cambridge, England, to live the life of a benign and reclusive scholar who became enormously wealthy from succeeding at manufacturing nitrates for bombs and machine guns, and parking sinful amounts of refinery produced ammonia all over our planet.

Don’t Panic high on LSD – Switzerland is neutral like Wall Street

Another seldom acknowledged contribution from Basel, Switzerland, is LSD. In 1938, LSD, the psychedelic hallucinogenic lysergic acid, was created in Basel, Switzerland. It was quickly picked up by international security covert agencies working in the U.S. and used involuntarily on American soldiers, by the CIA for experimentation. Many spy agencies and secret police networks afterwards used it to oppress their perceived enemies of the state, during lengthy interrogations and re-educations.


Making war on religion and consciousness movements.


In the 1960s, the counter-culture of San Francisco, especially the Haight Ashbury district, used LSD recreationally, especially after LSD's CIA-promoted and funded campaign from field agent Timothy O'Leary. Very shortly thereafter, San Francisco became the world capital of new sects and cults and satanic temples: Moonies, Hare Krishnas, Jim Jones the Peoples Temple, Charles Manson Satanists, Scientologists, Jews for Jesus, Erhard Seminars Training (EST), Church of Satan, Synanon, and many others.

The city of San Francisco, despite its splendid physical beauty, and its legacy of Victorian wooden houses called Painted Ladies, has had a wacky reputation ever since. I hope the next Haight Ashbury documentary includes Switzerland and the Swiss labs in its tributes.

American history is rife with Financial Panics, many of them approaching the dimensions of the most legendary one we all know took place in 1929, but not nearly as well known, is the Panic of 1837. It ruined many investors, even though new laws were passed and the Civil War had opened up the way for highly profitable massive industrialization in the U.S. (anyone rich enough to pay $300 during the Civil War could dodge the draft and manage factories during the bloody battles --poor Irish at the beginning of the Civil War were enraged by this buy-out possibility, and in a revolt they took out their rage on the even less entitled Blacks, all groups losing to the God of War, dearly, in the end).

The Vanderbilts and the Huguenot Duponts sat high and dry on mountains of bloody war booty and the going has been good if not better due to many wars. For example, Samuel Dupont's son had been the aide-de-camp for General Lafayette (1789-91). In 1802 the Dupont gunpowder plant in Wilmington, Delaware was making pretty handsome profits, and by 1812 it was raking in enormous profits from supplying the blood soaked battlefields in the European War of 1812, with arms and hefty loans. Then we had the Civil War, WW1 and WW2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the 1967 Israeli War, the Gulf Wars, the Kosovo War, and the booty and the blood just keep rolling in. If you don’t have any scruples about the diktats of the God of War, your life in this lifetime can be pretty damned good and you can be on a long long high better than LSD.

Charleston SC--hometown of Civil War & Huguenot slave masters

Another Dupont family member in step with the God of War, Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont, who married his cousin, same incest deed as FDR would do later himself in marrying his cousin also, had very methodically designed the academic military curriculum for the Naval Academy in Annapolis, in its formative years. He also went down to lead troops in the Mexican War, taking San Diego away from the Mexicans. He also commanded squadrons and fleets in the 1863 failed blockade of Charleston, S.C., an old historic town where Scots-Irish John C. Calhoun is still today deeply venerated, despite his fierce pro-slavery debates in his lifetime, and his leadership of the War Hawks.


Calhoun served as Secretary of War under President Monroe of the New World militaristic U.S. Monroe Doctrine, establishing America as a world power. Calhoun was one of the top Indian slayers in the New World, despite being a practicing Presbyterian and a member of Yale University secret society, Phi Beta Kappa, the very first Greek letters university fraternity ever founded in USA by a group of mostly Freemason students of privilege. One of Calhoun’s most remembered arguments is when he argued that a total War with Mexico would lead to the annexation of all of Mexico, which would bring waves of Mexicans into the country, whom he considered deficient in moral and intellectual terms. He was the first anti-immigration spokesman regarding Mexico.


Calhoun often clashed with Andrew Jackson, another human chess piece in the Schulyer dynasty and Talleyrand political intrigues great grand game. Jackson was on the payroll of the Nashville money and political elites who had many ties to Canada, especially Quebec, where John Wilkes Booth went surreptitiously for a secret society Knights of the Golden Circle rendezvous and briefing, before he pulled the trigger on Abraham Lincoln.

It was vice president Calhoun who severely censured President Jackson on the Senate floor for marching into the Florida Territories and pilfering the entire territory, seizing it from the Indians and the Spanish-European settlers, using savage military force (for his Nashville and Quebec cronies). Jackson, ring leader of his own cracker barrel mythology, shared later with Mark Twain, had created for himself with his crack team of media-spinners, the widely known sobriquet of 'Old Hickory' for himself. Jackson was despised by Calhoun, but Calhoun's disgust for Jackson's Secretary of State Martin van Buren, exceeded all other derisions combined.

In 1832 Andrew Jackson and Martin van Buren worked like dam building beavers to create the Charter Bank of the United States, generating a storm of controversy. By 1833, Jackson and van Buren were successful with their secretive banking system, and sent U.S. troops to Calhoun's home state of South Carolina to collect tariffs and to silence once and for all, they hoped, the intrepid Carolinian, Calhoun.

This year, a new U.S. national statue of George Washington has been commissioned by a group affiliated with General Westmoreland of the Citadel and awarded to a talented artist in Charleston, South Carolina, named John Michel. George Washington, through marriage and devotion to the Schuyler family, was awarded numerous slaves and vast land holdings in his day, despite his great weakness for Madeira wine. Maybe we will see these details later when the new standing sculpture of our first President is unveiled in downtown Charleston.

First Jewish-Gay & 1%-Elitist to Win seat in U.S. Senate


Charleston SC, in the early 1800s, was the home of the Benjamin Family of St. Croix, Virgin Islands, former plantation merchants and slave owners. They brought with them to the Carolinas their two year old son, Judah, along with all their slaves. In 1821 they moved to Charleston, South Carolina, which at that time had the largest Jewish community in the United States, larger than in New York City or Philadelphia or Boston, cities with quite larger populations. It was common to hear Hebrew at that time spoken in the streets of Charleston. Immediately after Judah's graduation from a northern university (Yale), he was admitted to the bar in New Orleans, able to use his fluency in French quite well there where he excelled in commercial law, of high volume slave trade and shipping. Judah acquired quite a fortune with his sugar cane plantation worked by his 140 slaves. His many friends in the Railroad Empire crisscrossing the U.S. and the Deep South, and in the newly behemoth and burgeoning slave-holder insurance companies’ networks, they never let him flounder for success. He ran as first Jewish contestant to run for U.S. Senator, in American history, and he proclaimed his Jewishness throughout his campaign, although in that era, not also his gayness.


In the 1850s cheap American cotton imports to Britain came almost entirely from the American South and the textile mills of the American North and Britain and Egypt --which was an ally of the British military and royalty then -- they all relied heavily on this low cost trade bonanza. However, throughout the U.S. Civil War after it hit the scene, Britain's mills sat empty and many British people starved due to the Union’s naval blockade of the South.

Up to the Civil War, Judah made fierce pro-Slavery speeches on the Senate Floor. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, appointed him Secretary of War in 1861. Judah mismanaged the confederate troops so badly that in retrospect it is easy to see that many of their major defeats were due to his cavalier incompetence. Regardless, Davis also appointed him Secretary of State for the Confederacy. After subsequent numerous losses for the Confederates on the battlefields, Davis took Judah Benjamin out of the cabinet and made him director of Confederate spy rings, which he fumbled also and continued his harming of the South, even more, owing to his poor judgment. Recall that in 1855, in Cincinnati, Ohio, a man named George Bickley organized the Southern Rights movement into the highly secretive Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC), a volunteer militia formed for an invasion of Mexico. Eventually, over 40,000 joined, with many members coming from Northern states. Three years into the Civil War, the KGC was exposed for engineering fake pro-slave “peace movements,” while others were acting as spies and dirty tricks operatives for the Confederacy. John Wilkes Booth was a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, believed to be a spinoff from some Masonic lodges.

At the 1860 Democratic Convention in Charleston, S.C. just before the outbreak of the Civil War, William Lowndes Yancey, along with his close friend Benjamin Judah, forced the southern delegates to withdraw themselves and nominate an unaffiliated rival ticket, thereby dissolving the very last national institution of the antebellum South. In 1861 Yancey travelled to England and France and then was elected to the retooled Confederate Senate in 1862, as soon as he returned to the U.S. from Europe. Some Confederate high officials should surely be hung for this foolish naiveté.

Salomon de Rothschild, in 1861, deemed Benjamin Judah "the greatest mind" in North America, it is assumed for his deviousness executed at such lighting speed with such immediate lethal effect. In October of 1862, even William Gladstone in Britain was led to believe from the dispatches and meddling of Benjamin Judah, that the Confederates could win the war, thus making it even more protracted and longer. “"There is no doubt that Jefferson Davis and other leaders of the South have made an army,” said Gladstone, “they are making, it appears, a navy, and they have made what is more than either—they have made a nation." The Judah of Jesus Christ mythology was far less effective.


Other opinions on Judah have not been kind, inferring that Judah was the number one Judas of the 19th century, especially in his betrayal of the Confederate States, who had entrusted him with their survival. Harsh judgments have been made by northern historians too, allegations even of his involvement in Lincoln's assassination, on April 14, 1865. Some dare to insinuate that a bullet for Lincoln had eaten up some of the rare quality time in Jefferson Davis and Judah’s partnership, just before Judah fled to Britain, in the first week of August, 1865, by way of Cuba, shortly after Lincoln’s assassination. Jefferson Davis had been imprisoned on May 19, 1865 at Fort Monroe in Virginia, just a little more than a month after the murder of Lincoln. After two years of imprisonment, Davis was released on bail of $100,000, which was posted by prominent citizens including Cornelius Vanderbilt. He had not been so lucky to get away scot free and live in England and become a sought after luminary in the circles of the Queen’s court, like Judah.

When the South was, as one would expect under Judah’s poor supervision, utterly broken and ruined and no thanks at all due to the ministrations of Judah, in 1865 just after the end of the Civil War, Mr. Benjamin fled quickly to England in disguise and was admitted to the English bar in record time (a matter of months). His brilliant career in many respects truly began in England, after his numerous incompetencies as a leader in the Confederate government. He started as a privy Counsel to the Queen of England, and prospered without hindrance for the remainder of his life in service to the British Crown. He never again needed his old American buddies, such as William Lowndes Yancey, a northerner who had bought up most of the newspapers of Alabama in the 1840s, and published many pro-Slavery pieces.


Many Union Officers Were Mercenary Soldiers

Many Union officers were mercenary soldiers who had been trained in the Crimean War of 1854 near the Black Sea in the Ukraine (the decimation of the commandos in the Charge of the Light Brigade has been faulted to one of the royal families of Britain appointed military commander's neglectful incompetency, as if someone somewhere In the British military had planned their own mens' deaths, pinning it on the luckless Louis Edward Nolan, who died in Crimea himself at age 36). Most prominent of these Crimean soldiers of fortune, from the United States, was George McClellan, who went on to become president of the Atlantic Railroad and then Governor of New Jersey (with jurisdiction over the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey ... the same organization that owns the World Trade Center today and the computers that tally our national election results).

A key player in the 1860 Democratic Convention of Charleston, S.C., was Cyrus McCormick, who stole the diagrams of the cotton and wheat reaper from Obed Hussey, resulting in a glut of protracted lawsuits in the courts. McCormick's mass production of Hussey's invention helped exacerbate the Bank Panic of 1837. McCormick developed more than anyone before his time the use of mass production, advertising, credit extension, and travelling salesmen. He was among the top five men active in the highest levels of the Democratic Party, in addition to establishing a Theological Seminary.

During the Charleston Democratic Convention of 1860, one can easily visualize Judah Benjamin, Cyrus McCormick and William Lowndes Yancey supping together and celebrating their triumph with copious amounts of triumphant laughter.

Harking Back to the Same Romaniot Traditions

The Crash of 1893, tied to J.P. Morgan's unloading of the Vanderbilts cash reserves on the London market, forced most other colossal financiers of the time to come to J.P. for help. This was the time of the great push in Railroad development, and leads up to Teddy Roosevelt's construction of the first significant Naval Fleets in American history, harking back to the same traditions as the Semitic Phoenicians, Romaniot Greeks, Amsterdam Dutch, and the Navy of the Royal British Empire, perhaps even sharing the same source of financing that stretches back many many centuries.

Canals and naval routes have been since time immemorial been of enormous strategic advantage. In modern warfare, think first of the Kiel Canal for the Hanseatic League (1825). Then remember the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, the Horn of Africa, the Horn of Hormitz, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the port of Gallipoli on the Bosphorous. Who controlled those waterways, then ... and now?  There lies the rub.

As soon as the Erie Canal of the U.S.-Canadian border was completed, poor and desperate immigrants were speedily hustled into the U.S. at an even greater volume and speed than all the black slaves from Africa before then (in the preceding hundreds of years) during the slave ship boom era for the wealthy colonial landowners. The Erie Canal made extremely cheap labour readily available to ‘anyone rich enough to own two horses and a small business office’ (sounds a lot like immigration strategies today doesn’t it?), thereby displacing many workers long in the USA, those with "pebbles-in-their-shoes," due to their impoverished urban class status in Chicago.

Another Panic, in 1907, derived some of its impetus from the financial dealings of J.P. Morgan. Our Federal Reserve System was created in 1913 (despite the Pujo Committee Investigation of 1912); many of the first Board Members of the U.S. Federal Reserve were friends of J.P. Morgan. World War I was immensely kind to the Duponts, Belmonts (American Rothschilds "new world" name), and the Binghams (of the Baring family of England). They reaped profits breaking previous world records, even though the U.S. Government had been plunged deeply into debt at the time. War munitions profits supplanted all gods for the next decade, at least, excepting the God of War. The following families, related by marriage and blood and power, reaped endless profits: the Astor family, the Rockefeller family, the Roosevelt family, and the Vanderbilt family, they had all done very well for themselves in our new land, purged of all its native inhabitants, the Native Americans, and open to endless waves of cheap new poor immigrant laborers.

Lady Di in Her War with the Royal Family


Royal families or dynastic families sometimes have problems themselves. They also deserve a sympathetic ear. Lady Di was reported to be, in the English Press, emotionally dependent on Susie Orbach and her husband Joseph Schwartz. Susie Orbach is a psychotherapist who specializes in bulimia, and currently is tutoring Lady Di in her war with the Royal Family. Just recently Lady Di attended a New York City dinner with Henry Kissinger, both Trumps, Ruth Westheimer, Susie Orbach and a horde of others (it is looking very much like the anti-Hapsburg League -- the families Uri and Schwyz -- of the late 1200s, and the formation of the powerful Swiss Confederation).


Will Prince Charles one day abdicate due to insurmountable intrigues like another Windsor, Queen Elizabeth's uncle, King Edward VIII, earlier in the century?  Doubtful.

Let's hope that both Prince Charles and Lady Di fare better than Prince Rudolf of Austria (1858-1889), the only son of the reigning Habsburg Emperor of the time of Emperor Franz Joseph I. He was strongly under the influence of journalist Moritz Szeps (much like Rasputin's malevolent influence over Nicolas and Alexandria of the Romanovs). Prince Rudolf was found dead under mysterious circumstances at the Mayerling royal hunting lodge with a 17 year old Baroness Marie Alexandrine von Vetsera, that may or may not have been a murder suicide.

Rudolf was succeeded by Francis Ferdinand, who was himself assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914, killing off the centuries old Hapsburg Dynasty. Due to the "morganatic marriages code", the wife of a sovereign and any children born of the marriage can be denied royal status. Poor Ferdinand was under the morganatic yoke. His last breath was also the last breath of the Habsburgs. The Amsterdam Dutch and the French Bourbons and the Balkan Hassidics had tried for centuries to pulverize the Hapsburgs over hundreds and hundreds of years. A lone and enraged Serbian nationalist with a hand-held pistol was ultimately successful and allowed the God of War to usher in a new masterpiece, World War I.


Armand Hammer Nailed down more Oil Deals than Baking Soda & Lead Pencil contracts

In 1921, the "Little Entente" of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania, joined to repel a sudden and passionate enthusiasm for the Habsburg Dynasty that sprang up in Hungary. In 1935 the Habsburgs nearly regained control of Austria, but Hitler in 1938, under advice of Richard Gehlen, director of East Territory Affairs, invaded Austria through the Gehlen-inspired Anschluss, and dashed any and all Habsburg hopes, forever.

This same Gehlen created the spy agencies of both East and West Germany, and ours in the United States also. He is in many respects the father of our CIA. He was extremely fond of the Zionist terrorists who seized Palestine during Hitler's long slow rise to power, need anyone say more?

We next must look into the life of Armand Hammer, who graduated from Columbia University as a member of Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) the first Jewish Zionist Fraternity. He added early in life to his family fortune, with monies accrued in the Bakersfield area of California. Kirk Kerkorian, the billionaire, has his roots in this region also (Fresno-Bakersfield). Hammer is an American with ties to old Russia, son of a communist doctor in USA who owned a pharmaceutical empire, Allied Drug and Chemical. Armand’s first business success was in 1919, manufacturing and selling a ginger extract which legally contained high levels of alcohol during the Prohibition. He went to Russia in 1921 and obtained a "concession" from the "communist" Bolsheviks, to open up huge manufacturing operations in Russia in 1925, and also to sell surplus American wheat to starving Russians who had been dreadfully betrayed by the Bolsheviks.   In the euphoria of his profit making, Hammer virtually cleaned out the art treasures of the brutally exterminated Romanov Dynasty, that had ruled Russia before the Bolsheviks successfully inflamed the serfs, into a bloody revolution. At the same time the Mellon family of Pittsburgh were collecting massive amounts of old Dutch art. Hammer's black magic luck continued when he "unexpectedly" struck oil in 1956 in Bakersfield, Calif., with his Occidental Petroleum company. Kirk Kerkorian, the Armenian-American, from nearby Fresno, became equally wealthy too, and extended his investments to mafia-riddled Las Vegas.

After the 1956 oil strike, Hammer began managing global oil ventures in Libya for his Occidental Petroleum company. In the 1970s, America's changing trade policy with Russia was jump-started by Hammer's firm, which claimed to sell lead pencils for school children in communist Russia, at the height of the Cold War. U.S. Senator Albert Arnold Gore, Sr. had a longtime close friendship with Hammer. Gore Sr. became the head of the Hammer-Occidental subsidiary Island Creek Coal Company, upon Gore’s disappointing election loss in the Senate. Much of Occidental's coal and phosphate production was in Tennessee, the state Gore represented in the Senate. Hammer was very fond of Albert Gore, Jr., and in 1984 with Hammer's support, Gore, Jr., sought Tennessee's senate seat. Hammer also was instrumental in Al Gore’s Jr. Democratic Party presidential nomination bid in 1988. This duality of successes in seemingly incompatible directions can be found in the life story of Fidel Castro also, who appears to be the other side of the same Gore-like coin.

United Fruit Played a Great Part in the Repression of Guatemalan Nationals

Castro's father came from continental Europe (Spain) and owned a large sugar refinery and plantation in Cuba. Little Fidel grew up under Jesuit supervision, only a stone's throw from a major Cuban United Fruit Company plantation and sugar refinery; United Fruit also played a great part in the repression of Guatemalan nationals, and still has repressive repercussions today, under different company names.

John Foster Dulles, the famous American statesman, was one of the executive lawyers for United Fruit Company. Guantanamo Naval Base has been an American fortress on Cuba since 1905. It has never been seriously threatened nor interrupted by outside forces, most particularly not by the USA, including the many decades of Castro's reign. When the Spanish American War of 1898 ended, Spain gave the U.S. control of Cuba — among other territories, like Puerto Rico too. By a treaty signed in 1903, Cuba yielded the U.S. "complete jurisdiction and control" of Guantanamo through a perpetual lease that can be voided only by mutual agreement. For the low rent $3,386 yearly, the U.S. Navy has had control over the best natural harbor, south of Charleston, S.C., ever since.

Chess Masters, with Genius at Playing Many Sides

Paradoxes proliferate in our time. Take Gary Kasparov, chess master. Besides chess, he is a master of playing many sides. His new business is thriving -- as a Russian-Israeli-British-New York City world citizen, he is running not only his mouth but also an international aviation consultancy company, both in London, and in Moscow, with an ex-wife in New York City. All this could prove to be a bigger challenge for him than the IBM computer Deep Blue, ever had been!

But top billing in such underhanded affairs is a toss-up between two other challengers for the world master spy-fly title, Markus Wolf, who will be discussed later in this piece, and Major General Reinhardt Gehlen, who had been mentioned earlier.

Gehlen was the head of an intricate spy network specializing in the Eastern regions, meaning Russia and the bordering countries, for Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. After World War Two he was the founder of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) of West Germany, the "Gehlen Organization," which spawned the Intelligence Agencies of West Germany, the CIA of America (which derived from the OSS and was always dependent on many of Gehlen's agents), and which maintained a special relationship with the Mossad of Israel, despite the fact that Mossad was not strictly official in name or media recognition until after 1948.

Biggest Secrets of Russian Cooking

Markus Wolfe, the model for John Le Carre's George Smiley character in his spy novels, does come pretty damn near the duplicity and genius of Gehlen. Wolfe has a book on the market now, through his very devoted New York City publisher, titled ‘The Secrets of Russian Cooking’, encompassing his expertise in “cooking” secrets from Berlin to Bucharest to Odessa to Moscow. I am looking forward to trying some of his secret recipes. They should be as convincingly mouth watering, as an Upper West Side NYC hot bagel, but more likely like a poison pill. 

Is Gregor Gysi of Germany and post-communist politics in Europe, a little minor league espionage player, or much more? Even though he is a talented player, he doesn't even come close to Yevgeny Primakov. According to William Safire, the syndicated columnist, Primakov ...  which means "stepson" in Russian, may have undertaken to conceal most of his Jewish roots that would not have ever been helpful undercover in the Arab world, or deep within the KGB, had it been public knowledge back then.

Primakov was a Pravda reporter in his early career, a specialist in Arabic languages, and in Arab religions and politics. He moved quickly through the KGB and became one of Gorbachev's coveted inner circle. He also was chairman of the Supreme Soviet and a high Politburo member. The rise of Yeltsin to power, despite his notorious alcoholism, and the dumping of Gorbachev, are credited to Primakov's machinations, by many experts But some rumors are floating that there is a very young KGB director who not long ago left his post in Dresden, DDR, who may emerge in the future as the "selected one," named Vladimir Putin.

Primakov has been called the father of the post-Cold-War 'for-profit intel agency freelancing'

George Bush was worried about Primakov's opinion before he invaded Iraq in the Gulf War (to inquire if the British merchants had finished constructing Hussein's nuclear-bomb-proof, billion dollar bunker, no doubt). The Russians had trained many Iraqis in Russian universities during the Cold War. Maybe the best and brightest Iraqis during that era knew Primakov as their faculty advisor. Primakov has been called the father of the post-Cold-War 'for-profit freelancing' tendencies, shared by most deep intelligence operatives around the world currently, regardless of their nationality (i.e. CIA, KGB, Mossad, former Stasi East German agents, BND West German, MI5, MI6, etc.).

This freelancing is as contagious as the current Bill Gates monopolization of the internet and software for PCs mania.

William Safire, expert on Vince Foster trivia and Mossad minutiae, also wrote in a recent article on Primakov that ... "the hard currency that China gains from trade with the United States goes to buy tanks and planes and warships from Russia." Americans are in effect subsidizing the resuscitation of the Russian armaments industry to supply the Chinese army. Certainly, Mr. Safire, from his position, should know the perniciousness of such an anti-American strategy, but he does little to stop it.


Pagan Worship of Nature

Was the so called pagan worship of Nature, which traces back to long extinct pre-pyramid Egyptian cultures, ancient Celtics, early Mithraists, and the Minoans and Sabines and original Thracians, and the golden age of the Confucius-era China, all those who warred only when they had to defend themselves from hostile oppressors and invaders,  these peoples in addition, also felt a deep spiritual revulsion towards slavery and plundering and bloodletting on battlefields. Was their disinterest in monotheism, and the God of War, really such a bad idea after all? What they all had in common, they de-emphasized and downgraded and devalued War -- as a God, completely. War seems to ride on our backs like a monkey on drugs on a horse, and it is tattooed within the epidermis of all the monotheistic world religions, suffice it to say here, one last repetitive time.

What happened to these anti God of War cultures? Were they abducted by Martians? Were their sacred texts and tomes of historical documentation eaten by fungus and mold spores and spontaneous volcanic fires? Was their love for the Earth and the life on it, doomed to be forever an unreciprocated deed?

Should today's environmentalism movement be called modern Pagan worship because of its reverence for the Earth, the Seas, the Cosmos, and the creatures who inhabit them? Should they all get down on their knees and worship the God of Consumerism, ruled absolutely now solely by the God of War, via all the defense contractors and weapons manufacturers and generals and admirals who are CEOs of large defense and security contractors? Let’s wait 20 years and at that time try to answer this pivotal key question.

Petra Kelly, Spiritual Leader of early Green Party, Foul Play

Petra Kelly, former spiritual and political leader of the Green Party of Europe, tried to steer humanity in this anti-War direction. She is alleged to have killed herself under very dubious circumstances, the details clouded by spin doctors, much like Vince Foster's death here in the U.S. (look for the writings of Oline Grabbe on the Internet for very detailed, documented, and researched information on the death of Vince Foster, and the truths hidden under cover, never before published in the mainstream media).

Uwe Barschel of Germany died in 1987 in Switzerland in a posh hotel, carrying similar knowledge with him to his grave, as did Vince Foster and Petra Kelly. Barschel was elected the new minister-president in October 1982. Aged only 38, he was the youngest minister-president in history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Under his leadership the CDU kept their absolute majority over the SPD in the elections of 1983. Barschel resigned as minister-president on 2 October 1987 in the midst of the Waterkant-gate German scandal. On 11 October 1987, Barschel was found dead by two journalists working for the German magazine Stern. His body was fully dressed and lying in a bathtub filled with water in his Geneva hotel room. His wife and four children are convinced that Barschel was killed by perpetrators.

In his 1996 book Geheimakte Mossad, former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky suggested that Barschel was killed by Israeli assassins, who feared Barschel had too much inside knowledge about an Israeli-Iranian arms deal. Earlier in his 1994 book, The Other Side of Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's Secret Agenda, Ostrovsky wrote that a team of Israeli assassins had murdered Barschel through poisoning.


 Will humanity suffer the same WAR fate forever?

Nothing will change if you only keep sitting there and read text like this on the Internet ... but it certainly can't hurt you if you brace yourself for the global insurrection against the God of War, which may take place in our own lifetimes, by the vast masses of humanity, in one giant hoorah, a long awaited victory since all our tragic defeats that began with the predatory Armies of Solomon, the Sorcerer.

What will you do to help humanity before you die, for your children and grandchildren, or maybe only for yourself? Before all of us die, maybe? Does technology really afford us any hope or opportunity -- effectively above and beyond the reaches of the many failed ancient religions and movements --- that never succeeded yet --- to bring down the God of War. Or even to send the demon War God to a hell, just for such beings, outside our own dimensions? Is science to let us all fall down and lay on our faces, defeated, as recorded by our religious scribes before us, like all our human attempts at defeating the God of War, in past eras, in past efforts, has failed again and again?   Make your choice today and act on it – with a friend. Let’s go for it !

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