Tom Maynard

Whispers In the Wind

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Whispers In the Wind
Based (very loosely) on the novel Little, Big by John Crowley. What do you do when you no longer believe? Album cover: the flame from the song Whispers In the Wind.

Words and music by Tom Maynard
Tom Maynard: vocals, guitar, Celtic low whistle, bass; Ken Porter: percussion

Deep in the dark and ancient woods
Through the mist and through the mire
At the feet of the sacred mountains old
In a clearing burns a fire

The fire consumes all in its reach
Tended by their hands unseen
It burns with a crystal and claret light
'Neath the forest's verdant green

Faces in the shadows
Whispers in the wind
Certain that you've seen them
Then their gone again
Edge of vision flicker and fly
The less you see the more you try
The more you try they'll pass you by
Whispers in the wind, Whispers in the wind

Promise conjured in smoke and flame
Wishes whispered in the wind
Passions pursued come home again
And like broken in hearts within

Eyes of a child may take them in
Or so like a child it seems
How quickly does desire fade
Soon lost, found just in dreams


Instrumental break

Forget-me-nots grow wild around
A path lies deep which long we sought
But memory fails to mark the place
We pass by without a thought


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