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Summer Acoustic Music Week 2016
I frequently attend a music camp sponsored by the educational outreach of WUMB radio (91,9 FM). This year I performed Hole in the Susquehanna at the student concert with help from Charlie Ortolani and Jackie Damsky. Click here to stream the recording or right click to save the MP3 file to your computer.

Walking in the Wild is a collection of instrumentals, some inspired by improvisational music I worked up as I led song circles to set the tone of the evening, others based on bits and pieces inspired by dreams, and one cover tune, the theme song to the New Hampshire Public Television series "Windows to the Wild". The arrangements are intended to fall to the background as the listener engages in work, or in support of healing activities, like acupuncture, massage, yoga, etc. Click here for a tune list, and links to liner notes, and an opportunity to purchase individual songs or the album.

Whispers In the Wind is a collection of songs written in the past 10 years, inspired by stories of bravery and sacrifice, by my own journey to discover myself, and by the people I love. The title not only refers to the song of the same name, but to the whisperings of the Muse. I often envision the songs as having an existence beyond me, within the Song Stream, and available to those sensitized to the voices in the wind. Click here for a song list, and links to liner notes and an opportunity to purchase songs or the complete album.

A song for my sons: This is a song I wrote for my three boys: Jeff, Bryan and Jonny. This link is for a low fidelity version for faster playing online: Father's Song, and this one is a higher fidelity version if you want to right click and save it to your computer for use in an iPod or other MP3 player: Father's Song (this may take a few minutes).

I have a number of other songs for download or listening to from the site. Click here for descriptions and links to MP3 files.

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