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Whispers In the Wind

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Beautiful When You Smile
Dedicated to my wife and life partner, Debbie, whose smile is treasure enough for me.

Words and music by Tom Maynard
Tom Maynard: vocals, guitar

I know that you're feeling sad tonight
I know you've had another sleepless night
But I hope that I can still get through
And touch your heart like I used to do

Late last night as you sat in bed
Your legs beneath you and your book unread
A smile touched your lips like an angel's kiss
And I lay amazed at the grace of this gift

You're so beautiful when you smile
You're so beautiful when you smile

Well, my breath caught as your eyes found mine
Your smile grew slowly and your eyes did shine
You reached for my hand and our fingers entwined
And I fell in love for the ten thousandth time

I knew in that moment there must be a way
To coax a smile from you day after day
I knew I'd move heaven and earth to see
That I might somehow set your smile free


Now as I gaze in your tear-filled eyes
A smile has taken you quite by surprise
I know our hearts are tied and our joy is one
and your smile can shine even as the tears run


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