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Whispers In the Wind

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King Phillip's Lookout
Debbie on King Phillip's Lookout, Sherbourne Town Forest. Photo by Tom Maynard. We have a local geological feature with this name. Local legend has it that Metacomet (King Phillip) stood on this rocky outcrop and watched as his warriors tried to burn down the town of Medfield, MA. I’ve often stood in this spot and imagined what it might have been like…

Words and music by Tom Maynard
Tom Maynard: vocals, guitar, Native American flute; Seth Connelly: bass; Ken Porter: percussion

I stood alone up on the hill
the wind was blowing in my face
the snow lay heavy all around
But the past was not erased

The town lay just beyond my sight
It seemed four hundred years ago
The river snaked between the trees
My soul was carried on the flow, upon the flow

Upon this lookout looking out
A man named Phillip stood alone
He felt the anger inside burn
But he could not burn it down
No, he could not burn it down

The English were an endless tide
Sweeping in across the land
Where once the Wampanoag roamed
He now found the White Man's hand

Metacomet tried at first
To live in peace, to offer aid
The strangers took away his name
His way of life to be remade, to be remade

On this lookout looking out
Phillip stood above the town
Felt the anger inside burn
But he could not burn it down
No, he could not burn it down

So Phillip lit the pyre of war
His people's ways were set to flame
The clouds of smoke eclipsed the sun
As on them all the darkness came, the darkness came


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