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Hi and welcome, my name is Harold Lamons Jr., owner of “LAMONS DROP ZONE LOFT”. I have been around pigeons since the day I was born. My dad has always had pigeons and still does. We flew with a club in Monroe Indiana back in the 70's and then after I graduated High School. I married and settled down with my own family in Decatur Indiana where I now fly with the Fort Wayne Racing Pigeon Club (FTW).

My son and I started out flying together and our first year with the help and instructions from my dad we were able to win every club race. We really didn't expect to do that well considering we are 20 miles off course. We did have one advantage that was my dad, I think when it comes to racing pigeons he is one of the smartest individuals you will ever talk to. Another advantage was we didn't have to start with the dinosaur pigeons and work our way up, we actually started out with some of the best pigeons in the world, this is all “MIKE GANUS” blood. Ganus blood is what my whole loft consist of thanks to my dad. As you can tell by my story I owe a lot of our success to my dad for giving me a lot of my breeders and most importantly 60 years of knowledge.

I have sold birds to people all over the USA, now people are calling me wanting some of those great “DROP ZONE BIRDS” and this is a great feeling. I have sold birds to a lot of fanciers that have won with my birds. I have also sent a few birds to special races that went on to win a few, and one flyer in the Pennsylvania Classic actually got 4th place champion young bird last year with a “DROP ZONE BIRD”. I have been doing rather well and always trying to improve in any area that I feel may need a little attention.

If you would like to know anymore or have any questions on my birds don't hesitate to call. You can reach me on my cell phone just about any time of day (260)701-1323 or my home phone in the evenings (260)724-9704 thank you and have a great year of racing...

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I accept personal checks or money orders. Please add $45 for shipping 1 or 2 birds, $50 for shipping 3 or 4 birds, and $60 for 5 or more birds. Please call me if you are interested in any of these birds so I can let the administrator of this site know so they can be marked sold.

Harold Lamons Jr.
827 N Fifth St.
Decatur, IN 46733
Cell: 260-701-1323
Email: hlamons@earthlink.net