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STEVE SHEARY'S GOLDSTAR LOFT - Goldstar Racing Loft was actually founded in 1973 but the strain is more than half a century old. It wasn't until 15 yrs ago they began winning consistently for us as well as others who bought them. The birds, a strain I have named and developed over the last 33+ years in my loft had been bred or created by the late Gene Goldschmidt of St. Louis Mo. This combination of his decades of breeding and several key birds I blended into them over 30+ years has created a family of birds I call the "Goldstars". The Goldstars are a quality breed of birds which excel at the distance and or on hard weather races.

HADLOCK'S ROMEO LOFT - Welcome to Hadlock's Romeo Loft. Since 1974 I have been actively involved in the racing pigeon sport. Since 2005 I have been developing a family of birds built around the GOLDEN MATTENS. I purchased the very first bird bred off HEAVENLY ANGEL, she was mated to the GOLDEN MATTENS! This is the base to my family. I have blended other top GFL birds into my family of MATTENS along with some of my original stock such as the SENNA cock, BIG OWL!!

HEBERT'S CAJUN EXPRESS LOFT - Home of the "Secret Weapon" -- The list of outstanding breeders bred by Cajun Express Loft has been growing every year! We have bred some of the best breeders many lofts have ever owned, and we have bred some of the best racers in this area and other areas throughout the USA -- Our main bloodlines are Hofkens and Janssens!!

GRIZZLAND LOFT & FRIENDS - Grizzland Pigeon Loft & Friends' website is all about racer pigeons and the world's friendly fanciers who love them. After 20 years of absence, Iíve decided to take up my pigeon hobby once again. My goal in setting up this website is to attract and welcome new blood to the challenge of pigeonsport.