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ASCENDING MEMORIES - We Release Doves For Many Different Occasions.........

In Celebration Or Remembrance.........
Please browse our site for more information pertaining to your needs.

BAKER & SONS LOFT - Welcome to Baker and Sons Loft. We breed a variety of families of birds and strive to breed the champions of the future!! We have won our share of races with Miami Valley Sportsman Club, check out our results!!

BARKEL BREEDING STATION - USA - Welcome to Barkel Breeding Station. Every stock bird was hand picked by Mr. Jack Barkel himself and was paired (matched) by him according to his method of iridoligy. Learn more on our website.

BORTON'S LEFT LANE LOFT - Welcome to Left Lane Loft. I have had racing homers for many years and in the spring of 2007 I was lucky enough to meet Dale Martoglio who is a member of the West Central Indiana Racing Pigeon Club. He took me to a club meeting and they said I could join!!

DEISHER'S PDQ RACING LOFTS - Specializing in Ganus Family Birds and Imported Creator Family Birds. We breed out of 39 individual pairs and maintain over 40 GFL and Creator Import Birds. Birds available year round to improve your breeding and flying results.

DROVIE'S TEN FEATHERS RACING LOFT - Welcome to Ten Feathers Racing Loft. I have had racing homers since 1987 and have made many good friends over the years.