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ROCKING G LOFTS - Welcome to the web site of Rocking G Lofts of Cedar City, Utah. We are proud to be your source for some of the best HVR, Super Crack Crusson and Ganus Janssen lines in the nation today. Rocking G Lofts is NOW owned and operated By Zach , his wife Kate, their kids and Grandpa and Grandma Garfield.

THE PIGEON SHOP AUCTION - The Pigeon Shop Auction Service has adopted the concept of the Pigeon Friends Site and offers auction services for a flat nominal fee of $5, truly a friend to the sport!! The Pigeon Shop Auction service is endorsed by Pigeon Friends!!

TRAVIS THOMPSON'S FULL THROTTLE LOFT - Welcome to my website, I am working on a ROCKET based Family of Birds that are based around Ron Deisher's famous ROCKET Family!!

TURNED LUCK FEATHER & FINS - Home of Champions - Past - Present - Future

Racing Homers - American Show Rollers - Show Guppies
Let me explain the origin of the name, "Turnedluck". My lifelong trade has been as a farrier, probably better known as a blacksmith or horseshoer. As part of my occupation I am sometimes required to hand forge specialty shoes for horses. The trade term for hand forging a shoe is "turning a shoe", because you turn the steel on your anvil to create the shoe. As we all know horseshoes are a sign of good luck, so I just combined the action and the belief to come up with name "Turnedluck."
This actually has a little more meaning to me personally as I feel one creates their own luck and it is all in what you make of it. So I keep that in mind as I work with my animals. It is all what I make of it and I leave nothing to luck.