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CODE 3 0067-00 BIG OWL Direct son of SENNA BIG OWL - CODE 3 0067-00, a direct son of SENNA, bred by Al Cunningham. I went to Campbell Strange's final auction in Chicago and saw so many great birds being auction off, but one caught my eye more than anyone else, that was SENNA. I called Al and he agreed to breed me a son and BIG OWL was the product of that phone call. He has been one of my top foundation breeders over the years and has sired and grandsired many winners for me and others. SENNA was National Ace Middle Distance of All Holland, and I feel honored to have been able to breed out of his son for so many years! BIG OWL's mother should not go unnoticed also, she is a direct daughter of SUPER 2778, making her a granddaughter of the infamous SUPER 73!! If you are a die hard Van Loon fan, you will fall in love, immediately when you handle BIG OWL. As I move on though and concentrate my efforts with the GOLDEN MATTENS family I have decided to let this super champ of a bird go. He is a medium size, orange eye male that just can't be beat when it comes to body and wing!!
Price $1,500