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We Have retired and no longer breeding or showing & just retaining 3 or 4 of our dogs. We have rehomed some of our dogs but some are still  available.  We have several that we recently recued dogs and our Champion boy Windemeres Great Gatsby is available See Gatsby on "Our Boys" page. More information is on the "Available"  Page


Northwind Pekingese

All Pekingese dogs and puppies are AKC registered, and are from established and proven AKC Champion lines with generations of superior genetics for healthy , happy and loving companions.  We breed for the improvement of our lines and the improvement and preservation of the Pekingese breed in AKC show rings with special attention to the affluent Pekingese temperament, and sound Pekingese conformation and structure, striving to reach the AKC standard for the Pekingese breed. We provide a lifetime commitment to each and every Pekingese puppy we breed, and we are dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Pekingese Breed for generations to come.


( Francesca 5 months old. )

Known as the "lion dog" in China, the Pekingese has been a symbol of good luck in China for hundreds of years. Only members of the Chinese court could own a Pekingese, and they first came to the attention of the outside world in 1860 when the British overran the Summer Palace. Courtiers had killed all but five of the dogs so they would not fall into outsiders' hands. The remaining  five were brought to England where they were an instant hit.  Today the peke is a loyal, devoted, and protective little dog. The Pekingese makes a good watchdog. He is also lively, affectionate, and spirited. Bred to be a lapdog companion, he fits well into the smallest accommodation. He enjoys being petted and fussed over and makes a good pet for older children. A great dog for the couch potato, he requires minimal exercise. The Peke is independent, self-centered, and proud. He can be stubborn, and he likes to get his own way! His owner will need to be firm and strong and have lots of patience. Training can be a challenge, and socialization should begin early as the Peke is naturally suspicious of other dogs and people.



In loving memory of our  AM\Intl. CH Mr. Bojangles  5/17/08 - 2/2010 We dearly miss you sweet lil man.

Mr. Bojangles has crossed the rainbow bridge. He was rehomed and quickly met his death at the hands of a animal abuser. Daddy's so so sorry for sending you there sweet lil man. Daddy didn't know.


In loving memory of our BIS Natl.\ Intl. CH Sir Winston 9/11/10 - 1/20/12 We love you Winston and will see you in Heaven.

                   Sadly Winston died in route to his new home on Continental Airlines 1/20/12