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American Kennel Club

Pekingese Parent Club




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We recently made a rescue and have several rescues available. The rescues are Pekingese and some are Pekingese mixed with 

Shih Tzu.  Some of the Pekingese were actually bred here by us. 

As you can probably imagine, once it's time for the puppies to go to new homes, we've invested a lot of  ourselves in them. A difficult and important aspect of breeding is making sure our puppies go to owners who will provide loving and permanent homes.  All people interested in purchasing a dog from North Wind Pekingese “MUST” complete the following puppy application.




We are going to offer our AM\INTL. CH Windemere's Great Gatsby at Tabiel and. He is a AKC and a IABCA International Champion. He is presently nearly in full show coat and could be shown if you were looking for a special. He has a wonderful loving temperament. He has been very spoiled the last few years and hasn't been on a leash for around a year so he may need a little training before he would be specialed. His date of birth is 1/26/10. As a stud he should make a great addition to your kennel. If Gatsby is something your interested in please call.