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" The Journey "

I will catch you, as you fall into my arms..

-then, I will hold you close.. -and hold you tight..

I will gently brush the hair back from your face, so that I can see all of your beauty..

-then, I will kiss you gently on the cheek.. -and then to your mouth..

I'll give you the most romantic kiss you have ever experienced..

as I kiss you gently, I will then run my tongue down your neck..

-slowly, gently.. -breathing my hot breath against your neck..

as I slowly nibble on your ear.. -and breathing hot breath against you..

my tongue begins a journey, a very special journey..

-as it finds its way gently sliding down your neck, and then to your shoulder..

round and round, circles and circles..

and then continues its journey downward..

downward.. -and onto your beautiful breasts..

round and round, circles and circles..

slowly lashing my tongue back and forth on your nipple..

and still breathing my hot, and moist breath against your firm body..

I then resume my journey..

-enjoying every moment, making every second last a lifetime..

my tongue gently slides back and forth, back and forth..

down, down, and still further down..

my tongue will find where you want it most..

Aaahhhh.. -but very slowly.. -so slowly.. as this is no time to rush..

gently breathing onto you.. can you feel my hot breath ?

my tongue slowly wanders back and forth, back and forth..

-gradually, I press harder and harder with my tongue..

now, very, very, very slowly.. my tongue slowly follows your thoughts..

as I hear you gently moan,

I allow my tongue to experience a special adventure....



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Please be patient while I rebuild this entire website, thanks. -Jim 


I'll be including my father's website here with mine.

His name was:
Jerry Henness  

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