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Updated: 09.18.2021
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Date: 9-18-21

I recently spent 10 days in the emergency room with Covid, so that was somewhat unpleasant...

Date: Before Time

I've been busy the last few days uploading several websites and connecting them to this main site. Trying to fix links as I go, at least the main links connecting sites.

I really like this new red & black design, so I'll use it for my main site. I plan to have unique designs for each of the major sections (websites) which I'm connecting to this one. One of the purposes of my various designs, is to serve as examples of my work. I build sites on the side for very reasonable rates, so please let me know if you're ever interested. :-)

I've built websites for these reasons over the last many years, having been self-taught as soon as the internet came online:

To share pictures and information with my family which are in several different states.

To serve as a go-to point for things that interest me the most (like Bookmarks on steroids).

I enjoy expanding my horizons and thinking outside the box. I post amazing information and my websites serve as a loudspeaker for those with the same interests as me.

In the past, I had approx 20 websites, each designed for very specific purposes. For example, one for family, one for work, one for college classmates, one for exacting justice, one for expanding other peoples' horizons, one for teaching people how to communicate non-verbally, one for power-plays, one for the search for my soulmate, among others. I would provide specific links to specific people, depending on the relationship, their needs, and my needs. It's important to stress, however, I "always" used this power for good, never for devious purposes. I was amazingly successful and the experience still has me speechless to this day, making it impossible to briefly explain any of it.

Having said all that, many of my sites are being resurrected, although not all of them. Being a single parent these days, I don't have the time to help as many people as I did in the past, like getting someone promoted to Director position, or facilitating the release of Regional Managers due to theft, lies, and unethical behavior...

In the last year, I truly have become enlightened in many ways. I'm not exactly sure what the official definition of "being enlightened" is, so I'm stopping short of saying that. But my horizon has expanded exponentially in the last year and I am eager to learn much more. Perhaps as you explore my website(s), your curiosity may become peaked and you too may learn more of the world around us.

I fixed dozens of links on my son's baby pages and the wedding pages, but there are still many broken links. As time permits, I'm going back and fixing things.

Once I have everything uploaded and linked, I'll be going back and updating the themes.. -I may leave a few of them as-is, such as my son's baby pages. Those were made 10 years ago to share pix and news with my family and friends, which are all over the USA.

My auto-spellcheck is not working at the moment, as I recently installed the software and haven't had time to get everything setup perfectly. As time permits, I'll go back and make appropriate corrections. So, please don't judge me on

I build sites for small and mid-sized businesses, so please let me know if you have a need. Also, please share my site with your friends (www.JimHenness.com). 


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Please be patient while I rebuild this entire website, thanks. -Jim 


I'll be including my father's website here with mine.

His name was:
Jerry Henness  

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